What are the Key Considerations for selecting the best Salesforce Consultant?

July 31, 2017by Admin

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is the lifeblood of various businesses. But it is true that not every company has the expertise to manage and configure a complex Salesforce Implementation process. This is where a Salesforce consultant steps in with complete experience and know-how to pay significant dividends and help you choose the right path.

There are three major domains to look out for the process of screening any cloud consultancy:

  1. Business Acumen
  2. Technical Prowess
  3. Industry Experience

Moreover, an industry may have a stellar reputation, but the important focus will always be on the people who will be on the project.

There are certain questions, with the help of which you can evaluate the sustainability of any Salesforce Consultancy, along with the CRM platforms or the cloud services and applications.

Questions to uncover the Salesforce team’s capabilities:

These are some of the queries, that will help you discover all the actual capacities of the consultant team, assigned to your Salesforce Project.

  1. Who will be on your project team
  2. Are all the members certified Salesforce Consultants?
  3. Has the team at any point deployed Lightning Implementation?
  4. Has the team at any point deployed Salesforce1 Implementation?
  5. Any offshore personnel or outside resources involved?

Deeper insight into the team’s consulting experience:

There is also the need of such people on the project who have experience in the road and the value they can provide to your project.

  1. The number of projects the team has completed?
  2. How many cloud projects they have delivered overall?
  3. How many clients have the team worked with, similar to those of yours?
  4. Does the team have any experience in your industry?
  5. How does the team communicate best practices on Salesforce and related cloud technologies?

Verifying their focus and depth:

It probably always goes without saying that everyone needs a consultant who knows Salesforce. If there are some other cloud vendors present, you can always generalize the below questions to include them.

  1. What are the percentage of the provider’s projects and subcontracts?
  2. What percentage of Salesforce projects are referred from Salesforce sales representative?
  3. How long the firm has a dedicated Salesforce practice?
  4. How many Salesforce system have they deployed?
  5. How long has it had a Salesforce practice mainly dedicated to your industry?

There are a lot of vendors, who advertise of being certified Salesforce consultants. You must not consider those and look deeper into how serious the vendor is about its Salesforce practice and hence make your choice.