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Salesforce Spring '21 Release Top 7 Picks
Salesforce, Spring 21

Salesforce Spring ’21 Release: Top 7 Picks

Salesforce Spring ’21 Release: Top 7 Picks

Salesforce Spring ’21 Release Notes are here. These notes encompass the latest innovations that would help you in maximizing your ROI from Salesforce.

The Purpose of Release Notes

The release notes provide short, distinguished descriptions of new features and enhancements. 

These include setup information, suggestions to help you begin with, and best methods for enduring success. 

Reading the release notes will help you and your organization ready for the release. 

Note: Throughout the release, more resources (when they become available) will be added to the notes, so check back often.

When Be These Features Will available?

Some features of Spring ’21 will be available immediately after the release goes live. Other features require first- hand action by an administrator ahead of their usage. 

Here are our top 7 picks from the Salesforce Spring ’21 Release.

#1: Work.com 

Strengthen your employees, services, and this whole business setup. Through the apps and services in Work.com, respond to significant events like the present COVID-19 crisis.

Know more. 

#2: Service

Get stirred up for a smarter Service Cloud. Start with your Einstein Article Suggestion model in a fresh scorecard. 

Focus more on your customers with new setup enhancements and new productivity tools in Service Cloud Voice, Service Setup Assistant, and Knowledge. 

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 #3: Sales 

Salesforce Meetings aids sales teams in preparing for meetings and engross attendees. 

If you are a high-Velocity Sales user, use Call Coaching with video calls to track the opportunities and revenue resulting from sales cadences and retiring sales cadences without losing any data. 

Keep track of temporary email deliverability, and also test and share email templates.

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 #4: Customer 360 Truth

Learn what’s latest with Customer 360 Truth. Personalize user interactions with more identity verification options and data unification. 

And use one single app to generate policies to supervise multiple Salesforce organizations.

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#5: Pardot

Establish Pardot faster, sustain engagement data streams using First-Party Tracking.

Email personalization, reporting, and deliverability now have enhanced functionality.

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#6: Marketing

Being the premier platform for delighting customers, Marketing Cloud enables you to create a unique single customer view. 

Provide personalized content over every channel and device at precisely the right time. 

Measure the effect of each customer interaction to improve your approach concurrently and deliver better results.

Know More.

#7: Salesforce Anywhere

Roll out the carpet for expanded Salesforce Anywhere, which now contains all the features you know & love from Quip for Customer 360. 

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Many innovations are happening with World’s #1 CRM. These will help you maximize your ROI and change your customer service. CEPTES is a global Salesforce service provider who accelerates your Salesforce investment’s business value through consultation, digitalization, and innovation. Get in touch now.

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5 Steps to Plan your Customer 360 Marketing Journey Strategy

Is your number of customers or customer strength unlike anticipated?

For a start-up or an emerging business, the number of the customer is the real metric of success. The more no. of customers you have, the more success you are ought to have.

To keep your customer, you need to efficiently market your product and make them realize the real value of the product.

Follow the below steps to solve your problem and grow your business:

Know your customers

In the age of digital, 

Data is more expensive than oil.

So, focussing on growth without knowing the customers is no more possible. 

It is most likely that you already have enough data about your customers, or you have active sources that can provide detailed data related to you and your customers.

Analyze the browsing history and transaction data that you have irrespective of whether the journey resulted in a purchase or not.

If you are a Salesforce customer (if not, what are you waiting for?), you are already abroad. Salesforce collects your customer data and manages everything for you. With its in-house facilities, you can grow your business smoothly.

Connect the dots

With this readymade data availability, there comes inevitable corrupt or inaccurate data that requires cleaning and organizing them into sensible data.

With the use of sophisticated apps in the AppExchange platform, you can organize your data seamlessly without any extra effort. You can also get apps that help you to visualize the data collected through Salesforce.

Data science and AI

Take refuge under data science with Machine learning to make sense of the data collected. Customer Psychological behavior is very complex and requires developing models to interpret the data accurately. There is no better way to model the data than using Machine learning.

Einstein AI, a comprehensive AI for CRM, makes you an AI-first company so you can get smarter and more predictive about your customers. Einstein AI has the potential to evolve your Sales, service, Marketing, and IT sector. To start using Einstein AI, you need to put your data in the Salesforce, which Einstein AI is powered.

Time for some action

The data analysis should have given some insights into customer behavior out of the raw data. 

Now, it’s time you should value personalizing interfaces such as email, website, mobile app to direct your customer towards buying decisions or get rid of likely hurdles such as high shipping fee, few payment options, etc.

It’s essential to know that your customers can reach your goal and their desired goals.

This might sound nothing to you, but these are all very essential in CRM. These are various apps available in the AppExchange platform that can aid you in developing robust CRM through Salesforce.

Customer’s journey to you

Need to understand your customer behavior while interacting with your services and the journey that directs your customer to your goal.

A large conversion funnel is essential to understand the customer buying process. Identify and map the steps taken in the most popular journey by the customers to buy your product.

Mapping the customer journey and visually laying out will help you to identify gaps in your system.


  1. Collect customer data
  2. Organize the data obtained
  3. Analyze the data obtained
  4. Take insight-based action
  5. Understand your customer’s journey

CEPTES is a Salesforce Silver consulting partner that can guide you as your strategic partner to speed up the business value of your Salesforce.com investment through consultation, digitization, and innovation. If you are thinking of growing your business using the Salesforce platform, we can help you to know more. Please get in touch.

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Top 3 Reason “Salesforce Customer 360” can be a Game-Changer in 2020

Do you know around three-fourth of the customer wants their expectation & needs to be understood & fulfilled? Whereas there is another fact that only 47% of the customer agrees their expectations fulfill, and 53% are not? So, as an SME with limited budget & resources, do you worry about how to meet with ever-changing customer expectations and win the rat race? If you answered “YES,” then don’t worry, “Salesforce Customer 360”, which is an integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, has the solution for you & your customer. It will unite customer data across marketing, sales, customer service, and more into a single platform.

Salesforce Customer 360 is a cost-effective way to connect you to all customer touchpoints so that the company will have a single view of every customer and can deliver the experience they deserve. 

Salesforce Customer 360
*Image source – Salesforce

Deliver superior support with a single customer view 

 Most of the time, in a busy day to day life with multiple tasks, when we try to contact the customer care to solve any of our problems, we notice there is a long waiting queue of other customers before our number comes.

When our turn comes, we are explaining all your pain points with emotion. We think our problem will get resolved, and later we realize that the agent is transferring the call to some other department or to his senior where we have to explain our whole story from the beginning. Sometimes due to various reasons, if the issue doesn’t resolve in a single call, then we have to repeat the process once again. Have you ever realized how it will feel when our customers will experience the same feeling with our service?

To avoid such disappointment, Customer 360 records all the customer communication automatically, and any agent from any department will get the past context and proceed from there. This experience will make the customer feel that someone understands their pain points. 

Deliver superior support with a single customer view 

*Image source – Salesforce

Deliver personalized customer experiences

If we follow our old traditional method of capturing all customer details in a spreadsheet or for some reason, if we note down the same in a sticky note, then most of the chances are either we misplace, or we will not get when we need that.

In this scenario, we communicate either entirely new or with half-cooked information which is altogether embarrassing to both the customer and us also. And in this cut-throat competition as an SME, personalized customer experience is critical to building trust & long-term relationships.

Customer 360 fulfills this need; we can pull all the customer details with the conversation, which will not only help to know them better but also will help in selling as per their need.

Deliver personalized customer experiences

*Image source – Salesforce

Make it easy for your business to scale and grow

I hope you agree to sustain & grow; every business should meet their customer expectations, and without that, the customer will switch over to the competitor without any second thought for the better deal.

According to research, 58% of Small Medium Business leaders say over the next two years, meeting customer experience expectations is a challenge for growth. So, the question comes here is, how can we achieve the same?

The ultimate solution for this is by leveraging the benefit of technology, and the most compelling benefits of Customer 360 are:

  1. Even though as a startup or small business, you can well manage with a one-two person team.
  2. You can replace different tools for the market, sell, and customer support with a single device, which is easy to use & maintain.
  3. It supports small to large enterprise-level, which is no need for switching to anything else.
  4. A customized solution for the business as you need.  

Make it easy for your business to scale and grow
Let’s Conclude:

Salesforce can help you find customers, win their business, and keep them happy so you can grow faster than ever. If you are looking for Certified Salesforce consulting services, please contact us today!

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Top Five Features of the new Salesforce Anywhere App

COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we have been working for the past many years and this has certainly transformed the way we are going to work in the coming days as well. Working from the office is now past and working from anywhere is the new normal. Looking at this new normal, Salesforce the global CRM leader has introduced Salesforce Anywhere – which will bring together all the new powerful technologies and platform services to help organizations enhance their productivity and drive a new level of customer success. 

Looking at the current business scenario and viewing the future: selling, promoting, offering customer service, using data and collaborating has become imperative for organizations. With Salesforce Anywhere, companies can advance their digital transformation journey and accelerate their success in the new world of work-from-anywhere.

What is this Salesforce Anywhere? How can it help your business? Let’s have a deep dive into this. 

With Salesforce Anywhere, companies can sell, service, and market from anywhere using the Salesforce Customer 360 & Vlocity industry-specific technology (Salesforce has acquired Vlocity this year). Customer 360 integrates the power of the cloud, social, mobile, and AI to offer a holistic view of each customer to drive seamless initiatives across sales, service, marketing, and more. While features like Service Cloud Voice, Einstein Call Coaching helps in delivering top-grade customer success from anywhere. With Vlocity’s industry-specific capabilities, organizations can leverage industry-specific apps, data models, workflows & APIs to embrace customer success.

Work from anywhere demands team collaboration and Collaboration has become seamless with the new Salesforce Anywhere app which embeds chat, alerts, comments, and video directly into the Salesforce system. Instead of using multiple external tools, and apps to engage with other teammates, collaboration can happen anywhere within the Salesforce record itself. Teammates can start chatting, via instant message or video, while looking at the same page together within Salesforce.

IT support has become one of the biggest challenges while working from anywhere. In order to mitigate the IT support dependency and make workforces productive, Salesforce has announced a partnership with Tanium (A leader in unified endpoint management & security service provider) to build an employee service solution (available in beta in Nov 2020). With the new employee service solution and employee data model, organizations can build, manage, and scale employee apps and services securely at a lightning speed to boost work from anywhere. 

With the power of the MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform, organizations can bring data from anywhere & with Tableau, they can view and analyze data patterns to unlock insights for smarter business decisions. The combination of MuleSoft & Tableau has recently been used to develop the COVID-19 Data Platform to deliver trusted COVID-19 data that can be visualized to help organizations work on safe return to work strategies. 

Last but not the least, leveraging the power of Einstein Recommendations for Trailhead & new learning content organizations can empower their employees to skill up from anywhere. Salesforce also announced a new live-stream series on Trailhead LIVE called Trail Together to guide learners with real-time interaction with the experts. 

The Salesforce Anywhere app is expected to be available in beta in July with customers globally & will be generally available in the fourth quarter of 2020. 

*source: salesforce.com

Learn more about Salesforce Anywhere App here.


Salesforce Launched Government Cloud Plus for US Government Clients

Salesforce, the #1 CRM provider in the world has announced a dedicated instance called ‘US Government Plus’ exclusively for their U.S. government customers spanning over federal, state, and local government agencies, government contractors, and federally funded research & development centers. Government Cloud Plus has also got FedRAMP Provisional Authority to operate at the High-Security Impact Level. This will enable Salesforce’s US government customers to run their business in a highly compliant and secure environment leveraging Salesforce’s industry-leading Customer 360 CRM platform and other industry solutions. 

The new instance Government Plus runs on highly secured AWS GovCloud (US) offering enterprise-grade security & compliance controls that allow government customers to manage their highly sensitive data. The FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board also regularly monitors to detect any changes in the security environment of the system to ensure risk-free business decision making. 

Most of the government agencies are currently using legacy systems with zero to a limited upgradation scope. In order to accommodate the modern-day citizen demands & communicate with them in a more connected way, they need to scale up their infrastructure in order to get rid of outdated processes, complicated workflows, expensive infra maintenance costs, and mediocre service delivery. 

In order to maintain business continuity amid rapidly shifting national & global events, government agencies of all types and sizes were in a dire need of a highly scalable, secure, and completely technology-driven platform that can help them reach the citizens in the most convenient way using multiple channels in order to deliver services. 

Salesforce the global CRM leader delivers unmatched speed, agility, security, and scalability to its government customers while minimizing operational costs, mitigating complexities, and optimizing processes. Salesforce’s industry-leading Customer 360 platform, service, analytics, industry solutions have been helping government customers achieve sustainable success across multiple use cases including workforce management, citizen service, health service, case management, resource management, and much more. 

CEPTES with its decade rich Salesforce platform expertise and service excellence set the path for more secure, transparent, seamless, and intuitive government processes. Our team of certified consultants across all the Salesforce platforms can help Federal agencies, State & Local agencies, and Defence agencies optimize their legacy processes, improve productivity, minimize costs, lead governance, develop a robust security environment, and meet compliance challenges. Our built solutions will help the government organizations develop their information sharing, unravel workflows, restore communications, and serve the citizens in a whole new way. 

Unlock our potentials here


*source: salesforce.com


What is Salesforce’s Work.com & how is it helping companies safely reopen post COVID – 19?

The COVID – 19 pandemic has not only hit human lives but also businesses and communities. It’s a real challenge for organizations to come out of this challenge in order to imagine their business. Salesforce has come up with a new product Work.com which can help companies and communities safely reopen their business while putting employee health and safety first.

Work.com is an aggregate of specialist advice, partners solutions, and products to help organizations around the globe reopen, recover, reskill their workforce, and respond efficiently to the crisis. This product is ideal for business leaders who are looking for a holistic view of their business data that are useful, in addition, tools to help them plan resource & shift management, to reopen their offices safely. The entire suite is built on the Salesforce platform powered by Customer 360. 

Here are some of the top features of Work.com;

Work.com Command Center

The Command Center is a single-pane-of-glass where business leaders can manage all the complexities related to business resuming including evaluating the return-to-work readiness across locations, employee welfare, visitor tracking, making data-driven business decisions, and efficient communication. Command Center integrates data from internal applications & employee wellness surveys and surface public data through the Tableau COVID-19 data hub. Leveraging Mulesoft, data from other sources can also be integrated for custom data visualizations. 

Employee Wellness Check 

This is a part of the Work.com Command Center & helps securely monitor employee health and safety

Shift Management 

This will help to balance workplace coverage and employee availability while creating new capacity models that enable a safe return to work. This will control office density as organizations can avoid large groups in the office. 

myTrailhead for Learning and Wellness 

This is new content for myTrailhead to help employees skill-up on new ways of working with training, learning, and wellness programs. Employers can ensure returning employees comply with new safety policies and have the information they need to succeed.

Emergency Response Management 

This is a comprehensive suite of products built in partnership with Accenture that allows health organizations and government agencies to manage all types of emergencies, deliver emergency care, and allocate resources quickly.

Contact Tracing 

This feature allows leaders to manually track health & relationships contacts in a safe & private approach by collecting individual data in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Volunteer and Grants Management 

This helps organizations fulfill their relief goals by providing flexible, scalable tools to streamline volunteer coordination and grantmaking processes.

Command Center & Shift Management are expected to be generally available in June 2020 & Employee Wellness will be a part of Work.com Command Center. Emergency Response Management including Contact Tracing will be available in the second half of May 2020. This will be a part of Health Cloud, Service Cloud, Lightning Scheduler, and Salesforce Maps. Emergency Program Management will be an add-on feature to Health & Service Cloud (Enterprise License). myTrailhead for Learning and Wellness will be live in June 2020. 

To get more info please visit: https://www.salesforce.com/work/


*source – Salesforce

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How Salesforce’s Customer 360 will unite the customer experience on the CRM platform

In perhaps their biggest announcement at Dreamforce 2018, Salesforce Co-CEO Marc Benioff announced the release of Customer 360 asserting that the fourth industrial revolution is connectivity. Customer 360 is a set of services that aims to offer instant access to unified customer data across Salesforce applications. As a part of Salesforce’s vision for the Customer Success Platform, Customer 360 will enable companies to offer highly personalized services to their customers by moving beyond an app specific view by making a holistic customer profile to inform every single interaction. By placing the customer at the center of their business, Customer 360 will allow companies to lead robust customer engagement models which can blend service, marketing, commerce, and much more in completely new approaches.

How does it work?

The Customer 360 UI allow admins to develop a highly trusted connection between applications and Salesforce orgs, then map and access the data in the cloud, and create a data model that offers a single representation of all the customer data across connected systems. This gives service providers a comprehensive set of connectivity for their customer data and Salesforce applications.

A Customer 360 ID ensures every system recognize a customer irrespective of which way they want to engage on. Data management abilities collect, process, reconcile and update customer data across the cloud, and data exchange features allow to extract the right customer data at the right time. Data can be seamlessly retrieved whenever required.

Pre-built packages for Service, Marketing, and Commerce will allow service providers to deploy experiences quickly for the most common use cases such as Service Cloud experience that enable operators to see purchase pattern and browsing history from Commerce Cloud, or a Marketing Cloud journey that automatically triggered an event in Commerce Cloud. Each of these components is important to stimulate connected experiences. In Service Cloud, components will have pre-built connectivity to Customer 360. In Marketing Cloud, pre-built journey and email templates will include content and data sourced directly from Customer 360. And in Commerce Cloud, data and events will be distributed to every system connected to Customer 360.

How this will help companies?

Though the concept of the single customer view is not something new, however, the way Salesforce is going to deliver it is new and innovative. Customer 360 will handle customer data in the most efficient and secure way by allowing it to reside within the system and retrieving whenever required. Companies will be able to deliver a unified cross-channel experience to their customers rather than spending more time in data management. For example, if a customer while shopping from a Commerce Cloud powered e-commerce site remove some items from the cart while checking out, an event will automatically create and add those items in a campaign in the Marketing Cloud, which can be displayed later as discounted products to that particular customer.

Customer 360 will unify Service, Marketing and Commerce, but in order to obtain a more comprehensive view of the customer to offer more personalized services, companies must look beyond the Salesforce ecosystem. To achieve this, Salesforce customers can implement API-led connectivity with MuleSoft Anypoint Platform™ (Salesforce acquired MuleSoft earlier this year) and then connect these APIs directly to Customer 360, creating a truly complete customer view. Companies can significantly accelerate their digital transformation process with the help of Customer 360 while connecting and understanding their customers in entirely new ways. Customer 360 is in pilot now and will be generally available in 2019. This will also be included with related Salesforce products.


Source: https://www.salesforce.com/company/news-press/press-releases/2018/09/180925-k/