How Salesforce is using AI across its platform

May 28, 2018by Shreshth Tiwari

In an interview during Salesforce World Tour in London this month, the head of the Salesforce Einstein product team discussed how they are using top-notch data science techniques and enable their customers to get best experiences in Salesforce’s SaaS platform.

Since Salesforce has acquired MetaMind and appointed its Founder Richard Socher as the Chief Scientist of the company, the primary objective is to implement intelligent features more into Salesforce’s CRM software. This will provide more access and insights to Salesforce’s customers in the sales, marketing, and customer service domain.

This was the idea behind the Einstein brand which was announced during Dreamforce 2016. Since then, each year Salesforce is introducing innovative groundbreaking features in it’s AI platform. Salesforce’s AI and Machine learning in-charge Marco Casalaine and his team work with all the product teams on each cloud platform within Salesforce – be it Marketing, Sales, Service, Analytics or Commerce, to discover areas where AI could be used to make it better. Salesforce has embraced AI in various platforms as well as in MyEinstein platform, which presents the underlying technology to customers looking for customized deployments.

Customized AI with MyEinstein
MyEinstein represents Salesforce Einstein, which is AI for it’s CRM platform. The objective is to allow customers to develop custom AI models on their Salesforce data to help them predict business outcome and take productive business decisions.

Enterprises can develop smarter, more predictive applications which can leverage their Salesforce data and solve their specific business challenges with MyEinstein. So, without the need for a data scientist, an organization can have AI that is customizable for their business.

Einstein Vision
Now you can harness the power of image recognition to resolve a broad range of specialized use cases by leveraging pre-trained classifiers.

Einstein Object Detection
Train models to identify objects within the images and detect types and numbers of the objects at scale.

Einstein Sentiment
You can now leverage the power of natural language processing to analyze the sentiment of text and classify it as positive, negative, or neutral.

Einstein Intent
Use this fully customizable service to classify the underlying intent in a body of text to understand what customers need across all channels.

Future Roadmap
Customers are expecting a lot from Salesforce AI. AI implementations take longer to roll out than usual features. Currently, Salesforce is working on Einstein prediction builder, which is built on the MyEinstein platform and is aimed at putting predictions right where you are in Salesforce.