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Transform Sales & Sales Operations with Salesforce Sales Cloud 

What Ceptes has to offer :

  • Sales cloud implementation in just 4 weeks
  • 100% money-back guarantee for exceeded timeline
25% Increase in Pipeline
40% Increase in Sales Productivity
50% Increase in Forecast Accuracy
30% Increase in Revenue

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Empower your team with the experience of cloud technology and digitization


Rishab Koshy

~ Rishab Koshy, Veritas Logistics

Veritas Sales

“The team is extremely diligent with understanding. They took care of our requirements and were excellent with their follow ups. Special praise for Neelam and Vipula.”

~ Sunil Kumar, Equibiz

Equibiz Sales Process

“Very good experience in terms of maintaining the timeliness of the project and also the continuous engagement during the development process which leave little scope of error.”

Sunil Kumat-5C Network

~ Sunil Kumar, 5C Network

Sales Process

“Entire Ceptes team really helped us with the Salesforce Implementation and they were available for us throughout the process. We are going to give another project “Service Cloud” Implementation to the same team.”

Balaji VN

~ Balaji VN, VelanIT

Sales Cloud Implementation

“Quality work & quick project delivery, CEPTES has continuously demonstrated a high level of Salesforce platform expertise & offered unmatched service excellence.”

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