Salesforce Lightning Enterprise Apps for human

August 8, 2017by Admin

In listening to and continuously working with our customers, we are able to grow and learn more. And the concept of delivering Lightning has been one of the ultimate learning experience.

Salesforce Lightning was introduced in the year 2015. When Lightning journey was introduced by Salesforce, they stepped back and began a completely new discovery process with their customers — finding that nearly every person and team work in different manner. There are some people who are more data-oriented, while there are others who are more process oriented and even there are those who are just trying to get their work done on time or to put it, in other words, they are looking for timely delivery!

Salesforce has always been quite excited to continue the Lightning journey. Somehow, there are some new and amazing capabilities that we have delivered in Summer ’17 release. Extending approach to human first design with Lightning.
Let us have a look at the six new features that boost productivity more than ever before:

Lightning Console Apps
The first and the foremost feature is the Lightning Console App, that enables Salesforce Admins to create custom and high productivity apps for their users at a faster pace. Salesforce customers are now able to see an increased productivity improvement:

  • 21% increase in win rates
  • 23% faster time to close
  • 40% increase in collaboration

The Split View for Lightning Console
Looking at the complete list of leads or cases in isolation is outdated. With Split View for the Lightning Console, users can always open a list of records, for instance, leads, accounts, contacts, and more at once. In this way, they can call for action directly within the Lightning Console

The Lightning Dialer Enhancements
Lightning Dialer introduced by Salesforce during the Spring ’17 release is even better. The call lists allow to prioritize all their activities as they work and some new voicemail drop allows them to pre-record all the voicemail. In this section, a message is left and hence moved onto the next task, all logged automatically. No wonder, why all the Salesforce customers are seeing around 23% higher outbound call volume and almost 22% increased conversion rates.

Einstein Powered Search
Now also including the Typeahead, Pre-scoping, Spell Correction and even more, Salesforce is making benchmarks. With typeahead search alone, the customers are experiencing almost a 25% improvement in the search outcomes. Also, with the federated search, top results and records are surfaced in a faster manner, making it possible to search external content without even leaving Salesforce.

Path and Kanban
Available across every object, any kind of pipeline and even for every organization, workflow is now easier to manage. Whether the teams are involved in the process of organizing Opportunities, Accounts or Custom Objects like candidates in a hiring pipeline, one can use the Path and Kanban to support those processes.

The Lightning Report Builder
Currently, the Lightning Report Builder is said to deliver even more powerful experience, with all its new features. With this one can complete the ever important task of creating and managing Salesforce reports and even the dashboards. With Lightning Report Builder, users can indeed quickly and easily add new fields and even a new matrix summary report.