How Indian MSMEs can reinvent themselves digitally post COVID-19?

July 6, 2020by Shreshth Tiwari

The Indian MSME sector contributes about 29% of the country’s total GDP. On similar lines, saying that MSMEs are a crucial part of the Indian economy won’t be an exaggeration. Companies that make an annual investment less than Rs. 50 Cr. and the annual turnover not exceeding Rs. 250 Cr. are classified as Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)

However, all is not well with MSMEs. The global pandemic has brought a plethora of challenges for them to survive and enable business continuity. 

Lack of awareness and investments in the latest technologies are among the critical roadblocks towards their advancement.

Every Crisis Is An Opportunity

The pandemic has put immense pressure on small businesses to balance and retool to thrive in the post-pandemic world. It has also demonstrated the value of technology and digital transformation across industries. It has become imperative for businesses to look for new solutions to stay relevant and ahead of the competition. 

Start Your Journey with Salesforce

Salesforce, the global CRM leader is sharpening its focus in India, and small businesses stand to benefit from its scalable industry solutions designed to improve customer engagement and drive sustainable business efficiency and growth. Salesforce is not just a CRM, It is a genie in the lamp indeed.

Let’s explore a few of its immense potential:

  • Salesforce offers crucial information on inventories, customers, tools, platforms to MSMEs for better recognition of customer persona.
  • Salesforce offers a complete 360-degree view of a customer, which means you can generate more leads, nurture them, close deals faster, and retain them easily.
  • Team collaboration becomes easy with multiple communication modes and scheduler in place.
  • A cloud-based solution implies that your team can be active in your customer’s response at any time, from anywhere. They can work from even the remotest of the location and using any device.

Salesforce: Changing the Indian MSME Landscape

Recently, Salesforce has brought on board a prominent personality in the field of banking, Arundhati Bhattacharya as CEO of Salesforce in India. Experts see this as a highly strategic move by Salesforce to help small and medium businesses in India realize their digital dreams. 

What makes Salesforce great for any small business?

  • Salesforce offers a complete view of each of your customers, which can help small businesses prioritize their lead pipeline by automating the entire sales & customer service process. Automated workflow enables MSMEs to assign tasks easily, follow-up on approval requests, and suggest changes.
  • Salesforce drives a high-level of collaboration. The in-built functionalities help small business sales reps and other team members seamlessly collaborate. The collaboration includes resource sharing, hassle-free data sharing, report generation that will save high time and costs.
  • Having an opportunity to run a company on the go is simply great, regardless of the size of the business. Moreover, AppExchange (Salesforce’s App Marketplace) offers a large number of apps for a variety of business needs. 
  • Salesforce is highly flexible in terms of pricing. With a large number of subscription plans as well as user licenses, small businesses can have affordable pricing, functionality, and several business users.
  • Due to its high customization capabilities, numerous integration options, and a large number of apps, Salesforce is a viable choice for MSMEs of all sizes and scales.  
  • Salesforce Trailhead, a fun knowledge hub can help small businesses to learn Salesforce for free in order to get the best out of their Salesforce investment.

Reopening the business post-COVID-19 will be a challenge & Salesforce could play a crucial role here by offering Indian small businesses the tools and the power of the platform to imagine their business. 

CEPTES Salesforce Solutions for Small Businesses

As a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner, CEPTES is renowned for its decade-old expertise in the Salesforce platform. In fact, CEPTES also offers small businesses highly customized Salesforce solutions that can be scaled and upgraded to meet the ever-changing business needs. Besides this, we help businesses adopt or upgrade their systems with our easy-to-deploy Salesforce solutions.

With over a decade of experience and a highly-skilled Salesforce Certified workforce & leveraging the characteristics of Salesforce, we facilitate digital transformation and innovation for Indian MSMEs using our Customer Success Platform. Making it convenient for business owners to analyze, consolidate, and segment data for improved decision-making capabilities, more personalized user experiences, enhanced productivity, and optimum ROI.   

To learn how CEPTES can help you drive growth and partner with you to harness the true potential of Salesforce, please get in touch with us.