How to Choose the Right Company for my Salesforce Career

September 13, 2021by Sindhu M

“New Research Finds the Salesforce Economy Will Create More than $1 Trillion in New Business Revenues and 4.2 Million Jobs by 2024.”


Before jumping into the real business, why don’t we take up roles in our minds? So, say you completed several Salesforce Certifications courses out the past years and you are eager to work into finding and deciding to find a new job.

So, you’ll be thinking and wondering about questions like “What kind of company should you join? A consulting firm or a large enterprise or to go with a smaller enterprise? You will surely have goals in mind, but in most cases, one doesn’t know which type of Salesforce company would nurture and suit them the most.

Well, you need not worry because ahead, we’ve tried to shed some light on the workforce environment that happens in all types of companies in the Salesforce industry. We’ll be delighted to share with you the most promising company that fulfills your specific needs and captives your imagination.


Are You Unsure of Which Company to Choose?


Yamini Jakka, a colleague of ours, talks about her career as a developer in CEPTES and how it impacted her success.


Hello everybody, my name is Yamini Jakka. I’m a Salesforce Developer working here in CEPTES.


I joined the company a few years ago, worked on various projects, and was offered my first development project to one of our clients. Their knowledge of the project was limited, and initially, I had no idea about it. 


As I began the project, I faced challenges to handle the task and couldn’t make much progress. However, my manager and co-workers supported me and sat alongside me. The support that I received from CEPTES is beyond my imagination. Without their help, I wouldn’t have completed the task. I could then finish the massive project. 


Those days, when I was a junior worker on the project, I was afraid of making mistakes because not all companies accept employees’ mistakes. However, CEPTES always supported and encouraged me. My senior managers and co-workers have been instrumental in my success. 


Trailhead is an excellent resource for learning about Salesforce. It’s free and easy to use. I am currently working with integration. CEPTES encourages new ideas, implementation and looks over the benefits.


If you consider joining Salesforce, here’s a tip: Choose a company that will encourage and support you. Do not choose a company based on salary, but one that can be seen as part of your long-term career.

These are some important things to keep in mind when building your career as a Salesforce Developer:

#1. Salesforce is all about technology 

There are always new technology updates. Choose a company that will keep you up to date with changing technology.

#2. Find a company that will guide you on the path to success

Many companies limit exposure to senior managers and junior employees. This means that the starting staff members are often not exposed to other people. You can grow your career by choosing a company that offers you plenty of opportunities to work, even if you are a beginner.

#3. Look for companies that offer demo presentations 

This allows every developer to show off the app they have created each week. This keeps you up-to-date and also improves your knowledge. CEPTES offers opportunities for beginners to learn and gain exposure, and keep track of the changing technology.



     Source: Salesforce


Check out the various kinds of companies that run under Salesforce.

Small or Startup Companies

In the world of Salesforce, a startup company can be stated as a company with 500 Salesforce users or less.


  • You’ll not only get to learn about Salesforce faster and better but also enhance skills and gain expertise
  • A startup/ Small enterprise is basically like a training space that is specialized for the experiment, such companies will accept your flaws, mistakes and cherish your victory
  • A very good thing about startup companies is that you’ll get a chance to work with most of the company’s projects.
  • Your role will be very flexible, and you’ll learn to code in no time



  • There will be only a few Salesforce experts to guide you
  • Lesser architect concepts, so for those who are not from an architect background may find it more like a pro’s
  • The working hours will be more than that of a larger company since it is like a ground for experiments and learning


So, If you are new to the world of Salesforce and longs to experiment with things, then this type of company will be best for you! We recommend smaller companies to people who are new to the industry. You’ll get to learn a lot from your mistakes and guides.



Large Companies

In the world of Salesforce, a large company can be stated as a company with 2000 Salesforce users and more.



  • You’ll get to learn how to scale a Salesforce org
  • You’ll get access to internal training
  • You’ll have strong brand names written on your resume



  • Projects can easily drag on and last for months
  • Even for the smallest mistakes, you’ll have to face ridiculous consequences
  • They focus on maintenance than innovation
  • You will have no flexibility besides your specialized role and office politics everywhere


Working at a larger organization will be best for you if you want a stable, more predictable job. You’ll be working for reasonable hours. Though it might not be as exciting compared to working in a smaller org, eventually you’ll get to learn things that the smaller organizations never encounter such as architecture concepts, general Salesforce best practices, and Apex frameworks.

Larger organizations are better for people in their mid to late careers as you’ll have less pressure and you’ll be in the best position to use the various skills you’ve enhanced and mastered throughout your career.

And lastly,

Consulting Firms

The Accentures, Deloittes, and Appirios of the world.


  • Compared to the above companies it is the quickest learning environment you’ll find in the Salesforce world
  • You’ll get to witness and experience varieties of different types of implementations and programs under Salesforce
  • You’ll not only get paid higher but also enjoy good benefits
  • You’ll get the opportunity to work with some of the most renowned companies in the world



  • Must sell your soul
  • Long working hours and travels often
  • You’ll not witness long-term project impact
  • Everyone has focused roles and you can’t explore new roles

As you can see in Consulting, you’ll have the most learning opportunities being a consultant. If your motive is to become a Certified Technical Architect in the long run then you’ll have to opt for this role.



CEPTES offers our developers an opportunity to display their efforts according to their fields of interest. We not only give employees new challenges but also support them throughout their career. We support our employees to improve every day, and we nurture them to keep their skills up-to-date even if they are new to Salesforce.

We encourage our employees to try new things and implement them so that they can produce more quality. The managers are always there to assist you in your quest to learn more. CEPTES is a great company for learning and growing. We don’t make it difficult to share your ideas, nor do we overburden you. We encourage you to be free and enthusiastic about your work.



At CEPTES, we value experience more than degrees and have built a learning-mentoring hybrid model for our employees that enables them to be learners as well as implementers. We are looking to hire high-performance-driven professionals to join our amazing team. Explore our careers page to know more about the different opportunities.