Developer Story – Shubham Pathak

March 28, 2022by Sindhu M


“Self-belief and Hard Work will always earn you success.”


Our colleague, Shubham Kumar Pathak, is the living epitome of the above-phrase quote. His dedication has led to his exceptional success in the Salesforce ecosystem. And CTU (CEPTES Technopreneur University) is the platform that escalated his Salesforce career.

But how did it happen? How did Shubham, a freshman at Salesforce, become an established Salesforce Developer? 

Shubham shares his journey, “I was a fresher who just completed his MCA. I came across CTU, and I enrolled in the program. That’s how my exciting Salesforce journey started. 

The best part about CTU is that you get hands-on experience with everything. You know when you start doing practical implementation that’s where things get interesting. With CTU, I’ve been assigned several live projects, which have served as a great source of knowledge development for me. 


After having a good first-hand implementation experience, I am confident that I can handle any backend issues.


Currently, I am working on one of CEPTES’ biggest projects, “200OK”. I am learning so many new things on this project. 

My Salesforce vision is clear ” I aspire to be a Salesforce Architect“. I have set a timeline of 4 yrs. for achieving this goal. I am already preparing for PD1 (Platform Developer 1) certification. I am giving my best and I’ll definitely achieve that goal.

I really want to thank Chandan sir, Deepam sir, and Priya sir for passing me their profound Salesforce knowledge and for always being there for me. 

I am so grateful to CEPTES for coming up with the CTU initiative. CTU training has changed me and improved my coding skills. 


CTU is the best platform for aspiring trailblazers to start their Salesforce careers.”


CEPTES Technopreneur University (CTU) is a Purpose Beyond Profit initiative by CEPTES to bring new talent to the Salesforce Ecosystem. 

Salesforce-specific skills are in high demand today. CTU is a distinct initiative by CEPTES to bring aspiring trailblazers into the Salesforce ecosystem and assist enterprises in hiring talented Salesforce professionals.


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