Do you want to send Text/WhatsApp messages from Salesforce?

360 SMS is a one-stop text messaging solution for Salesforce. The app empowers users to communicate effectively with customers and business partners, allows marketers and sales users to batch text, and enables administrators to automate triggered text messages and even automate the responses.


Available in 159 countries and multi-language compatible. Contact us today for a Free Trial, Phone Number & Texting Credits.

Core Features

  • Automated/Triggered Texting
  • Batch Texting (Bulk SMS)
  • SMS Templates
  • Conversational 1-on-1 Texting
  • Email Alerts on Incoming SMS
  • Hyperlink Click Tracking

360 SMS APP Features

Common use cases

  • Recruiting, Mortgage, Insurance, Drip Campaigns, Surveys
  • Lead Capture/Qualification, On-Site Service technician alerts
  • Case Management, Service Console