How Salesforce Can Help Your Real Estate Business

July 1, 2020by Shreshth Tiwari

COVID-19 is impacting the global economic structure. Liquidity has been decreasing, and the waves of liquidity crunch are splashing over the real estate industry. Once booming, the real estate industry has become quite competitive and fierce. Demand for residential and commercial properties have slumped, and so have the sales of small and medium real estate businesses.

In times like these, Salesforce CRM has emerged as one of the most prominent solutions for real estate agents, brokers, and developers to track their customers, manage minutest of information, and also even the market listings. 

Salesforce CRM offers easy to use functionality, is highly customizable, and flexible enough to adapt to any existing system, and business processes. In addition, the system has capabilities to merge multi-channel leads to one destination. The team can work in collaboration, from all the emails and calls exchanged with the end-user to complete documentation that can be stored in a single dedicated location allowing you to pull the information at any given point of time. Entire data is displayed as one record, so anyone can easily analyze the data and take their wise decision towards it seamlessly. 

Salesforce in Real Estate – Multiple Problems, One Solution:

From getting in touch with the prospects to the final stage of closing the lead, there are various actions and steps involved. It is extremely important for any type of business to have a well-organized process, identify communication, and establish touchpoints across channels with customers. Moreover, recognize the responsibility and make every individual answerable at each step.

The most essential part is to keep an eye on each step throughout the sales process which can not only help maximize the sales revenue but can also ensure that the organization has the most effective client experience. The Salesforce CRM helps you to connect these multiple dots and bring project management, property management, customer management, inventory management, agent management, quality inspection, and vendor management on to one unified platform.

Agents, brokers, and developers can conveniently track and take care of all clients, their agreements, and concentrate on closing more deals using Salesforce sales automation solution. 

Let’s see how Salesforce can help minimize the pain points that realtors deal with:

Lack of Analytics to Know Potential Customers Better:

Agreed, that the pen and paper mode of analytics and recording is comfortable. But, how suitable is it for your real estate business in the long-term?

Salesforce offers in-built analytics to bring the right data from across millions of data checkpoints to help create a customer persona. Once you know your customers’ needs, you can offer them properties as per their liking and improve your revenue potential.

Fierce Competition and Low Demand:

Low demand in the real estate industry implies that multiple competitors are following one customer and offering competitive prices. The chances of lead conversion are extremely remote.

Salesforce offers a cloud-based storage system, which means your team will be able to carry out operations despite being away from their workstations. Salesforce will encourage prompt response and quick actions, which would eventually lead to enhanced customer experience.

Absence of Streamlined Communication:

The advent of multiple communication channels has, in turn, increased the complexity. Emails, phone calls, WhatsApp, and multiple chats and calling modules are all used to communicate internally as well as with leads and customers.

Salesforce can unify this communication to a single point, which means your team and you are on the same page regarding the follow up of any particular client or lead. Better team collaboration means increased productivity and efficiency.

In a nutshell, Salesforce is a single solution to the above-mentioned pain points and more.

CEPTES is Your Partner in Endeavours:

At CEPTES, we devise custom and ready-to-deploy Salesforce solutions for your real estate business. Our rich experience in delivering excellent Salesforce solutions to real estate businesses helps us dive deep into the problem and offer a precise solution. 

Salesforce isn’t business for us; it is the way of life. Our team constantly works towards evolving Salesforce solutions to be able to offer seamless integration with any real estate business process. We do not believe in the traditional client-vendor relationship; we believe in partnership and mutual growth.