How to get the most out of your Sales Cloud implementation?

April 11, 2019by Shreshth Tiwari

In order to supercharge your sales team and make your sales process efficient, you must embrace a powerful CRM. However, integrating any CRM is not always the best option and won’t give you the maximum ROI. You require the best sales automation tool like Sales Cloud, which can help you work smarter by increasing efficiency, accelerating sales productivity, creating a lead pipeline, closing deals faster and making insightful decisions with the help of relevant data.

As a Sales Cloud customer, you’re already finding new customers, delivering real-time information and increasing lead conversions. We all are aware of what Sales Cloud delivers to sales teams and how it is making sales processes mighty efficient. But what if you could get even more results out of the world’s #1 CRM? In this blog, we are going to discuss five key ways you can get the most out of your Sales Cloud implementation.


You can expect the best outcomes when you customize Sales Cloud to perform and sell exactly the way you want. Enterprises who customize their CRM to meet their specific needs witness a competitive edge as they use the best technology and tools sharply aligned with their processes and enable the overall sales process to run more seamlessly. Custom Integrations, custom app development, or creation of a mobile view can help you get the best out of your Sales Cloud investment.


Sales reps use a number of external digital tools to perform various sales jobs. Using multiple tools generate data which are being stored in different places. To simplify the process and to get a comprehensive view of your customer data, Sales Cloud can be integrated with other applications. In order to get the most out of your Sales Cloud implementation, it can be integrated with other ERP, CTI, email, social media, AppExchange solutions, e-commerce platforms, and any other third-party solutions. Salesforce can be integrated with other systems using APIs or Mulesoft Anypoint platform. An integrated Sales Cloud will deliver intelligent and connected customer experiences across various touch points including devices and data.


Many Sales Cloud users still perform various tasks manually, which results in a lot of time consumption. Sales reps can automate most of the processes and spent more time on selling by taking the right actions at the right time with various Sales Cloud workflows and approval automation. Sales reps can also use simple drag-and-drop features to design processes, real-time approvals from within Chatter feeds, automated price approvals and escalations, and much more.


As sales teams highly rely on Sales Cloud for their day-to-day sales tasks, at times they need new customizations and workflows to make their work easy. Your Salesforce developer can perform those customizations in the Sales Cloud. Sales Cloud allows developers, and admins to test any changes in sandboxes before putting them in the main production org. This will ensure the quality and efficiency. You can innovate more with the Sales Cloud.


Sales Cloud implementation & management requires a high level of expertise. If you are looking to make the most of the investment you have done in Sales Cloud, you need to team up with the experts. CEPTES is one of the most preferred Sales Cloud implementation partners for enterprises from varied industries. Our team of Sales Cloud certified consultants offer multiple services to help you implement and manage Sales Cloud effectively, which includes;

  • Secure migration from Sales Cloud in Salesforce Classic to Lightning Sales Cloud
  • Picking the right Sales Cloud edition based on business needs and future goals
  • Sales Cloud customizations and integrations
  • Implementation planning considering IT strategies and potential challenges

Customers see a whopping 37% increase in revenue with a well planned and integrated Sales Cloud in place. Including these five key actions will definitely add more value to your Sales Cloud and rev up your sales numbers. If you want more details on how to put these steps into practice, get in touch with your Sales Cloud experts today!