Salesforce Essentials Introduced new Social Media Integrations to help SMBs reach customers

July 26, 2019by Shreshth Tiwari

Salesforce has announced its new enhancements in its small business solution Salesforce Essentials which will help SMBs to communicate and engage directly with their customers. The new features include integrations with social media channels like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and YouTube as well as new chat and phone services. Salesforce introduced Salesforce Essentials in 2017 for small business, using which SMBs can accelerate their growth in the world’s #1 CRM platform with customized sales and service apps. 

Today’s business world is highly connected and social media channels are playing a pivotal role in it. Customers are into Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube like never before and prefer interacting with the service providers using various social platforms. What they expect are instant communication and personalized service. This is an opportunity for small businesses to reach & engage thousands of their potential customers and offer them personalized service. However, it is a challenge for SMBs to offer the best experience and personalized service across multiple social media platforms with their limited available resources. But, with these new additions in their Essentials platform, Salesforce enables SMBs the ability to engage with their customers across various social platforms.

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Using the recent features, Salesforce Essentials customers can offer enterprise-level sales and service experience to their customers. The new features include;

A seamless conversation across social channels – Facebook Messenger, Instagram, YouTube

Small businesses can now have real-time conversations with their customers over Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and YouTube. When a customer connects with a query with the service provider through Facebook Messenger, the message will automatically go to a service agent who can have a real-time conversation with the customer right within the Salesforce platform. Facebook Messenger and chat are generally available now. Every Salesforce Essentials organization includes 1 license. Additional licenses can be purchased at $15 per user, per month. In Instagram & YouTube, when a customer makes a comment, a sales rep or service agent will automatically get a notification. They can immediately act and respond from their Salesforce system. Instagram and YouTube are generally available now. Both are included in Salesforce Essentials at $25 per user, per month.

Real-time Chat 

Small businesses can now add a Salesforce chat widget to their website. Service agents can manage multiple customer chat conversations simultaneously right from their Salesforce system. Service agents can have a complete view of the customer including previous interactions, purchase history, sales opportunities, and other relevant information. This will help them offer personalized service so that they can close deals faster. 

Lightning Dialer

Now small business service agents can make and receive customer calls using Lightning Dialer for Essentials, which is an innovative call center solution built right within the Salesforce platform. When an agent makes or receives a customer call, a pop-up will immediately appear with all the customer information. This will help them offer personalized service quickly. Calls will be automatically logged-into the contact and account activity history of Salesforce which will eliminate manual data entry and save time without any customer information being missed. Lightning Dialer for Essentials is generally available today in the U.S. and Canada at $2 per 100 minutes.

Salesforce is offering its small business customers simple walkthroughs within the Salesforce Essentials product so that they can seamlessly set-up these features. The walkthroughs include guided overviews on key channels like Facebook Messenger, Real-time Chat and Lightning Dialer. Essentials coaches in the U.S. & Canada are also helping their customers with 90 days of support post-purchase with a 1:1 live chat for set-up. 

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