Dhara Khanna Shares her Journey2Salesforce Experience

Hi, This is Dhara here, currently a Business Analyst at CEPTES Software. It is quite an interesting fact that I have not been associated with tech for the longest and yet my skills & learnings along with my passion to grow had got me an opportunity to be part of the service team at CEPTES.

Not long back, I had started my career as a business and community manager and I had no idea what my journey would look like. I was completely into non-technical roles until I joined CEPTES. To be honest, I was terrified to start my journey as a Business analyst as I had no knowledge in coding. CEPTES is a Salesforce silver consulting partner and prior to journey, I had no experience in Salesforce.

However, this didn’t stop the CEPTES family to believe in me. I was constantly guided and given the opportunity to have hands-on experience on multiple projects so that I could grow every day not only as a Business Analyst but also learn more about Salesforce.

I had always wondered that for any CRM solution, one has to learn to code and there is no way, I could do that but believe me, my idealogy changed while working with the team here.

In no time, I started helping my team in basic areas and now, I seem to understand the platform much better than 9 months ago.

Today, I stand firm and say that one doesn’t need to be from a tech background to start their journey with Salesforce.

Anyone from any background with the right passion can start and such individuals are really appreciated at CEPTES.