Reliving the Magic: Our Top Moments from Salesforce World Tour Sydney

March 2, 2023by Deeshna C

It’s done and dusted! Salesforce World Tour Sydney wrapped up on a high note. Seeing the huge potential of the crowd at the event, we can’t leave untold the fact that the World Tour Sydney is worth all the efforts. Because we witnessed how the future begins from here!

We kid you not: team DataArchiva dived into the pool of an incredibly energetic crowd at ICC Sydney. We met Trailblazers who brought big ideas along with big names down under. We connected, hosted, learned, and had fun. We repeat, Salesforce Tour is not just an event, it’s a can’t-miss experience that we’ve been waiting for so long!

Here are a few major highlights from the day that we will cherish forever:

  • Stepping into the Venue as Proud Platinum Sponsor 

It was a fabulous experience to blaze our way as a Platinum Sponsor of one of the top Salesforce events. DataArchiva was all there in the picture as a partner who is also an innovator and change-maker! More than having featured alongside some big-wigs, we consider our Platinum Sponsorship as a big milestone that sets our value far apart.


  • Hosting a Customer Success Session that Hit it Out of the Park

Team DataArchiva kickstarted the much-awaited customer success session at World Tour Sydney. Starting at 9:30 AM at Partner Theatre 1, we hosted a great number of Trailblazers, who joined us to unlock the magic of A Next-Gen Data Management Strategy in Salesforce. Ratish Kumar (AVP, DataArchiva) and Barun Kumar (AVP, DataArchiva), took the stage and expounded on how DataArchiva can elevate the data management experience in Salesforce with the exceptional capabilities of its data archiving and backup applications. We received an overwhelming response from the audience as they interacted with us throughout the session and showed interest in learning more about our products.  

  • Presenting an Outstanding Demo at World Tour Sydney Demo Jam

We knocked out the Trailblazers with an exceptional demo of DataArchiva. Having an enthusiastic group joined to witness the battle of product demos at Campground, our data experts Harish Kumar (CEO, DataArchiva) and Sambit Samanta (Principal Consultant, DataArchiva) were also full of beans to participate in the Demo Jam. As they presented a short demo of our flagship product DataArchiva, we heard huge audience applause, which marked victory in our hearts. Truly, we were the star of the show!

  • Seeing DataArchiva’s Booth Turns to be a Massive Crowd-Puller

We hosted a horde of the crowd at our Platinum Sponsor booth. Some wanted to know about our data archiving applications, some came with queries about our backup application, and some visited us to get a hold of XfilesPro’s file management and document generation apps for Salesforce. We heard about all their data and file management challenges and have shown them how our superior applications can streamline their workflow within Salesforce. Most of them left with a promise that they would connect with us once again! What else could we ask for?

  • Networking with Like-Minded Trailblazers 

As we wandered through the bustling halls of World Tour Sydney, we couldn’t help but be swept away by the electrifying energy of the change makers we met. With every passing moment, our minds were opened to new ideas, and our hearts were filled with inspiration. Over cups of steaming coffee and plates of delicious food, we were privileged to engage in thought-provoking conversations with some of today’s most innovative minds. As we listened to their stories, we could foresee what the future would look like. 

Final Thoughts

World Tour Sydney was a breathtaking adventure that catapulted us into the future, leaving us spellbound and grateful for the opportunity to shine as a Platinum Sponsor. As we showcased our superior products to the world, the Salesforce event gifted us a gateway to infinite possibilities. As we depart from the World Tour Sydney, we carry with us a sense of awe and inspiration, fueling our passion for the future. 

So, until next time, see you, World Tour Sydney!


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