Increase your Revenue – 5 Points to Discover

October 16, 2017by Admin

The largest tech conference in the world, can also be categorized as a 96-hour marathon of work and entertainment. With almost 170,000-strong melting pot of entrepreneurs, huge sales professionals, engineers, employees, and also some good leaders and technology aficionados, under one single roof there has to be a special agenda.

Among many one of the agenda of this conference is to make the business growth scenario better for Marketers. Let us today discuss about some ideas, which can indeed help marketers to achieve their goal in a less amount of time.

CEPTES also have a must-see list of the top five experiences marketers should have on their radar:

Attend the Marketing Keynote

The aspects of learning all the transformations in data, mobile, and social are indeed impacting the way consumers engage with brands.

Various bigger and renowned companies are responding to all such trends by transforming the biggest consumer engagement across every brand touchpoint. Beginning from marketing to sales, and from commerce to service, every genre will be covered here. It’s time to get inspired, and gain insights to deepen the customer relationships with consumer engagement.

Learn from the latest marketing trends

Whether you are completely focused on the process of customer acquisition, some onboarding campaigns, building complete advocacy with cross-channel engagement at scale, each of them will become an option for you.

You can as well take advantage of the novel innovations that will change the entire way you think about marketing and branding. You can as well keep all those creative juices flowing by simply choosing from an array of style sessions and workshops over the same topic.

The Marketing, Commerce, and Retail Lodge

These brand-new marketing ideas is always said to bring together marketers across various industry — under one single roof. It is also valuable for you to attend hands-on such various workshops to help you get acknowledged with the novel marketing products. In this manner you can mingle with the brightest marketing minds for learning and recharging.

Better Interaction with Product Experts

We think that its high time for you to enjoy the AI platform. If you do not have an idea about how to leverage the power of the same. Whether you are looking for the best practices to play your marketing game with dynamic data driven email marketing, or build up the customer relationship with community marketing, you must put your hands over this platform and begin noticing the change.