Salesforce Introduced Lightning Order Management

October 14, 2019by Shreshth Tiwari

Product innovation is something that sets Salesforce apart. After announcing Manufacturing Cloud & Consumer Goods Cloud last month, Salesforce has launched its own Lightning Order Management System to enable brands to deliver end-to-end commerce experience spanning from shopping to shipping. 

E-commerce has changed over the years with an increased number of players as well as huge customer adoption. However, customer expectations have also raised up. Along with quick and seamless delivery, customers want best-in-class experience. This experience includes connected communication. Customers want brands to update them everything related to their order status – when it will ship, when it will reach the nearest hub, when the delivery agent will be assigned, when to be delivered, and how to return or exchange, etc. 

It may sound simple with the help of an integrated solution, but this is a huge challenge for a brand to deliver. Brands used to integrate multiple systems such as their E-commerce platform, customer service, financial systems, logistics, third-party delivery agencies, etc. The integration of all these systems works as a legacy order management system. However, these siloed systems can’t meet today’s commerce needs or customer expectations. 

Salesforce Lightning Order Management

In order to help brands integrate their commerce, customer service, order fulfillment, logistics, and other related departments together in order to provide a hassle-free shopping experience that modern customers demand, Salesforce has introduced an end-to-end order management system. Built on the Salesforce Lightning Platform, the solution is modern and highly customer-centric. Lightning Order Management System extends Commerce Cloud and allows brands to offer highly efficient, personalized and quick order fulfillment along with real-time inventory reports, order updates, and simple return process. Let’s have a look at some of the capabilities;

Order Lifecycle Management

With Lightning Order Management, brands can manage the complete order lifecycle from shopping to shipping and delivery to return/exchange from a single integrated system. This also includes processing and fulfilling orders based on multiple product types, fulfillment locations, shipping carriers, and partial shipments. 

Integrated Commerce & Service Experience

Brands can have a seamless & unified view of each of their customers across Commerce Cloud & Service Cloud along with a history of their purchase and service interactions. This will help them deliver fast and personalized service. Brands can also drive self-service for customers which will allow them to check order status, cancellation, returns, and exchanges. 

Visual Order Workflows

Innovative drag-and-drop workflows will help brands to make various processes including shipping, customer service, financial transactions and updates, delivery status, return status and more easy and simple. Powered with branching logic, iteration loops, data updates, and external system integrations, Visual Order Workflows allows brands to deliver a world-class experience to their customers with the help of few simple clicks. 

Salesforce has been a leader in both commerce and service with more than half a billion shoppers use Commerce Cloud every month and 77 million case interactions processed by Service Cloud every day. With the new Lightning Order Management, Salesforce customers are equipped with a flexible, and scalable solution to deliver an innovative and fast customer experience. Lightning Order Management is currently in pilot and will be generally available on February 2020. 

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*Source: Salesforce