Salesforce Acquires Evergage

February 5, 2020by Shreshth Tiwari

In its first major acquisition of 2020, Salesforce has acquired Evergage, a personalization and customer data platform (CDP) in an undisclosed amount. In Evergage’s company website, their CEO and Co-founder Karl Wirth announced the Salesforce deal through a blog post. 

Integrating in-depth behavioral analytics & advanced machine learning with data from multiple sources, Evergage offers a platform, using which you can build a single, comprehensive view of every customer and prospects in order to deliver real-time, relevant & personalized experiences across various touchpoints including web, email, mobile, ad tech, social, call-center and more. Evergage has been named as a leader in various Marketing personalization categories. Last year, Evergage introduced a tool called Evergage Gears to help brands use connectors and extensions to integrate with the Evergage platform.

At Connections’19, Salesforce has announced the addition of the Customer Data Platform (CDP) to reinforce its Customer 360 which will enable companies to unify their customer data from all the sources to get a ‘single integrated view’ of each customer & prompt personalized engagements. 

Evergage is one of the very few companies that bring in the power of personalization into the CDP. With Evergage’s cross-channel personalization and machine learning capabilities, Salesforce is looking to empower it’s Marketing Cloud customers with the ability to deliver relevant customer experiences across the buyer’s journey. Apart from this, Evergage’s AI & Machine Learning will integrate with Salesforce Einstein AI to boost CRM’s AI capabilities.

Keeping in mind the critical role that data plays in today’s business world & decision making, enterprises are swiftly shifting towards technologies such as AI, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics. The Salesforce-Evergage duo will offer a powerful platform to enterprises that are looking to fetch actionable insights from behavioral data. 

For now, Salesforce has kept Evergage as a separate application and integrate it with the Salesforce platform using APIs. We are living in a world of personalized customer experience, where brands have to think about how to leverage data with customer journeys. 

*source: Evergage, Salesforce

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