Innovative Features Rolled Out in SFMC Release-23

Salesforce’s Spring ’23 Product Release brings exciting enhancements to Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC). The release rolled out in stages, with main Salesforce release dates on January 13, February 3, and February 10. By February 13, 2023, all the new features are generally available to users. 

The latest Marketing Cloud release promises innovative solutions that can lead to higher cost savings, improved efficiency at scale, and the delivery of seamless, personalized experiences to customers. These enhancements aim to empower organizations to achieve success swiftly and effectively, making SFMC a powerful tool for driving business growth and customer satisfaction.

We will discuss about the 5 groundbreaking innovative updates rolled out in the last spring release for Marketing Cloud –

1. Personalized Interaction with Customers by Integrating WhatsApp with SFMC –

Personalized messages through WhatsApp improve customer engagement and foster stronger relationships, leading to increased brand loyalty and retention. Understanding the crucial impact of personalized messaging Salesforce considered and rolled out this exceptional feature during their 23 spring updates. 

The Spring ’23 Product Release introduces WhatsApp-first business messaging, seamlessly integrated with SFMC. This integration allows businesses to leverage WhatsApp for sales, marketing, and customer support, offering a holistic approach to engage customers, enhance brand presence, and improve overall customer experience.

Experience the power of seamless integration between SFMC and WhatsApp, enabling you to effortlessly engage with your customers in lightning-fast, personalized conversations. Whether it’s addressing their inquiries, offering round-the-clock support, or showcasing and selling your products, this integration has got you covered. 

Notable Benefits:

  • Enhance customer engagement by fostering more meaningful interactions and tailor-made conversations
  • Create innovative messaging experiences under the WhatsApp brand to better connect with your target audience
  • Leverage conversational engagement to effectively promote products and boost sales
  • Elevate customer support to new heights by providing greater convenience and reducing wait times
  • Achieve seamless and deeply personalized interactions across sales, service, marketing, and commerce touchpoints
  • Efficiently reach your target audiences with real-time data, facilitating Click-to-WhatsApp ads on Facebook and Instagram
  • Effortlessly deliver your personalized promotions and recommendations on a large scale harnessing the power of AI-driven insights
  • Increase sales conversions with customizable message templates, including emails, and engage customers with personalized one-to-one messaging experiences

2. Using Customer Data Platform Understand your Customer in Real-Time to Serve Better– 

Experience the cutting-edge capabilities of Salesforce’s latest release, empowering you to harness the Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform to personalize every moment and email communication for your target audience. Unleash the full potential of your real-time customer data, as you craft personalized Salesforce email templates and deliver exceptional experiences tailored to each individual customer.

Notable Benefits:

  • Effortlessly integrate and consolidate customer data from various systems, including Salesforce, AppExchange, and partner platforms
  • Empower your marketing efforts with connected and highly personalized customer experiences
  • Gain valuable insights by analyzing cross-channel engagement behaviors, reconciling identities, and establishing a comprehensive, single source of truth for each customer
  • Deliver 1-to-1 personalization and tailored experiences that drive higher conversions
  • Maximize potential by integrating with Marketing Cloud Intelligence for optimized marketing spends and enhanced customer segmentation

Accessing customer data effortlessly enables the creation of intelligent audiences swiftly, facilitating scalable personalization for all engagements, including email, web, and mobile channels. Leverage this data to design and automate personalized advertising campaigns seamlessly.

3. Marketing Cloud Intelligence’s Data Stream Control Center Simplifies Data Stream Management– 

Introducing the Data Stream Control Center, a game-changing feature in the Spring ’23 Product Release of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Marketing Cloud Intelligence. If you handle diverse data types from multiple sources, this is the solution to enhance oversight and transparency over your data estate.

With the Control Center’s centralized dashboard, effortlessly manage SFMC data streams, assess their status, and identify any ingestion issues. Gain actionable insights to monitor data usage, improve data hygiene, and streamline row management. Stay up-to-date with out-of-the-box analytics and daily data freshness insights, all conveniently displayed for today’s data. A powerful tool to optimize your data management and drive better marketing decisions!

Few Notable Benefits:

  • Elevate data management with a centralized dashboard
  • Enhance data hygiene 
  • Optimize your data strategy with all the data available 
  • Access real-time analytics and daily data freshness insights effortlessly

4. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement For Slack- Improving Customer Connection & Team Collaboration- 

Seamlessly integrate Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) with Slack for enhanced customer engagement and streamlined collaboration between marketing and sales teams. Leveraging Salesforce’s Einstein AI engine, Account Engagement enables targeted prospecting and personalized touchpoints to build stronger customer relationships and boost revenues.

When SFMC Account Engagement is connected to Slack, teams receive automatic notifications whenever prospects engage with high-impact content, like filling out a form or downloading a white paper. Custom messages with suggested next steps can be added to facilitate quick follow-ups and increase conversion opportunities. This integration empowers your teams to connect with prospects efficiently and drive meaningful results.

Few Notable Benefits:

  • Enhanced customer engagement through personalized touchpoints
  • Streamlined collaboration between marketing and sales teams
  • Targeted prospecting with Salesforce’s Einstein AI engine
  • Personalized notifications for high-impact prospect engagements
  • Quick follow-ups with custom suggested next steps
  • Efficient connection with prospects for better conversion rates
  • Strengthened customer relationships and increased revenues

5. With Visual Pivot Tables In Marketing Cloud Intelligence get benefitted more of your Marketing Data- 

Discover the power of Marketing Cloud’s comprehensive data platform with the SFMC Spring Release ’23. Marketing Cloud Intelligence introduces visual pivot tables, offering a unified view of your marketing data from multiple perspectives. Validate, aggregate, export, and analyze data effortlessly with an intuitive UI, creating custom reports without the need for query formulas. Uncover valuable insights and visually explore your data like never before with pivot tables.

Few Notable Benefits: 

  • Data Validation: Ensure accurate data loading from the source with easy validation
  • Accurate Aggregation: Confirm correct value aggregation for reliable insights
  • Seamless Export: Export pivot tables locally or schedule reports for convenient access


As organizations embrace these innovative solutions, they are equipped to achieve success swiftly and effectively. The new features are already available, and undoubtedly revolutionize the way marketers engage with their customers, paving the way for a more seamless and personalized marketing journey. 

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