Drive Sales Team Accountability with Pipeline Inspection

August 3, 2021by rashmita satpathy

The primary goal of the sales team of an organization is to meet the sales goals faster. 

The salespeople have many day-to-day concerns about the sales process, like a Sales Manager could be worried about the deals at risk, while a Sales rep will be figuring out “How to close deals faster?”.

All their Sales Accountability problems come to an end with the introduction of the Pipeline Inspection feature in Sales Cloud 360.

The new Summer’ 21 release brought sales managers and reps a new way of tracking and managing their pipeline in one consolidated view.

Where can I find this feature? 

Pipeline Inspection is free.

It is available in Sales Cloud in Performance and Unlimited editions. (*This is available in Lightning Experience)


How to set up Pipeline Inspection?

  1. From Setup, search for Pipeline Inspection in the Quick Find Box.
  2. Select Pipeline Inspection Setup.
  3. Turn it on and verify that Historical Trending is enabled and configured for opportunities. 


Who can use this?

To use it, a user must have the Pipeline Inspection permission set. 


After setting up Pipeline Inspection:

  1. From Setup, search for Permission Sets.
  2. Select Permission Sets.
  3. Click on the Pipeline Inspection User permission set.
  4. Now click Manage Assignments, and then Add Assignments. 
  5. Assign the permission set to users. Click Done.


 How does it help Sales Managers & Reps?

Pipeline Inspection displays changes in opportunity, close dates, amounts, stages, and forecast categories. Using their insights your sales reps can focus on the most important deals, and managers can identify the opportunities for sales team members that need more support.

It allows week over week comparison and highlights the opportunities that might require particular support or coaching.

By enabling it, managers and reps can easily see crucial and recent deal changes and activities and thus know where to focus their time and stay on top of key opportunities.

Thanks to the new pipeline inspection, sales reps can now quickly view the pipeline and identify deals of interest, all without leaving the opportunity page.


                                                                                                                                                                                        ( Source: Salesforce Trailhead )


Summing up:

Pipeline Inspection is a new interface that provides sales managers detailed insights into the performance of their team.

It helps you stay on top of the current health of the business and track how much revenue has moved in and moved out.

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