Salesforce Managed Services versus In-house Team: Find the Right Choice

June 29, 2022by Sindhu M

Salesforce is a fast-evolving platform that comes with frequent updates, releases, and new features. To get the most out of your Salesforce org, you need to ensure that your CRM never stays behind in the competitive curve. Businesses require constant enhancements, optimizations, performance checks, modifications, and integrations to keep aligned with platform features and capabilities.

New features, regular upgrades, and even the first shift to Salesforce CRM can be perplexing and difficult for staff. Therefore, companies usually hire an in-house team of Salesforce admins to manage just that. But, today we are seeing a new surge of companies resorting to Salesforce Managed Services instead of going with the traditional way of hiring a full-time team.

In this article, we discuss what Salesforce Managed Services is and its advantages over hiring an in-house team of Salesforce admins.

What is Salesforce Managed Services?

Salesforce managed services are a scalable, cost-effective, and flexible approach to monitoring the development and status of Salesforce products in your company. These services can assist you in detecting and resolving any issues you may be experiencing by providing a team of professionals to keep your Salesforce apps up and running. 

This, as a result, allows you to focus on growing your business rather than worrying about background duties such as frequent upgrades, security checks, and other Salesforce administration tasks.

 Some of the many tasks performed by Salesforce Managed Services are: 

  • Implementing best practices in your Salesforce org
  • Creating a detailed Salesforce roadmap aligning with your business strategy
  • Ensuring the performance of your Salesforce instance
  • Increasing your Return on Investment
  • Keeping up with all the new releases and incorporating them into your CRM
  • Building customized apps, reports, etc. that are exclusive to your business needs
  • To keep all processes in sync, keep an eye on any technical debt and merge new functionality.

Advantages of Salesforce Managed Services over In-house Team

Today, companies are moving from a full-time in-house team of Salesforce admin to Salesforce Managed Services. Not only is this a cheaper and more reliable choice, but also has many other advantages that can increase your ROI of the Salesforce Platform. 

  • More scalable than its counterpart

The requirements, objectives, expectations, and goals of your business will change as it grows. You may rest confident that your company’s requirements and needs will be given top priority when opting for Salesforce-managed services. This choice makes scaling up and down your services simple. When compared to traditional project staffing, they can change resources up or down with little lead time.

In times of company booms or crises, these experts will be just a phone call or a click away. When compared with an in-house team, they will, without a doubt be more experienced and skilled and will be able to fix any problem more swiftly and efficiently.

  • You spend less money with Salesforce Managed Services

Saving money on operating expenses is the beggest advantage Salesforce Managed Services have over an in-house team. Managed service contracts are designed to help organizations get the most bang for their buck. They are cost-effective and competitive for your company. 

You won’t need to pay for a full-time in-house team since you won’t have one. Rather, you will be charged per service or hourly, allowing you to budget for it and estimate the expenditures. When you add up all of your bills and compare them to the monthly charge, you’ll see that it’s a lot less.

  • You Get updated with all the new features and add-ons

Salesforce is without a doubt one of the top customer relationship management (CRM) software solutions available today.  However, constant upgrades and additions, as well as numerous extra add-ons, can make it impossible for your in-house team to stay updated all the time.

Salesforce-managed services assist businesses in staying on track and ensuring that critical changes are made. They offer expertise in different Salesforce Clouds and often have years of experience on hand with the platform. Significant changes are updated rapidly, and every task is completed automatically. This allows you to stay ahead of the competition, which is what any business needs.

  • Efficient Solution

Another advantage of Salesforce Managed Services over the in-house team is that it eliminates the time and energy needed to hire full-time staff. There is no time wasted in bringing the crew on board or settling them in. They start working as soon as they sign up, and all you have to do now is choose your provider.

  • You get Industry Expertise

Salesforce managed services provide scalable, on-demand professional expertise to help you manage, optimize, maintain, and evolve your Salesforce instance and related technologies. These experts are in a unique position to assist you in maximizing the value of the Salesforce platform for your target market and internal stakeholders. You hire specialists with years of expertise and talents with Salesforce Managed Services. They know how to deal with commercial highs and lows professionally. 

That might not be the case with an in-house team, as you most probably will only obtain access to a certain skill set or a tiny cross-section of Salesforce experience with them. 

To Sum Up

Companies, small or big, who use Salesforce and want to get the most out of its capabilities can benefit from the added direction and support. With Salesforce Managed Services, you get professionals who have extensive expertise and experience across the entire Salesforce product range. And the best part-  they can always be scaled to meet your needs efficiently and at a price that is affordable,  Interested in learning more? You can click here to contact us.