GitLab & Salesforce Integration – A New Way to Enable DevOps

Enterprises that adopt revolutionary technologies at a fast pace, become high-performing, develop better products at an accelerated speed, improve collaboration, enhance productivity, and achieve competitive advantage. DevOps is such an advanced approach that enables various siloed roles such as development, operations, QA, and others to collaborate in order to build more reliable and quality-driven solutions at lightning speed.

Salesforce as a platform has been working on its APIs in order to help developers create Salesforce-connected apps in the most efficient way. However, GitLab has provided an opportunity to drive next-gen DevOps leveraging enterprise-grade tools and functionalities in order to build Salesforce-connected apps rapidly. 

What is GitLab? GitLab is one of the most popular platforms for modern age developers as it offers a single, integrated application for a comprehensive DevOps lifecycle. Integrated with Salesforce, the suite brings advanced software development practices such as Source Code Management, Git-based version control, Project Management, Document Management, and automated CI/CD into Salesforce DX.

This will help developers get rid of manual tasks, avoid error-prone and slower development processes and enable concurrent development processes by collaborating team’s workflows with a single, integrated, and highly automated application of DevOps powered by GitLab & Salesforce. 

Why do you need Salesforce-GitLab integration?

If you care about the workflows, layouts, sales process, custom code, profiles, and objects/fields in your Salesforce org, you need to consider integrating GitLab. Even for organizations that really want to protect their codes and configurations from accidental override or deletion across sandbox and production org, must consider integrating GitLab & Salesforce. 

With this, you can:

  • Build apps faster in the Salesforce platform
  • Eliminate complexity & empower your team to manage projects, not just tools
  • Unified DX for seamless communication across admins & developers
  • Automate manual processes like QA testing
  • Adopt new SFDX features such as Scratch Orgs, SFDX cli, etc. 
  • Quicker business value through concurrent development 

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