Is Salesforce Admin a Good Choice for my Career?

Salesforce Admins- The Gatekeepers of a Company’s Salesforce Endeavors

The unprecedented times of the global pandemic have altered the landscape of the job market. As a result, many people were laid off while some switched their careers. The pandemic has eventually amplified the desire for a stable, secure job with simultaneous growth within individuals.

Individuals are eyeing the most in-demand skills in 2021: Salesforce Skills. The demand for Salesforce professionals is on the rise with companies moving towards digital transformation.  You may think “Oh! I need to learn coding first to grab a Salesforce job.” Nah! Not all salesforce jobs require a knowledge of coding. One such “no coding required” sought-after job is Salesforce Admin.

If you are from a non- IT background, you still can have an excellent career as a Salesforce Admin.


Let us guide you through the story of our colleague Shaikh Saifullah:


Hello folks, I’m Shaikh Saifullah here working in CEPTES Software Pvt Ltd company as an Associate Consultant-Software Engineer. 

After graduation, I was hunting for a job. In that course of time, I saw a lightning surge in the scope of Cloud Computing. With my growing interest in this field, and after thorough research, I decided to pursue my career in the Salesforce ecosystem. 

After an initial experience, I was looking for a company where I get more opportunities and freedom to manage different processes and where I can groom myself better as a Salesforce professional. So, recently I joined CEPTES Software Pvt Ltd company.

Initially, I faced many challenges, but with the right mentorship and support from seniors and colleagues, I overcame every bit of the challenge. All my individual needs as an employee were taken care of by my forward-thinking managers, which elevated my work performance as well as boosted my morale. 

For budding Salesforce admins, I want to say that the Salesforce ecosystem is the best for anyone to start and build a career in, no matter even if you are from a non-IT background. First and foremost, you should focus on the Admin part, then slowly & steadily you can learn Apex and get hands-on experience and can dive into the full-fledged development part as well.”


The Positive Work Environment At CEPTES Engenders More On-The-Job Confidence.

 How a Day in the Life of a Salesforce Admin Looks Like?

Being in a functional role, Salesforce Admin is responsible mainly for User management, development, and customizations. They work with stakeholders to outline requirements and customize the platform. 

Their day starts with reviewing database performance, running diagnostic tests, and duplicate entry cleansing.

They spend their mid-mornings customizing and upgrading salesforce systems for improved integration.

Evenings are spent on building and reviewing reports and dashboards to ensure efficient functioning of departments as well as keeping a tab on user and object management.


Salesforce Administrator Is Simply the One Who Enables Users to Get the Best Out of Salesforce.


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So now that we have talked about what a Salesforce admin does, you might have some questions about how to become one. Let’s discuss them one by one: 


Is there any Certification for the Administrator? 

Yes, there is. It is known as the Salesforce Admin certification (ADM-201). 


Is it compulsory to have the Certification to start my career as an Administrator?

 No, Certification isn’t mandatory to start working as an Administrator. Start learning the basics of Salesforce and practice more for you to gain a deep understanding of the platform.


Can I switch as a Salesforce Developer if I Start My Career as a Salesforce Admin?  

Well, it’s recommended that you learn Salesforce as an Administrator before becoming a developer. 

So yes, you can switch to being a developer.


How do I start or upskill my learning about Salesforce Admin?

Since Salesforce releases new updates every four months, we recommend you to follow the following sources to learn and upskill. 

YouTube Channel- Salesforce Apex hours

For further upskilling, you can go for the Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certification. 



Do you live with the uncertainty of employment? Want to change to a stable job in a fast-growing field? Then Salesforce Admin is your door to a highly growing field with a scope of fast-paced growth. At CEPTES, we have developed a learning-mentoring hybrid model for our employees to be a learner and implementer. We are looking for highly enthusiastic individuals for our amazing team. Explore our careers page and join our fantastic team.