5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Starting A Salesforce Career

September 14, 2022by Sindhu M

In a short time, Salesforce development has evolved into the most demanding service in the IT world. As a result, Salesforce developer has become a high-paying IT job with much room for growth. It also allows individuals to put their talents to the test and demonstrate them, ensuring job satisfaction. 

According to market research, the typical Salesforce developer salary in the United States is $120,000 per year or $61.54 per hour. Starting salaries for entry-level positions start at $100,000 per year, with most skilled professionals getting up to $150,000.

This guide is a must-read for anyone interested in becoming a renowned Salesforce developer.

Also, this guide will assist you in determining the best path to your goals. We’ll also go through the top mistakes every Salesforce developer should avoid when starting their career.

Salesforce developers: A quick overview

Salesforce Developers are accountable for overseeing and enhancing the technical aspects of an organization’s Salesforce instance to assist the organization in achieving its specific business goals through unique Salesforce development. Salesforce developers often use three core technologies, including: 

  • Apex
  • Visual force
  • Lightning component framework

Salesforce developers use Salesforce’s robust CRM platform to manage various tasks. They can build plans and deploy specific software solutions for businesses by meeting with department heads and project managers.

These Salesforce developers can develop and maintain useful apps and software, including employees and clients. They’ll also combine third-party suites and native software that the organization already uses. 

Below are the key roles and responsibilities of Salesforce developers, which every organization expects or looking for:-

  • Custom Salesforce development.
  • Make project timelines and development planning.
  • Application functioning is tested, troubleshot, and maintained.
  • Creating documentation for Salesforce employees and serving as a knowledge resource.
  • Work in an Agile development environment.
  • Collaborate with the Salesforce team regularly to better grasp the scope of technological limits and solutions.
  • Create code that is both clean and functional.
  • Create software that can handle a large volume of requests. 
  • Working with customer-facing interfaces is a plus.
  • Expertise in Salesforce CRM development.
  • MYSQL, Apex, JavaScript, Native, and VisualForce are all skills must-have.
  • MavensMate or Eclipse experience is a plus. 

The overview and roles & responsibilities for Salesforce developers areas you’ve seen. Now, let’s move forward and discuss, 

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Top mistakes every Salesforce developer must avoid

Here are the critical mistakes that every Salesforce developer must avoid:

#1. Never depend on many resources

Salesforce developers frequently do this to learn as much as they can about the stuff available on the Internet. However, they must recognize that not all resources are trustworthy or provide high-quality information. Some people may take you down a path that isn’t worthwhile. Only a few websites offer helpful Salesforce development tips and discussions. 

#2. Not taking requirements seriously

As they don’t fully comprehend the requirements, Salesforce developers overlook critical steps. Every project has its own requirements, and a lack of understanding can lead to future mistakes.

One of the most critical things you can do is look over the Salesforce development documentation and plan as often as possible. When clients anticipate a one-of-a-kind result, Salesforce developers must deliver.

It’s also crucial to verify and validate the customer’s requirements. Regular progress communication is critical at every level of the development cycle to ensure that the requirements are on a relatively similar page. 

#3. Not following the trends 

Keeping up with new resources and developments in the developing sector can be challenging. As a result, maintaining consistency in programming processes is critical. Additionally, use the most recent libraries, implementations, and technical advancements. 

Salesforce developer career

#4. More focus design part instead of the development part

Experts in Salesforce development make the technical mistake of obsessing about the software’s design. While aesthetics are important, functionality is critical. However, in a rush to attract their first clients, developers overlook the importance of fully functional software.

The functionality of the software should take precedence over its appearance. The features supersede the appearance. The goal should be to create user-friendly software with a good design and navigation system.

The most critical component in ensuring a positive user experience is utility. Clients are more interested in software that can assist them in solving problems than visually appealing software.

#5. Establishing data types and fields inappropriately

There are multiple data types in Salesforce that store various kinds of information. Text fields, lookup values, and picklist fields are common examples. It’s critical to select the appropriate data types. If done wrong, however, it might result in data loss because all of the records stored incorrectly are destroyed.

This problem can also occur when creating custom objects; therefore, ensure you know what type of object your database table will be before employing any Salesforce automated function. 

Salesforce developers


Salesforce developers are currently at the centre of attention. By avoiding the mistakes mentioned above during the Salesforce development process, Salesforce developers are more likely to accomplish the desired results.

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