Everything You Need to Know About OmniStudio Consultant

February 25, 2022by Surajit Mohanty

Salesforce has already reckoned an industry leader in powerful CRM and cloud solutions for sales, services, marketing, and more. Recent developments in the platform have made it even easier for businesses to integrate Salesforce solutions across requirements. 

In addition to function-specific clouds of Sales, Service, Marketing, and Commerce, Salesforce is also enabling its users the benefits of industry-specific clouds traversing Financial Services, Health, Manufacturing, Communications, and Media, to name a few. Along these lines, the platform has developed an exclusive suite of configuration tools and resources driving customer-centric digital engagement, called OmniStudio. 

Salesforce OmniStudio enables its customers to respond to sudden demand surges with agility and flexibility, thanks to their disposal’s comprehensive range of solutions. However, considering the vast expanse of functionalities and features to explore in this suite, several businesses deem it best to avail the services of an expert OmniStudio consultant, like Ceptes. 

But what do OmniStudio consultants do? Do you even need them? Let’s answer all your questions ahead, starting with the basics. 

First Things First: Understanding OmniStudio

The OmniStudio digital engagement suite is a one-of-its-kind offering by Salesforce that simplifies and accelerates digital transformation across verticals. The suite comes with features like drag-and-drop configuration, industry-specific guided brand experiences, and deployment across multiple devices and channels for helping you get the most out of the digital era. 

OmniStudio is a part of Einstein Automate, a tool that integrates Salesforce automation capabilities across Platform, Einstein, MuleSoft, Industries, and AppExchange for efficient end-to-end workflow platform delivery. From digital experience to service management to developer experience, there are three unique layers in OmniStudio. 

While the Digital Experience layer offers primary user interface components, the Service Management layer provides functions for reading, writing, transforming, calculating, and tracking data within and outside of Salesforce. Lastly, the Developer Experience layer offers tools for simple and large migrations. 


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What does an OmniStudio Consultant Do?

A Salesforce OmniStudio consultant helps effectively implement and optimize the vast array of OmniStudio products according to the client’s requirements. Considering this suite’s enormous functionality and features, an OmniStudio consultant helps mold the right tools in the right way for your business to achieve its set goals. 

The responsibilities of a Salesforce consultant range from configuration assistance to business analysis, including assessment of pain points and opportunities. Hiring an OmniStudio consultant helps businesses transform and improve their approach to improved customer delivery and organization performance. 

Here’s how OmniStudio consultants help businesses transform:

  • Quick deployment of business and industry-specific processes using OmniStudio platform for automating interactions
  • Simplifying configurations with a micro service-oriented approach
  • Building flexible branded interfaces 
  • Automating agent and customer service experiences with click-based configurations
  • Helping unlock business agility through scalable digital engagements

Experienced consultants are involved in gathering requirements for cross-organizational transformation besides controlling system architecture and data model solution design. They oversee large deployments and release management, besides creating a detailed roadmap for future enhancements. OmniStudio consultants could be hired both as in-house or third-party partners and reliably enable businesses to explore the unlimited potential of this digital engagement suite. 

Why Hiring a Third-Party OmniStudio Consultant is a Better Option?

Salesforce OmniStudio being the cutting-edge SaaS platform, requires highly-trained specialists to handle and build upon it. In this scenario, it is better to hire third-party consultants as you do not have to pay them a fixed salary regularly. You can access their analytical and problem-solving expertise at demand, as these consultants are available 24/7 remotely. 

At the same time, hiring a third-party OmniStudio consultant will relieve you of any stress or expenses over exclusive training, scalability, or up-gradation of service, which become hassles once you have hired someone full-time for the role. These consultants help ensure seamless collaboration among your teammates and up-gradation in on-demand services. 

Leverage the Benefits of Salesforce OmniStudio Today!

While OmniStudio enables you to craft guided user experiences without code, its enormous functionality and features require a trained, expert consultant to handle complex tasks. An OmniStudio consultant will be able to guide you through sales and service processes with a fast, personalized approach. Check the table below to understand the advantage of OmniStudio over other tools.

At Ceptes, we are helping our clients achieve exactly that, offering fully customized Salesforce OmniStudio implementation enhancing critical business procedures and workflows. 

As experts in Sales, Service, and Marketing Clouds, our team enables your business to seamlessly integrate various solutions and analytics to uncover actionable business insights. We also offer end-to-end Salesforce solutions tailored for niche industries along with opportunity evaluation for the entire lifecycle. 

Are you interested in extending your team with our certified OmniStudio consultancy services? Request a consultation today and explore the benefits of hiring us as your strategic partner in enterprise data management!