Now enhance your customer relationships with Salesforce Einstein AI and Analytics

July 17, 2017by Admin

Salesforce’s Einstein AI platform: What you need to know? 

Many organization has found an answer to this question. In fact, it is true that most of the organizations these days knows the beneficial aspects of  Einstein AI platform, but very few people know about the recently introduced Field Service Lightning by Einstein AI and Analytics.

Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, has launched Einstein AI and Analytics for Field Service Lightning. This is done to empower companies to deliver better on-site customer experience. Field Service Lightning is designed in such a manner that it now brings together the insights and the mobile intelligence workers need. This would ultimately increase the productivity, boost the on-site efficiency and also drive revenue.

It is true that the Salesforce Service Cloud has indeed redefined the entire customer service across every major technological shift – this involves the cloud, social, mobile, messaging and more. Now with the introduction of Field Service Lightning, Salesforce has extended the power of Service Cloud to even create a full-service platform for all the managers, dispatchers and mobile workers. Hence, now you can enhance your customer relationships with Salesforce Einstein AI.

The Field Service Lightning Brings Insights and On-site:

With three novel innovations, Field Service Lightning has enabled every organization—managers, dispatchers and even the mobile workers—to move with speed and efficiency. These innovations include the following:

Einstein Vision for Field Service:

The Einstein Vision for Field Service is designed to harnesses the power of the artificial intelligence to bring the aspect of image recognition to field service. Companies indeed can leverage trained image classifiers – to handle a broad range of specific image-recognition use cases. For instance, with all the similar looking parts and even serial numbers, the dishwasher repairs often gets complex. Now a dishwasher repairer, who has to replace a water inlet valve can just take a picture of the valve, and the Einstein Vision for Field Service will instantly recognize the exact product type – hence, saving time for the customer and the company.

Equipment and Inventory Management:

The Equipment and Inventory Management is designed to leverage scheduling automation. This is done to ensure the right work crew, and the specific equipment is always in place. Managers and dispatchers are indeed able to send technicians into the field with confidence, with the knowledge that they are armed with the equipment and knowledge to complete the job during the first visit. For instance, a cable company dispatcher can utilize Equipment and Inventory Management to see which technician is closest to the customer and is equipped with the right cable wire to get the set up done successfully.

The Field Service Analytics:

Field Service Analytics provides actionable insights to all managers so that they can improve the overall productivity throughout their mobile workforce. These Service managers can now integrate all the data into one simple application for a complete view of the mobile workforce. And then, they can take the right mode of action from their dashboards. For instance, a service manager at a medical device company can immediately see that several of her technicians are in fact struggling to install an EKG machine. Hence, enabling her to identify the classes and set up times for them to shadow the senior professionals and get the job done perfectly.