Salesforce and Power BI: Analyze Your Data in Minutes

June 28, 2021by Ananya Mohapatra

Salesforce and the integration of Power BI are one of the most demanding tools for any sales organization or the business intelligence team. 

Enterprises often use the Power BI to visualize their entire Salesforce data and tap into additional data sources.

In just a few clicks, you can build a connection between Salesforce data and Power BI. Within a matter of a few minutes, you could visually analyze your data.

Why View Salesforce Data through Power BI?

Power BI helps to analyze business data for sharing insights with rich visualizations. It also offers a desktop version as well as a cloud version. For extensive data exploration and further advanced stuff, you would need the desktop version. Power BI Cloud-based gives an easier way for creating different dashboards.



It is also one of the best options for the marketer as well as for accounting power users.

Salesforce is known as the backbone for sales efforts. To scrutinize data in Power BI, you would find everything sits behind Salesforce’s API.

To obtain data from your Salesforce API to the Power BI, you need to gather data that includes the standard Salesforce Objects such as Leads, Opportunities, 

Accounts, and Contacts accompanying the custom objects.

Obtaining such kinds of data into Power BI can have many advantages as it combines sales data along with different sources like billing or support or checks specific sales KPIs which are relevant and are making sense for an organization.

Connecting the Two Platforms

Visualizing the data of your business and sales can help your organization grow in no time. Viewing business data with Salesforce KPIs enables you to focus on better promising opportunities, understanding the pipeline health, and campaigns or related channels with a specific number.



Although visualizing the data alone will not be enough. You also need actionable insightful metrics allowing you to understand particular questions.

All of These Would Help You to-

  • To understand what to focus on and help you for making better decisions
  • Throw a light on the various angles of the sales process helping you in identifying specific trends
  • Gives you an idea on which customers are giving profits to your business
  • Improves the communication among the internal teams

How to Connect Them?

To have a powerful and unified view across your entire customer data can be done in a three-step process.

  • Pull data from the Salesforce
  • Load Salesforce data in a centralized place for accessibility with Power BI
  • Create the Salesforce Power BI dashboards and analyze data in minutes


With Power BI, it can turn your Salesforce data into beautiful dashboards in just a matter of a few minutes. It’s a new analytics experience for business users. You can effortlessly combine and visualize your entire data. You can push your business further and get to know the spot trends immediately. Getting Salesforce data out of Power BI is not easy and rather could be a mundane task for you. At CEPTES, we help enterprises by effortlessly integrating Salesforce and Power BI to receive powerful insights. To know more, connect with us. We would love to associate with you.