myTrailhead, a customizable training platform is now globally available

March 7, 2019by Shreshth Tiwari

During the Salesforce World Tour in Sydney, Salesforce has announced the official availability of their customizable training platform myTrailhead for companies. Ever since Salesforce introduced Trailhead, it has been the biggest source of learning Salesforce skills for millions around the globe. myTrailhead is a similar platform which allows a company to create customizable training materials for their employees following the same Trailhead approach. Salesforce first announced this idea back during Dreamforce 2017, and after testing it with several customers including themselves for a year in 2018, finally, they made it generally available.

While Trailhead is about learning various Salesforce skills, myTrailhead follows the same approach and offers the same features by providing online learning modules including videos, presentations, and also badges, titles, and mini-certifications. Companies can use their own content based on their own culture, approach, models etc. as well as can use Trailhead content. While the content of myTrailhead can be accessed through desktop and mobile, it also covers employee onboarding, sales enablement, customer service training, re-skilling and up-skilling with a huge library of over 500 modules including latest tech skills such as Blockchain and soft skills like Equality at Work.

myTrailhead has an analytics component that allows managers to have a comprehensive view of their employees’ status on the platform through Trail Tracker that assigns, tracks and reports employee learning status. This will allow a company to understand how well their employees are doing as they move through a learning track or recognize when employees have updated their skill sets.

myTrailhead theme is based on a gamified approach where users have to go through various quizzes to reinforce the modules and awarded badges after successfully completing modules and earn titles like Ranger just like Trailhead. This will initiate a healthy competition within the company and also help employees acquire new skills. While one can continue learning various Salesforce skills in myTrailhead, customization will allow employees to learn the skills required for their specific domain as well as an opportunity to learn their own company culture. On the top of Trailhead modules and content, companies can add their customized content which will make myTrailhead a highly effective & robust digital training tool.

myTrailhead is currently priced at $25 per user, per month, and comes as an add-on to any Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, or Platform license in Enterprise Edition or above.


Source: Salesforce