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Simpler Integrations to Deliver Exceptional Experiences

Innovate faster and better with Cloud-Based Integrations for quicker business growth.

End to End Automation

Sit back with automation driving the systems function altogether.

Faster Processes with Boosted Productivity

Seamless technological integrations lead to effective bridging and working between departments. 

Amplify User Experience

With a go-round view of the customer journey, personalize every step of it.

Intelligent Decision Making

Integrations pull in data from everywhere. More data brings more opportunities for more intelligent decisions leading to better optimizations & smoother business. 

Structured & Efficient Pipelining

Speed up your productivity and pipeline everything through integrations.

Easy Third-Party Integration

Integrate Salesforce solutions with third-party apps to optimize better any business or development process. 

Salesforce Integration Cloud for a Cut Above Innovation Process

With seamless integration of the complex solution in less time, innovate faster and better.

Out of the Box Unique Integrations

Through Salesforce Integrations, connect different applications like CRM, ERP, and more into a single unit.

Integration Builder

Get a bird’s eye view of the customers in one place, create a guided platform for viewing the entire customer profile on a single screen. 

Integration Platform

Escalate enterprise-level applications for data, processes, and devices into an extensive network for effective communication from anywhere to everywhere.

Integration Experience

Team up with the Salesforce customer data to create innovative, personalized, and coherent customer experiences. Cross-sell & up-sell better while building stronger relationships with customers.



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CEPTES has transformed businesses 3X by integrating some of their critical business processes into a scalable path with Integration Cloud's power.

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