Salesforce pledges to train half a million USA workers

May 24, 2019by Shreshth Tiwari

Salesforce recently announced that they are signing the White House Pledge to USA’s workers and vouching to train half a million Americans the skills they require to earn Salesforce credentials and get jobs in the Salesforce platform in the next five years. Salesforce offers Trailhead, its free online learning platform, using which anyone can learn the latest Salesforce skills in order to get jobs in various Salesforce domains including Salesforce administrator, developer, marketing and more. The pledge is going to be signed in Salesforce’s first ever Trailblazer Day, a celebration of the people who are changing their lives and careers with Salesforce.

As per an IDC report, Salesforce and its partner ecosystem along with their customers will create more than 3 million new jobs in the next three years. Learners will get access to public speaking courses, soft skills, and career development training as well as training in tech skills such as AI and mobile app development.

Commenting on this news, Salesforce’s Chairman and Co-CEO Marc Benioff said, “Salesforce is committed to empowering people from every background with the skills they need to build careers and thrive in the digital economy.” Sarah Franklin, EVP, and GM of Trailhead said, “Trailhead is removing barriers to learning, from cost to approachability, and helping people learn the in-demand skills that lead to great jobs.” Adding to this she told, Trailhead is helping people getting succeed in various paths of their Salesforce career journey.

There are more than 1.4 million trailblazers around the world who are transforming their careers with Trailhead. They are learning technical skills as well as soft skills leveraging the learning platform. Salesforce also offers training and reskilling opportunities through multiple other programs like Futureforce, Vetforce, Pathfinder program.

Since the past two decades,, Salesforce Foundation, and have offered over $114 million in education and workforce development grants along with nearly 600,000 hours of their employee time in order to develop their ecosystem. This recent pledge to USA workers aimed to create 6 million jobs in the USA.

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