Role & Importance of a PDO Partner for a Successful AppExchange Product Lifecycle

September 1, 2020by Sindhu M

Do you have a great idea?

The Salesforce platform is versatile enough to be custom-built for any business requirement, which is why as of 2020 the marketplace is estimated to be worth around 73 billion dollars. There is an ever-growing number of organizations and individual consultants working with each other to build amazing solutions for 200,000 potential customers within the Salesforce AppExchange community. Do you have the next million-dollar revenue idea? 

Having an idea means that you identified specific pain points which consumers face and you’re planning to develop a solution, or maybe you’ve already developed your solution and are unsure how to get your product listed and noticed by potential customers. This is where Salesforce certified Product Development Outsourcer (PDO) comes in, seasoned experts of the Salesforce ecosystem who will offer strategic guidance throughout your product lifecycle. PDOs are recognized by Salesforce as strategic development partners for their proven track records in helping SaaS organizations develop and successfully launch their apps on the AppExchange. 

Vision to Delivery

Salesforce PDOs have years of experience building applications on the AppExchange and understand all of the nuances of a successful listing. Why choose a PDO partner for your business?: 

  • If the solution is undeveloped, a PDO significantly decreases the time-to-deploy, and ultimately time-to-market. Developing can be a challenging aspect which is time and capital consuming. Salesforce PDOs are efficient at sticking to SLAs with a focus on getting your app across the finish line. Another aspect of working with a certified PDO partner is the security of your data and developmental strategies, clients can rest assured that their proprietary information will never be compromised. 
  • The Salesforce security review for any product is rigorous and complex, PDOs have experience guiding products through reviews all the time. PDOs have teams of certified Salesforce consultants who are experts in the entire process. Wherever the product is in its lifecycle, PDOs are poised to come aboard and guide its journey through to the next level. 

An added advantage of working with PDOs is that teams can focus on their technology, iron out the kinks before releasing it to the public. 

  • PDOs can also help with preparing technical documentation, press kits, integrations, and conduct successful pre-sales campaigns working in conjunction with marketing teams. They analyze and leverage data to help organizations reach their full potential.
  • After the final deployment, the next crucial step is the marketing part. Since PDOs work on multiple applications and teams working to get their apps listed, they have insights on the best marketing techniques for rapid customer acquisition. PDOs also have in-depth knowledge of the best business models which AppExchange startups can utilize to promote and distribute their product. As product users grow with more and more customer onboarding, PDOs will also help organizations scale up.

PDOs can help SaaS entrepreneurs build and strategically thrive on the Salesforce AppExchange while predicting the best course of action against challenges. Salesforce PDOs work with nascent startups as well as Fortune 500 companies to achieve their business goals. With nearly 10 years of experience delivering solutions for organizations for all sizes from startups to enterprises, CEPTES is a proven leader among Salesforce PDOs. 

CEPTES has extensive experience guiding organizations to develop, streamline, and optimize solutions on the Salesforce platform. To know more, get in touch with us.