Grow Your Business with Salesforce Managed Services: A Comprehensive Guide

February 16, 2023by rashmita satpathy

Undoubtedly Salesforce has become the most dependable tool for businesses for their overall organizational growth. That’s why Salesforce is constantly evolving and updating its own org to provide seamless service to match expectations. 

Well, effectively managing a Salesforce org, staying up-to-date, and periodically upgrading the system can become hectic for business owners, as the Salesforce platform is quite complex. For this reason, earlier businesses utilizing Salesforce had a designated administrator who managed their operations.  

However, as a business expands, the responsibilities and abilities to effectively support its customized Salesforce solution becomes more complex and beyond the capacity of a single administrator. To maximize the benefits of this growth, a more comprehensive approach is required.

To cope-up with this, Salesforce Managed Services is introduced. It’s an amazing flexible alternative to hiring Salesforce Managers and at the same time, it’s cost-effective for larger organizations. 

A brief intro to Salesforce Managed Services: 

Salesforce Managed Services is a comprehensive activity/process that takes 360-degree Salesforce org care for a business. In simple words, It refers to the proactive practice of outsourcing the administration of a specific department or area to a third party outside of the organization’s internal staff. 

Salesforce Managed Services can assist companies with various support and administrative solutions for their Salesforce operations. Large enterprises with extensive Salesforce requirements can maximize the value of their investment by seeking expert guidance on the optimal utilization and configuration of the platform.

Prime Features: 

To cope-up with this, Salesforce Managed Services is introduced. It’s an amazing flexible alternative to hiring Salesforce Managers and at the same time, it’s cost-effective for larger organizations. 

  • Keeping systems up-to-date
  • Making the system compliant with the latest security & privacy standards
  • Insights on how Salesforce deployment is working
  • Time & Cost saving 

Key Components of Salesforce Managed Services:

  • Consulting- It is designed to meet the unique needs of customers and provide them with the best-fitted strategies considering the objectives of sales, marketing, customer service, and other related areas.
  • Implementation- The contracted services are integrated to form a comprehensive Salesforce solution, ensuring that the customer’s unique business requirements are fully met.
  • Technical Integration– This component covers the integration of Salesforce with other systems, such as ERP, CRM, and other enterprise applications.
  • Administration and Configuration- This includes tasks such as setting up user accounts, managing security and access, and customizing fields, objects, and workflows.
  • Custom Application Development and Customization- Salesforce solutions are customized to accommodate custom workflows, reports, email templates, and more. This customization aligns the solution with the specific needs of a business, ensuring that it operates seamlessly with its current processes. Furthermore, custom applications are designed to meet the internal requirements of the company.
  • Integration- It offers easy integration services where businesses can easily integrate their Salesforce system to third-party applications to offer an easy flow of data between all contracted systems.
  • Ensuring security & compliances- Making sure that all the Salesforce deployment meets the stated requirements of security and privacy as well as auditing activities for detecting any potential risks.
  • Training & Support- End-user training for Salesforce features and functionalities is accessible along with 24/7 technical support for the users.

Benefits of Salesforce Managed Services for Business Growth:

Salesforce Managed Services has offered enormous ways to help businesses grow and succeed in several ways. Let’s peep into some of them- 

Enhanced productivity- With expert support and efficient administration, businesses can save time and resources that can be redirected toward growth-oriented activities. By freeing up their internal IT resources businesses can actually focus on their prime priorities and can match their goals within their estimated time frame. 

Assisted by the specialized team- getting backed up by some of the highly experienced and knowledgeable people from the Salesforce industry to manage the contracted functions. 

Aided data management- Salesforce Managed Services can help businesses manage their data effectively, ensuring accuracy, completeness, and consistency. This leads to better decision-making and more informed business strategies.

Better user experience- With the support of a highly-skilled Salesforce team and well-configured and optimized Salesforce platform businesses lead to offer better user adoption, higher user satisfaction, and improved productivity.

No business interruptions- When you work with a specialized Salesforce team, they can detect and fix errors before they turn into big problems that would take longer to get resolved.  With this proactive approach managed services have changed the Break / Fix repair model. 

Cost-effective- Enterprises that require extensive use of Salesforce often face challenges in hiring competent Salesforce specialists. A single person may not be able to fulfill the demands of the job, leading to the need to assemble a full team, which can result in high costs. With managed services, however, these businesses can access a skilled Salesforce specialist team at an affordable price point.

Tips to choose the right managed service provider for your business:

  • Choosing the right Salesforce Managed Service providers can be tricky sometimes. Here are a few tricks to choose the right fit for your business needs- 
  • Go with a recognized Salesforce partnering company having relevant years of experience. 
  • Don’t miss out on checking out some of their promising work and clientele.
  • The Salesforce-managed service provider must be able to understand your specific business needs and objectives. 
  • They must have skills to provide tailor-made services meeting your unique requirements. 
  • Go with a service provider who can offer a comprehensive package of services including; support, training, and consulting. 


Selecting a suitable Salesforce-certified partner can pave the way for business success and offer numerous advantages. It is crucial to opt for a company that boasts a proven track record and extensive experience, such as CEPTES. As a leader in the managed services industry and recipient of numerous accolades from Salesforce, CEPTES can provide reliable and top-notch solutions for your business needs.

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