Donor Portal for Non-Profit: How to leverage Salesforce Community Cloud & Non-profit Cloud to efficiently manage donor funds

February 13, 2020by Shreshth Tiwari

As a Salesforce platform specialist, we have been working with multiple industries & built various industry-specific solutions on the Salesforce platform for over 10 years now. The significance of the world’ #1 CRM platform is, it offers a variety of solutions spreading over various business verticals like Sales, Service, Marketing along with industry-specific solutions like Manufacturing Cloud, Non-profit Cloud, Health Cloud, etc. 

Leveraging the platform, enterprises are rapidly growing their business and driving impeccable customer experiences. Non-profit Cloud is one such Salesforce offerings that help global non-profit organizations extend their constituent relationships, deliver better programs, and accelerate the transformation into a connected non-profit. However, after working with multiple leading non-profits over the year, we have understood a few of the most common challenges are having a 360-degree view of each donor & donor fund management. 

Non-profits having a large donor base often found it difficult to have a holistic view of each of their donors, maintain end-to-end fund management process, integrate various external payment gateways with their system, and also offering a seamless user experience. How to get rid of these challenges? Salesforce Community Cloud along with Non-profit Cloud brings in a highly efficient, scalable and robust platform, using which non-profits can manage their critical business functionalities. 

Community Cloud is a collaboration tool that seamlessly integrates customers, partners, and employees directly into information, apps, and experts. It also offers some amazing features, using which non-profits can build an efficient donor portal. A donor portal works as a centralized system that connects donors, internal employees, partners, and third-party payment gateways for a seamless business operation. 

How a Donor Portal Can help your Non-profit organization?

Having a donor portal will enable your non-profit to manage business better along with a 360 view. Apart from this, it will also allow you & your donors perform multiple actions such as;

  • Donors from anywhere can transfer the fund using the portal.
  • Donors can generate donation receipts as well as tax statements using the portal.
  • Donors can update payment-related information as well as their personal details using the portal.
  • Non-profits can have a holistic view of each of their donors.
  • Non-profits can have a centralized view of all the funds including past, recurring, and active donations.
  • Donors, as well as the non-profit internal users, can access all the information on the fly using any device such as mobile, tab, desktop, etc.
  • Any third-party payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, 2Checkout, PayU, etc. can be integrated with the portal so that donors can pay hassle-free.

The Power of Community Cloud for Non-profits

Salesforce Community Cloud is built to connect companies with their customers, internal employees, and partners. With its capability to integrate seamlessly & with the option of high customizability, non-profits have found multiple ways to utilize the power of Community Cloud. By successfully implementing Community Cloud & Non-profit Cloud, an integrated donor portal can be built with customized features & functionalities. With log-in based licenses, users of a non-profit can manage end-to-end donor funds with a holistic view of each of them. To make the portal intuitive, Lightning components, Apex & Tiggers can be used. The portal can also be compatible with all kinds of devices. 

Apart from building a highly efficient donor portal, Community Cloud can also be used in multiple other ways by non-profits which include a resources hub for donors as well as field executives, building a community of their own, networking, partner management, program management, customer service, and many more.

Thinking of how your non-profit can start with Community Cloud?

We at CEPTES have successfully worked with many leading global non-profits and helped them accelerate their success leveraging the Salesforce Community Cloud & Non-profit Cloud. We have also developed donor portals using which non-profits have become more efficient, reimagined fundraising, gathered actionable insights, offered exceptional user experience and do more with their CRM. Do you still have queries about a Salesforce Community for your non-profits? Contact us today to learn more about getting the most out of the Salesforce CRM.


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