SAP(BYD) Salesforce Integration

A Customer Centric Organization, is the one, which redefines the way companies hear from their customers. The impact of mobile connectivity as well as the social channels have revolutionized customer engagement. The emergence of cloud has redefined the entire enterprise customer engagement wherein enterprise is able to engage with customers faster and provide better insights. – is the leading cloud platform which has transformed a shift from the on-premise to cloud based CRM. SAP ventured into the cloud at a later stage, but its cloud ERP has helped business to move its on-premise solution to the cloud. But, what is required in the market is comprehensive data integration for Salesforce CRM to interact seamlessly with SAP ERP. The motive behind this integration is to combine the relevant data and derive actionable insights. This integration is a roadmap, to get a 360-degree view of customer data and sentiments in product strategies.


SAP(BYD)-SFDC Integration: The Technology and Business Trends:

Salesforce as world’s largest provider of customer relationship management (CRM) software, actively tracks and manages customer information. SAP on the other hand, as a market leader in Enterprise Application Software, empowers organizations to effectively use business insight and grow sustainably.


The scope of enterprise application integration is full of complexities. In fact, no application can work in isolation, and it is a necessity for organizations to integrate various front-end and backend applications to derive maximum ROI. A coherent integration strategy always creates a direct impact on company’s competitiveness. It is estimated that within the next few years, large-scale disruptions are bound to happen in the application integration space, driven by Cloud, Mobile, and the Social media, resulting in changes in integration approach and strategies. Consequently, it is crucial for enterprises to be highly equipped with suitable SFDC-SAP integration.


CEPTES Approach and Benefits:

Enterprise business visions, IT landscape and the challenges define the basis of CEPTES Salesforce-SAP(BYD) integration approach. CEPTES addresses the client key concerns of integrating both the cloud systems. This integration bridges the gap of having unable to use the best of both worlds.


CEPTES helps business to have bi-directional sync of data from SAP ERP to Salesforce CRM thereby providing business to use SAP ERP and Salesforce CRM in tandem to provide a better customer experience as well as proper business process management.


The Enterprise Considerations
The Enterprise wanted ERP data to be available in Salesforce for them to take business decision and also having the CRM data available to ERP for performing the next level of customer engagement.


The Integration Layers
The Integration Layer looks at the integration from technology as well business perspective and provides a seamless integration. Products, Pricelist and Sales Order can be viewed from Salesforce CRM and all CRM Accounts and Contacts generated from Salesforce are made available in the ERP system in the real-time.


The Integration Techniques
CEPTES Integration solution can be provided as app or as a solution that can be configured. This solution provides all the necessary tools to have the data synced between both the systems. For further details, reach out to us to know more about the solution.



CEPTES recognized globally as Technological Experts and with certified professionals have spectrum of offerings. All the Salesforce-SAP(BYD) engagements benefit from procedural approach. The breadth of expertise and recognition highlight CEPTES’s position in the Salesforce integration genre. Our knowledge, technology and certified professionals deliver to achieve measurable results.

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