Pardot Users saw an average 40% increase in Sales Revenue with Marketing Automation.

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Smart Marketing Automation on the #1 CRM Platform
Pardot gives a full suite of tools helping marketers to create meaningful connections empowering sales to close deals more than before.
Intelligent Marketing is Here
With a strong understanding of each step from click to close, generate more leads and progress them quickly through the pipeline.
Align Your Marketing and Sales All in One Place
When marketing and sales are in sync, you can sell more effectively.

Start Right Conversation with the Right Lead at the Right Time

The Finest Marketing Automation Your Business Needs

Intuitive Campaign Set Up
Create and execute striking marketing campaigns from scratch with Pardot’s intuitive interface.
Lead Management
Aggregate and segregate your leads in line with their priority levels.
Sales Alignment
Centralize your entire sales and automate to optimize.
Email Marketing Set-Up
Autopilot your email marketing with Salesforce Pardot to deliver exceptional results.
Engagement Studio
Build organic and relevant relationships with your customers through Engagement Studio instantly.
Insightful Analytics
Grab & analyze data and layout actionable plans with one of the most powerful consumer analytics.
Integrated AI
With integrated Artificial Intelligence, smoothen navigational experience and give intuitive suggestions.
Landing Pages and Forums
Marketize better with thoroughly impacting landing pages, engaging forums, and many more.
Closed-Loop Reporting
Track your visitors during steer clearing of lead leakage with closed-loop reporting.


Numbers Don't Lie

CEPTES has empowered businesses 3X to build a digital ecosystem of their own with the Salesforce Platform’s Power.

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