How CEPTES Helps Women Who Want to Restart Their Career?

While 70% of job seekers still believe that there’s a stigma in having a career gap, 85% of hiring managers would still hire today with a career gap on their resume. CEPTES is trying to fade the stigma of employment gaps.


In a conversation with Hima, who is working at CEPTES, shares her story with us. She tells how it was not easy at first, but with the right dedication and fiery passion, she restarted her career again. She also talks about how CEPTES has given her the platform and how this has helped to take her career to the next level.

We asked her how she began her career and how she was able to get on the right career track today. 

So here we go.


#1: How did your Salesforce adventure start?

My salesforce adventure began with Journey 2 Salesforce Program.


#2: When did you decide on Salesforce as your career option?

After a huge gap of 6 years, I wanted to start my career again as an Angular developer. In 2019, I chose Salesforce as my career option.


#3: What prompted you to choose Salesforce as your career path?

I saw that there was a rapid level of growth within the Salesforce ecosystem and even my brother is working as a Salesforce Professional. These things encouraged me to try Salesforce as a career option.


“Close to 3 million women have left the workforce because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many left voluntarily, while others left due to a sudden lack of child care or to manage virtual learning for their children. In addition, a disproportionate number of jobs for women have been impacted by the pandemic, and hiring women is more vulnerable subject to economic shocks and business disruptions than men and is still prevalent.”


#4: Tell us about your success story and how CEPTES helped you start that journey

I started out as a Java Developer. After a year and four months, I had to take a gap of around six years.  But later, I wanted to return to my career. 

However, with a gap of six years, I still did not want to miss the competencies.

So I, therefore, began working as an Angular developer. 

Then I got to know about the Salesforce Journey 2 program and I felt that it was a great opportunity to change my career for Salesforce. It was very exciting as I completed the J2S program. Then, upon completion of the program, they allowed me to contact employers in the form of employer connections. 

CEPTES offered me the position and I picked it up. I’m so grateful to CEPTES for giving me this opportunity to grow and learn. To date, I am very pleased to work at the CEPTES. There are so many roadblocks to my journey as a salesforce developer and CEPTES has always given me a helping hand.


Every person’s career journey is different and CEPTES is working hard to make sure we provide an inclusive experience for everyone. 


Visit our careers page here to explore job opportunities


#5: Do you have any tips for people looking to start or change careers in Salesforce?

Changing careers is not easy. Commitment to the Salesforce ecosystem is vital. In addition, the salesforce community is always ready to help out.


“CEPTES helps its employees to express themselves and their career

journey in the ways they most want, allowing them to be who they are at work.”


#6: What’s your Salesforce developer experience like?

It’s going really well. Now I am getting used to the Salesforce ecosystem and the great exposure to real-time business needs.


#7: Do you have certifications or plans in the near future?

I have done Platform Developer I certification and I am also planning to do a few more in the coming future.


Summing Up

Salesforce is the best platform to start and build a career in. Journey 2 Salesforce is a program by Salesforce to help individuals to start from ground zero and go all the way up to the top. At CEPTES, we wholeheartedly welcome career-ready returner women. We have a program for returning women, to help them get back into the workplace. We are looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our fantastic team. Visit our careers page and grab an opportunity to be part of our team.