Light Weight Any Point Integration Connector

Provides declarative, no-code, end-user friendly, reusable any point integration connector.

“Connect Salesforce with an External Cloud-Based

Solution or Service Directly or Indirectly.”

Integration Connector for Any 3rd Party External Service

A gateway to connect Salesforce (inbound/outbound) to any external system without coding.


LwAPIC helps in both inbound and outbound integration of Salesforce with any external service without any coding. Thus, light-weighting any point integration. Moreover, you can automate your entire business process using Flow Builder and Process Builder using LwAPIC.

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See LwAPIC in action

Strategies for Account-Based Marketing (ABM) with Salesforce

How does it work?

Install the app in your organization
Create an integration channel
Start using it via Flow, Process Builder, and Apex

Use Cases

Whether you run a small, mid-tier, or a large scale enterprise or want to automate your routine tasks, we can help you.

Here’s how LwAPIC can help you every day.


Automate your banking system with LwAPIC and make your customer experience more efficient.

Social Media

Easily track the performance of your Social Media in real-time. Now you can start monitoring comments, mentions, photos, and the list goes on. LwAPIC allows you to master your social media game through the integration of social media channels with Salesforce.


Use LwAPIC to measure your marketing efforts by automation of your marketing streams and better monitoring your campaigns.

Get These Amazing Features for Any Plans

Integration Chaining- Trigger another integration based on the output of 1st integration
Supports Sync and Asynchronous (schedule) callout
Supports webhook and email hook
Extend with custom Apex classes for complex integration
Integrate with AWS API Gateway, Lambda, Google Functions, Zapier, and Integromat endpoints in minutes

Unleash the Power of Admin & Business Friendly Integration Connector