Surfing the ‘Wave’ of Analytics – Salesforce Analytics Cloud

October 24, 2017by Admin

In the recent history, we have always been told that data is present all around us, and also that we are living in a world of Big Data Analytics. There is again a big difference between having data and at the same time using the same to run business. It has been estimated that 90% of the world’s data was created within the period of last 2 years, while only 0.5% has been analyzed.

Now the question is ‘How will you tap that unexplored data?

Last year Salesforce has released Analytics Cloud at Dreamforce, indeed claiming the product to be ‘first cloud analytic platform for every business user.’ There are number of big businesses that have signed on, but many have as well struggled to identify the value in yet another business. There are number of businesses, who have signed on, but many have even struggled to identify the value in yet another business intelligent initiative. It does not matter how easy or powerful to install, all those legacy data silos and excel spreadsheets will always require a whole set of BI analysts to extract and report on.

It is a truth that most business users need some immediate insight into how they are actually performing and also have the knowledge on how to access that particular data. Organizations can indeed drive this kind of real time operational integration, which derive most of the revenue from their Big data Projects.

With all those things in mind, let us examine the three main reasons, analyzing why Analytics Cloud is such a big opportunity in our current environment.

  1. The 360-Degree View

It is not known, but most of the biggest trends in the CRM space today, is focus on CXM, or what we call as customer experience management. CXM takes a holistic view of how most customers interact with the company from marketing to service, sales and beyond. In order to support this organizations of course need to consolidate data from multiple disparate sources.

  1. It is Present Everywhere

As most of the business users are increasing becoming analytical and data-driven, the tools as well as the information they require must always be available and functional wherever they go. It is true that with already more than half of our time is dedicated to mobile devices. In fact, Wave was developed specifically with all those platform in mind. many of desktop features are indeed available on the mobile application that coordinates well with Salesforce security infrastructure. Hence, it is a compelling and trustworthy experience, no matter which device is used for the purpose.

  1. Empowers your business

When your data is created at such a rapid pace, the only way to ensure that all your business decisions are accurately supported by simply putting self- service analysis tools directly in the hands of users and managers. Hence, this immediate and intuitive experience is the driving force behind Analytics Cloud as well many of its recent enhancements.