Salesforce Introduces New Developer Tools just before the TrailheaDX 2020

June 24, 2020by Shreshth Tiwari

The first-ever virtual TrailheaDX is here & as awaited Salesforce has introduced some new developer tools to build, scale, and ship apps faster on the top of the Salesforce platform. TrailheaDX which is considered as the biggest developer event is all set to go live on 25th June. 

The ongoing global pandemic has not only impacted human beings but also businesses and communities. In order to sustain and succeed in business, enterprises have fast-tracked their digital transformation initiatives. Salesforce as a platform has helped thousands of companies of different types & sizes transform their business in the digital era. The ability to build, scale, and ship apps faster was never this imperative before. In order to help businesses build apps faster to adapt to the new normal which is remote working, Salesforce has introduced some new tools to streamline processes and mitigate time along with the flexibility to build apps tailored for specific business needs. 

Recently Salesforce introduced three new innovations for developers – Code Builder, Salesforce Functions & DevOps Center. 

Code Builder: Build Apps Faster from Anywhere

Built on Microsoft’s Visual Studio Codespaces, Code Builder is a web-based developer instance optimized for Salesforce. Code Builder allows developers to enhance their productivity by creating apps faster the way they want from anywhere leveraging modern tools without any complex configuration tasks. Code Builder brings all the necessary tools into one place along with code completion, powerful debuggers, and integrated source control. Enterprises can launch the Code Builder from the browser and access all the tools from the word go. This will streamline the app development process with minimum code. 

Salesforce Functions: Deliver Connected Experience

The newly introduced Salesforce Functions enables developers to write codes that can easily integrate with their data and events on the Salesforce platform which can be run seamlessly in a server-less environment. This will eliminate infrastructure dependencies & developers can accelerate the app building process using the programming languages they are comfortable with (Node.js, Java & Apex) in the open-source ecosystem. Applications can be built fast with quicker testing and debug functions locally using the familiar Salesforce developer tools. 

DevOps Center: Accelerated Shipping

With the new DevOps center, admins can build against source control, collaborate better with developers, release apps faster & do all these with modern workflows like CI & CD. DevOps Center also allows developers to prioritize their release velocity, simplify & optimize how apps are progressed through development instances from concept to launch by enhancing the speed and deployment quality. As the DevOps Center helps to develop in sandboxes, developers can leverage additional capabilities like Data Mask that protects sensitive data in testing environments. 

Code Builder and Salesforce Functions are in pilot, and DevOps Center will be available in development preview later this year. In the upcoming TrailheaDX, we will get more insights into these new functionalities along with other use cases and new products. Register for the virtual TrailheaDX here.