How financial service providers can scale up quickly with Salesforce Financial Cloud

August 13, 2020by Ananya Mohapatra

The financial sector is going through a  rapid shift in market conditions and consumer demands. Gone are the days when a standardized, one-size-fits-all approach worked wonders for every client of the banking or financial sector. Today consumers are looking for more from the financial service providers; they’re looking for an intensive approach that meets their customized requirements. Despite the ongoing pandemic, the financial sector has held it’s head high and diligently worked to cater to newer requirements in a changing global scenario. However, this task can be made simpler manifolds through various process automation via integration of Cloud offerings and CRM software tools. 

Increasing productivity across departments

Whether it be the accounting staff or the director of finance, managing multiple departments and a multitude of teams is not an easy task. Lack of transparent communication, irregular data entry, or delayed communication can put a pause on your enterprise’s efficiency. 

Thankfully Salesforce Financial Cloud allows you to streamline all your processes and work on a centralized database. It ensures synergy between all teams, departments, managers, and employees. Any changes in real-time organizational data can be communicated well within time. 

Personalized service

Offering your clients a personalized approach can set you miles ahead of your competitors. Use data to drive innovative solutions and build strong customer relationships in the process. Integrate Salesforce Financial Cloud to gain actionable and valuable insights into your client’s requirements, household, family, and business networks. Deliver a holistic experience and open doors to newer, better ways of connecting with your consumers.

Deliver a better digital experience

Digitalization is needed not only in managing the internal operations of your financial enterprise but also in the methods of delivering service. Whether it be real-time service responses or even simple on-boarding, now you can deliver a digital-first experience. 

Better customer-service

Use the excellent combination of API-enabled connections and a robust CRM software to transcend digital boundaries in customer-service. Owing to the cloud offerings and CRM tools, anytime a customer has a complaint or needs assistance, you can get the entire history of their complaint with a single click. Strengthen organizational data culture and strategy to effectively meet demands, resolve complaints, and boost customer loyalty. 

Seamless experiences (loan/insurance/mortgage)

Loan, mortgage or insurance services shouldn’t seem complicated. Break down walls between insurers and policyholders and ensure transparency with CRM and cloud infrastructures. In times like these, it becomes even crucial for the finance industry to be consumer-centric and deliver a common platform for seamless interaction between borrowers, lenders, brokers, and customers. The more seamless the communication, the faster the engagement, and the better the results. And this is how Salesforce Financial Cloud helps. 


Keeping an eye out for changes in real-time organizational data, financial predictions or forecasting is the optimal way of leading change through data. The right CRM software not only allows you to do all of this but also helps you keep a track of inter-departmental data. Getting useful information and forming quick decisions in the face of shifting market conditions can give you the required edge to lead the sector. 

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