Hire A Team

Our team of Salesforce experts can develop your product idea so that you can sell it on the AppExchange. Whether it is a software integration, process enhancement, work-flow optimization, or any of the other million ways Salesforce can be optimized, we will plan it, build it and implement it for you.

We know Salesforce like no other. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience developing Salesforce applications and third-party integrations. CEPTES could be your first choice partner for Salesforce planning, development and support.

We can integrate multiple software/applications


  •  Bug Tracking
  •  Finance Aids
  •  Email Shortcuts
  •  Import/Export Optimization
  •  Recruiting Management
  •  Administrative Shortcuts
  •  Marketing Tools
  •  App Syncing
  •  Bulk Transferring
  •  File Sharing
  •  Single Tenant
  •  Customer Service
  •  Accounting Shortcuts
  •  Campaign Outreach
  •  Contact Segmentation
  •  Storage Extensions
  •  Multi-Tenant
  •  Security Encryption
  •  Social Extensions
  •  Lead Management
  •  Contact Merging
  •  Auto Cloud Shortcuts

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