How does Salesforce Lightning Accelerate your Business?

July 11, 2017by Admin

If you have ever been associated with Salesforce or have been a constant user, you must have an idea that the launch of Salesforce Lightning app is just fantastic. The entire application is fast, competitive and industry oriented. The Salesforce App is the place of origination for Lightning App Cloud and includes the following:

  • Lightning App Builder
  • Lightning Component
  • Lightning Design System

To begin with, it can be said that, this creative and productive enterprise app will always accelerate your business. Just pairing powerful and intuitive development tools, Salesforce has become the most trusted enterprise cloud. It is this particular app of Salesforce platform that makes it possible for various organizations to turn their ideas into businesses at lightning speed. This ability to create better apps helps companies address all the day to day challenges and hence redefine their business. Apart from these features, let us have a look at some more ways in which, lightning empowers all users.

Accelerating the Development Process:

Lightning is said to be designed with the drag-and-drop facility which quickly opens up the power of Lightning development to a wider range of audience. Usually, it happens that most coders work with minimal real-time input or to put it other words participation from admins or the end users. Lightning is then said to shorten the app development time by bringing all the stakeholders closer. Along with this feature, Lightning apps are as well future-proofed, and will never be broken by automatic platform upgrades; hence immense maintenance is not required.

Accelerates the Analytics:

In particular platforms like Salesforce, it is always said that the data is never easy to understand. As a solution of which or to make things easier for the users, Salesforce has come up with a tool, which you can visualize the data with. This is known as the Lightning Schema Builder. It lets developers spend some more time on the process of refining and also improving the app rather than wasting time with the database and various other constructs. Lightning is as well said to provide a UI designed for great reports and also the flexible dashboards, created with the same drag-and-drop ease.

An Augmented User Participation:

Lightning is always said to bring the user community as well as the development process together. The problems that are faced here are brought into the app assembly loop, where all their insights improve and even enhance your apps with a hands-on the drag-and-drop fix. Lightning Process Builder has been proven to empower everyone to respond to their respective business needs by just creating custom workflows, which automates the complex business processes within a short time.

The Acceleration of Deployment:

As it has been proved that the Lightning platform deals with all the rest of the process that includes data management and even the storage, along with third-party integration, the developers are always free to focus on what matters to the business more. Through the Salesforce1 Mobile App, you indeed roll out all the apps or deploy the same functionality with just a single click.