Everything you Need to Know about Our Data Management Suite (DMS) of Products for Salesforce

November 8, 2022by Shreshth Tiwari

Have you made it to San Francisco to attend Dreamforce this year? If yes, something must have grabbed your eyeballs at Moscone Campground, booth #341. Remembering what it was? CEPTES Data Management Suite (DMS) of products for Salesforce!

Recalling now?

During those DF22 days, did you get a chance to talk to our product experts and learn about the comprehensive suite we rolled out at the world’s largest tech summit? If yes, thanks a million, you’re amazing! 

Oh, you neither attended Dreamforce 2022 nor were aware of what happened at booth #341? Don’t worry! We got you covered!

In this article, we will take a deep dive into CEPTES Data Management Suite — about our contemplation and deep research behind building an advanced platform that carries out several in-demand purposes for Salesforce users. 

One of the Top Innovations in Dreamforce 2022 that Galvanized Trailblazers 

What do you think about the potential of our Data Management Suite? Is that just a suite comprising five AppExchange applications or an innovation with much more capabilities? Let’s make it clear to you. 

We love to define our Data Management Suite as the one-stop platform for all your data, file, and document management needs in Salesforce. Whether you’re encountering challenges with data or files in Salesforce by any means, you can find the perfect solution in our suite as a fully-fledged application. That includes native and external data archiving, data backup and recovery, external file transfer, and auto document generation within Salesforce. 

In fact, our Data Management Suite enticed scads of Trailblazers during Dreamforce 2022! We received an immense response from innovation seekers soon after we brought our Data Management Suite to light. What else could we ask for?

DataArchiva – An Integral Component of DMS for Advanced Data Management in Salesforce

Now that you have a bird’s-eye view of our Data Management Suite, you need to understand the two major components that our platform is built on. Firstly, say hello to DataArchiva, our next-gen data management platform for Salesforce! 

In an age when each business action contributes to enormous data growth, the management of the growing data can be daunting. We know this first hand. So, we made DataArchiva with several capabilities including native and external archiving and data backup and recovery to save your day. 

Let’s probe into each of these;

  • DataArchiva Native Archiving

Imagine you want to clear your data storage space in Salesforce by archiving the inactive data but your compliance restricts you from that. Our native data archiving application is built to address this challenge. It archives your data from Salesforce’s primary data storage to Salesforce’s own big data-based storage Big Objects so does the archiving job within the Salesforce system securely. Remember, DataArchiva is the only application ever built to perform such a unique and fantastic job. 

  • DataArchiva External Archiving 

In contrast to the above scenario, what if your compliance allows you to archive your data out of the Salesforce system? Then you will probably think about archiving your data to an external storage space or on-premises platforms. Right? DataArchiva’s external archiving application can help you with that! To archive data to your own external cloud (AWS, Azure, Heroku, Google) as well as On-premise systems by leveraging databases such as MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, Postgres, and Redshift. 

  • DataArchiva Backup and Recovery

So, you learned about the two options for archiving data in Salesforce. Now, let’s introduce you to our data backup platform, which is the final one in DataArchiva’s list of applications. With this platform, we help you take the backup of your Salesforce data in S3, SharePoint, or server by leveraging your cloud storage systems (AWS, Azure, Heroku) as well as on-premises platforms. And the best part is you can also restore the backup data to the primary storage in a single click, in a breeze. 

Isn’t it the most hassle-free way? We promise it is!

XfilesPro – The Second Instrumental Part of DMS for Modern File Management and Document Generation in Salesforce

Yeah, you learned enough about DataArchiva. Now, it’s time to take a quick tour of the second major component of our Data Management Suite — XfilesPro

What is your guess about the purpose of this platform of ours? How do you think it deals with your file and document management needs in Salesforce? What all capabilities make the platform stand out? We will tell you!

There are two major solutions that make the XfilesPro platform fully-fledged — file management and auto document generation, within Salesforce. We will discuss each of these below:

  • XfilesPro File Management

Like data, files are also an integral part of Salesforce that surge in number by day by day. So no wonder you hit the file storage limit and look for a solution to overcome the hurdle. Our platform is here just to do that. With XfilesPro, you can transfer your unused files from Salesforce’s primary storage space to your preferred external storage system (AWS, SharePoint, Google Drive, OneDrive, S3, etc) as well as on-premises platforms. Trust us, this is the most effective strategy to optimize your file storage space in Salesforce. And you’re right, the process is a kind of file archiving. 

  • XfilesPro Document Generation

Do you know how much time you kill every day to build documents of different types? You need to write the content, copy some data from somewhere, then design the template, and attach the sign…it’s a long list of work you need to do if you want to create one single document. XfilesPro’s document generation application can change this game in a whole new way. Because we put automation into play. Now you can automate the generation of documents of any type and size within Salesforce in a single click and without manual intervention. So that you can save time and effort while making sure your document is error-free. 

Why Do They Say Our Data Management Suite Can Level You Up?

It’s because our suite is comprehensive and modern. We have five in-demand solutions to address your major pain points using Salesforce. And our suite is a combination of five user-friendly applications that process the most streamlined data and file/document management in Salesforce. Plus, we will be onboarding many more applications to the suite in the near future with different other capabilities. So, hope you got how our Data Management Suite can be your go-to solution for everything in Salesforce and how it can scale your business to the next level!

Over to You

What do you think about our Data Management Suite overall? We believe you must have found it an outstanding platform for your booming business. Because it is! Now, it’s up to you to when you want to talk to us and give our apps a try. We’re happy to connect with you anytime. 

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