Salesforce Introduces Einstein Analytics for Financial Services

May 15, 2019by Shreshth Tiwari

Salesforce has recently introduced Einstein Analytics for Financial Services. With this, financial service professionals like wealth advisors, retail bankers and managers can instantly access customized, data-driven insights and deliver personalized recommendations to their customers.

Banking and financial service providers have been facing tough challenges related to a rapidly shifting industry landscape as well as extensive competitions from various fintech companies. Customer demands have progressed significantly and they expect that the majority of their financial transactions to be digital. Bankers and wealth managers were under relentless pressure to deliver smart and high-class customer experiences across various touchpoints. Lack of technological exposure and robust systems often make them grapple to collect and integrate all their customer data from various systems. Salesforce understood that financial service providers need to offer intelligent services to meet customer’s growing demands including speed and personalization.

Einstein Analytics for Financial Services

Salesforce offers Financial Services Cloud that offers a customized CRM experience for financial institutions. Now, Salesforce has included Einstein Analytics for Financial Services, using which retail bankers and wealth managers can have access to AI-powered insights and recommendations specifically tailored to meet today’s customer expectations. By integrating data from Financial Services Cloud and other sources, users can quickly access actionable insights to personalize their service.

Einstein Analytics for Financial Services includes various features like Actionable insights powered by AI, Built-in industry dashboards, Customizable platform to analyze external data, and Built-in compliance with industry regulations. Actionable insights powered by AI will help financial professionals with predictive guidance and recommended actions. Pre-built industry-specific templates will help financial advisors use analytics, all by themselves. With the help of Customizable platform, users can quickly and easily build custom analytics apps and connect to external data sources to get a full view of their book of business to better understand their customers’ financial goals and needs. And most importantly the Built-in compliance feature ensures that all data is hosted in a trusted, secure and compliant cloud-based platform.

Commenting on this, Rohit Mahna, SVP and GM, Salesforce Financial Services said: “Artificial intelligence is the modern-day gold rush of the financial services industry, and those that get in early will reap the rewards of this next wave of innovation.”

Einstein Analytics for Financial Services is generally available and priced at $150 per user per month as an add-on to Financial Services Cloud.

Read the complete Salesforce press release here.