How CEPTES’ No.1 AppExchange Application XfilesPro is Transforming the Workflow of Salesforce Customers across Industries

December 5, 2022by Deeshna C

Did you ever speak to your Salesforce admin? If not, make yourself available for a stilted conversation with the person. You gonna hear some incredible work that a Salesforce admin carries out to boost your performance. Plus, at the same time, you will get a load of stumbling blocks that they pull through on a daily basis (which may or may not be addressed by your organization)!

Any guesses about the challenges? You need to keep reading the article to find them out. 

It’s undeniably true that the life of an awesome admin is not awesome as it seems. As they manage one of the most crucial tools for business growth, they juggle multiple complexities to make things happen. 

As our business revolves around the Salesforce platform, we understand the challenges of Salesforce admins firsthand. We’ve identified their potential complexities and built two powerful AppExchange apps to address their sore points. 

In this blog post, we will take a detailed look at XfilesPro’s two applications and their next-gen file management capabilities to make a Salesforce admin’s life easier.  

XfilesPro File Management: The First Choice of Enterprises for Modern File Management Experience in Salesforce

As the business grows, a Salesforce admin creates and manages enormous files and documents. There’s no doubt about that. However, the growing volume of files can increase a huge threat as it will gradually pave the way for the exceeding of file storage limits in Salesforce. 

How to overcome this storage curb challenge?

Deletion of the unwanted files? 

No, because you want to retain the files including the not-frequently used ones as they might hold the key for some business requirements in the future. Buying additional storage space from Salesforce is neither an option as the cost of purchasing is beyond most businesses’ budgets. 

Now, what could be the possible solution?

It’s XfilesPro!

XfilesPro’s file management application is designed and built on top of Salesforce to address exactly the storage challenges. Expanding a bit more, XfilesPro’s file management application migrates your not regularly used files from Salesforce’s primary storage space to an external cloud storage system (S3, SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive) of your choice or your on-premises platforms (FTP, SMB, Network Drive) for the quick optimization of the storage space. 

And the benefits? 

The admins can free up the Salesforce file storage in a breeze! Plus, they can experience a lot more other advantages such as;

  • Seamless File Collaboration 

The modern way of collaborating your files with internal teams as well as external users on a centralized file management system. 

  • Support for Multiple External Storage systems

Supporting your popular cloud storage such as SharePoint, AWS S3, Google Drive, OneDrive, or on-premises platform for the external migration of files. 

  • File Access and Visibility 

An option to view and access the files in the Salesforce org even after it migrates to the external storage system. 

  • Folder Management

The smart way to automatically create equivalent folders in the external storage system as new folders are being created in Salesforce. 

That’s it! Now dwell on the advantages of reimaging your file management experience in Salesforce with XfilesPro. Do you think it can resolve one of the major challenges of Salesforce admins? Then, explore the next-gen capabilities of our application by scheduling a demo with a product expert. 

So, now that you have understood the fundamentals of XfilesPro’s file management application, it’s time to look at our second application for Salesforce which is XfilesPro DocuPrime. This is our latest and superior app, which is built particularly to ease the life of Salesforce admins.  

XfilesPro Document Generation: The Best Ever App for Salesforce to Advance the Document Generation Approach

Consider the number of documents an organization generates a day. From HR to finance to sales, employees across departments create an enormous volume of documents manually. And the time needed for such mundane tasks is sore, as people may need to collect data from different Salesforce objects, then bring it outside of the application, and then build documents from somewhere else. 

XfilesPro’s document generation app can resolve this challenge in the most effective way. 

You know how? 

From data fetching from multiple Salesforce objects to building the final document — our superior application automates the end-to-end document-making process within the Salesforce platform in a single click. So that your critical data will never move out of the Salesforce environment and resides safely within the platform. 

Again, what about the benefits that document automation brings to Salesforce admins?

  • 100% Native Document Generation 

From data fetching to template creation to document generation, Salesforce admins can process the document workflow completely within the Salesforce system. 

  • Road to Automation

By automating the document generation process, the business can take one close step to 100% automation. 

  • Support for Popular e-Signatures 

The awesome admins can further advance their auto document generation with an easy e-Sign option as our application supports all third-party e-signatures. 

  • Options for Existing Template Import

Upload your already created template from the system to Salesforce (or build one within the platform if you want) to save time and follow your preferred patterns. 

  • Ownership for Templates

Get the privilege to determine who can view and access your documents by gaining complete ownership of them.

Yeah, that’s how our powerful document generation app for Salesforce works! Having our application in the org, the Salesforce admins can leverage unparalleled benefits that will drastically change the way they perform their daily document generation process. 

If you wish to learn more about the potential of XfilesPro Document Generation, request a demo with a product expert. They are all ears and excited to show you our modern app in action!

XfilesPro: The Real Game Changer for Salesforce Admins

With all the expertise mentioned above, what do you think about XfilesPro and its top-notch applications? Are they capable of making your Salesforce admins’ life easier? If you’ve answered ‘YES,’ convince your organization to get its hands on the number one file and document management platform for Salesforce. Because your awesome admins deserve the best workflow!

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