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CEPTES Announces the launch of RealE 360 on Salesforce AppExchange, the World’s Leading Enterprise Cloud Marketplace

RealE 360 is a Salesforce native Real Estate CRM platform designed to support realtors in automating the pre-sales, sales, and post-sales workflows & processes.

Bengaluru, 15th September 2022– CEPTES today announced the launch of its 100% native Real Estate CRM platform known as RealE 360 at Dreamforce 2022.

To help brokers, agents, property managers, and investors manage the lead acquisition, lead nurturing, marketing, sales & payment, CEPTES Software has introduced RealE 360- a comprehensive Real Estate CRM, on Salesforce AppExchange.

The integrated platform of RealE 360 confers businesses with enhanced Sales ROI, improved agent productivity, streamlined processes, and reduced sales expenses. The best thing that makes RealE 360 a front runner in the market is its premium features that take care of all the aspects of a real estate business.

RealE 360 is available to customers on the Salesforce AppExchange at RealE 360: A Powerful All-in-One Real Estate CRM.

Comments on the News 

“After successfully launching various native Salesforce applications for the data management industry, we decided to pivot to a new industry with lots of challenges and scope. To our research, real estate is one of the most effort-consuming industries as it is a mixed bag of processes. So, we simplified realtors’ jobs by designing a solution that eliminates manual labour and takes the business up a notch.” Mr Priya Ranjan Panigrahy, CEO and co-founder of CEPTES Software, explains the reason behind the inception of RealE 360.

Mr Vipul Khandelwal, the Product Owner of RealE 360, highlights the idea behind the integrated Real Estate CRM, “The main idea behind RealE 360, is to automate workflows and enhance the Sales ROI. RealE 360 does an excellent job of covering many real estate factors, including complete property management, lead and customer management, partner management, inventory management, document management, and process automation.”

“RealE 360 is our endeavour to provide real estate organizations with unique, user-friendly technology for 360-degree real estate business growth, which not only reduces their budget but also helps them save time. I’m ecstatic to see that we were able to turn our vision into a practical reality. RealE 360, in my opinion, will be one of the next major real estate solutions for companies seeking technological transformation.”

CEPTES Sponsoring at Dreamforce 2022

CEPTES is a Navigator sponsor at Dreamforce 2022. CEPTES is exhibiting at booth #341, showcasing its diverse Salesforce service capabilities, Real estate Automation application (RealE 360), Native Integration application (200 OK) & the Data Management Suite (DataArchiva, DataConnectiva, DataBakup, XfilesPro, DocuPrime).

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About Salesforce AppExchange

Salesforce AppExchange, the world’s leading enterprise cloud marketplace, empowers companies, developers, and entrepreneurs to build, market, and grow entirely new ways. With more than 7,000 listings, 10 million customer installs, and 117,000 peer reviews, AppExchange connects customers of all sizes and across industries to ready-to-install or customizable apps and Salesforce-certified consultants to solve any business challenge.

About CEPTES Software

CEPTES is a leading cloud service provider that offers innovative business solutions on the world’s #1 cloud platform. In its 12+ years of inspirational journey, they have enabled 1000+ companies across industries to transform multiple key business verticals. Widely considered a leader in building future-ready products & offering managed services, CEPTES has 7+ vastly popular applications, including DataArchiva, DataConnectiva, DataBakup, XfilesPro, DocuPrime, RealE 360, and 200 OK.

To know more, please visit www.ceptes.com.

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5 Key Activities to explode Commercial Real Estate Business Using Salesforce

Are you a commercial real estate agent, broker, or manager? 

If so, then you definitely want your commercial real estate business to grow faster!

Adopt these practices to speed up your business:

Use Salesforce CRM as a Value Add

The main idea of using a CRM like Salesforce is to ease the agent’s daily life. Beyond stakeholder alignment and executive buy-in, the tool itself must offer the value that assists with prospecting, setting goals, building the pipeline, communicating, and managing deals. 

Deeply integrate Salesforce CRM into your business organization, continuously aggregating information, assisting in communication, visualizing data, tracking, and projecting past and future performance.

The use of tools other than sophisticated CRM can be very tedious and pesky. A CRM like Salesforce offers a wide variety of tools to automate, capture the data, get investor account information, calendar syncs to the automatic logging of email correspondence.

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Easy-to-use UI

It is not just about using a CRM, it should be designed for easy use. The most important things agents care about is usability and ROI. The user interface should encourage little to no manual intervention with minimal manual data entry, a seamless user experience, and the number of clicks required to complete the primary task.

Users should be able to interact with the most valuable and common user information to the top of the page layouts. This limits the set of data points required to the least and right set. This facilitates users to quickly understand what they need to do and complete data entry efficiently and promptly.

Privacy of Brokers

Salesforce assures Brokers privacy by restricting the accessibility of sensitive information within the department and Channel Partners.

It is also restricted in terms of view access to different departments like sales and accounting. 

Here, the admin has a right to restrict the department access and allow access to detailed information about each sales deal, rate, and commission to brokers. 

All information of Brokers (Channel Partners) is further restricted by allowing them a unique code, so that information is not visible to any and the privacy of brokers is maintained.

Implementation efficiency

After correctly setting CRM and training has also been provided, the next important thing is to measure the adoption. Many firms start by simply measuring logins, deals added to the system and the total amount of pipeline. 

After that, they move on to look at the entry of key data points on those deals and related information, such as the companies, contacts, and properties related to those deals. With Salesforce, you can easily measure the adoption with metrics, which can be further customized to each firm’s unique needs.

Use it regularly

The more you use it, the better lifestyle you are ought to live. Frequent use of CRMs like Salesforce during team meetings and 1:1s ensure regular usage of CRM. 

Salesforce enables you to generate contracts and documents, which can be done if and only if the data is in the system. With proper design and measured adoption, Salesforce can save everyone’s time on the team, from brokers to accounting, by facing the adversities faced after hunting for data at various points in the business process.

To summarize:

  1. Make Salesforce a value add in your work practice.
  2. Make the user interface friendly and interactive.
  3. Protect the broker’s information.
  4. Make sure and measure adoption metrics.
  5. Make sure Salesforce profoundly integrates into the workforce.

Introducing RealE 360: Sell Faster… Manage Smarter

RealE360 is a comprehensive automation solution built on the world’s #1 CRM platform ‘Salesforce’ will help modern-day realtors, real estate agents, brokerage firms spend less time on intricate processes and more time growing business portfolios.


  • 360-degree customer view
  • 45-50% reduction in the operational costs
  • 70-80% increased sales & marketing ROI
  • Ensured zero lead leakage
  • Smart & automated lead assignment
  • Get lead in real-time from any sources – Social, other property portals 
  • Track the time spent from the first contact made to Site Visit and close

RealE 360 encapsulates your customer personas for an at-a-glance view of all the integral procedures of your real estate business. To know more, please get in touch for a demo.

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Real estate

How the real-estate industry can leverage Salesforce to streamline their sales funnel

The real estate sector, being traditionally unorganized, has always been slow to adopt new trends. However, lately, there has been a significant change in the real estate model. The recent surge in the availability and capacity of custom digital technology has affected the realtors too. There remain numerous challenges that realtors have to contend with:

  • Fierce competition
  • Low demand in the market
  • Customer expectations
  • Lack of proper communication channels
  • Lack of proper analytics

Given the unique demands of the real estate sector, there’s a growing need for tools that are highly adaptable, efficient, flexible, and effective. Salesforce steps in to solve these problems while making sure that you’re there for your clients whenever they need you. The platform is highly customizable and flexible, and it provides easy to use functionality that can be adapted to any system and business process.

What Salesforce Brings in?

Intelligent Lead Management

  • Using Sales Cloud, you can obtain leads from multiple sources and route them to different sales agents based on their location, segment, and availability, etc. The application automatically sends emails to the captured leads based on their interest levels. 

Personalized Campaign Management

  • Marketing Cloud helps you generate more leads by automating your marketing process. Using the platform’s robust features, you can have a single point of control. 
  • Salesforce’s Analytics tools help you predict trends, forecast sales pipeline, and nurture all your leads with highly personalized messaging to make them sales-ready. 

Process Automation

  • The platform helps you automate multiple business processes with seamless integration including billing process, from document generation to sending. You can generate sales agreements in one click, share documents with the customers for e-signature.

Dashboards & Reporting

  • Salesforce’s clutter-free, single dashboard projects a complete view of every business aspect such as customers, properties, partners, campaigns, sales reports, and financial reports, etc. You can generate customized reports based on various factors like property types, demographics, and monthly sales to optimize sales processes and generate more leads. The platform provides a complete view of partners and external agents. 


  • The platform’s interface helps you access all the information on the go, in real-time. Sales agents can obtain information related to customers, property, pricing details, and reports, etc. on any device, anytime. You can view customer details and entire communication history in real-time.

Customizations & Integrations

  • Salesforce real-estate solutions accommodate all your business needs and help streamline your complex processes. Salesforce’s automation system brings all your third-party systems, be it ERP, Accounting, HR, or other applications, to a single platform.

Once you implement Salesforce, you will begin to see some immediate improvements in your sales process. Some of the most compelling benefits of Salesforce are:

Customer Satisfaction: Salesforce’s Service Cloud will help you receive and respond to your clients’ messages from any internet-enabled device, helping your customers get instantaneous feedback. Faster response times will significantly increase customer satisfaction and help strengthen your relationship with them.

Efficiency: The tool will be able to automatically fill out forms, retrieve important data, keep track of important events, and file important documents. This will give you breathing room to focus on bigger and critical issues and tasks.

Easy Data Access: Salesforce will give you a single, unified system to maintain all data related to your multiple accounts, which can be accessed anytime from anywhere. The centralized database will also maintain track of your data so that the right agent gets the right information they’re looking for.

Easier Correspondence: By retaining contact information and current correspondence, the CRM can help maintain relationships even if they’re not active currently. You’ll be able to maintain regular contact with all your clients by sending simple, non-intrusive emails so that they know that you’ll be available to offer your services and assistance should they need it.

Immediate Evaluation: Salesforce constantly analyses, measures, and evaluates the effectiveness of your work in real-time to identify practices that don’t work. You’ll be able to abandon the line of action that isn’t paying off so that you can instead focus on the methods that will.

CEPTES’s offers a comprehensive real-estate automation suite built on the top of the world’s #1 CRM platform Salesforce which will help real estate agents, next-gen realtors, and brokerage firms grow business portfolios and streamline their complicated sales processes. To know more, please get in touch.

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How Salesforce Can Help Your Real Estate Business

COVID-19 is impacting the global economic structure. Liquidity has been decreasing, and the waves of liquidity crunch are splashing over the real estate industry. Once booming, the real estate industry has become quite competitive and fierce. Demand for residential and commercial properties have slumped, and so have the sales of small and medium real estate businesses.

In times like these, Salesforce CRM has emerged as one of the most prominent solutions for real estate agents, brokers, and developers to track their customers, manage minutest of information, and also even the market listings. 

Salesforce CRM offers easy to use functionality, is highly customizable, and flexible enough to adapt to any existing system, and business processes. In addition, the system has capabilities to merge multi-channel leads to one destination. The team can work in collaboration, from all the emails and calls exchanged with the end-user to complete documentation that can be stored in a single dedicated location allowing you to pull the information at any given point of time. Entire data is displayed as one record, so anyone can easily analyze the data and take their wise decision towards it seamlessly. 

Salesforce in Real Estate – Multiple Problems, One Solution:

From getting in touch with the prospects to the final stage of closing the lead, there are various actions and steps involved. It is extremely important for any type of business to have a well-organized process, identify communication, and establish touchpoints across channels with customers. Moreover, recognize the responsibility and make every individual answerable at each step.

The most essential part is to keep an eye on each step throughout the sales process which can not only help maximize the sales revenue but can also ensure that the organization has the most effective client experience. The Salesforce CRM helps you to connect these multiple dots and bring project management, property management, customer management, inventory management, agent management, quality inspection, and vendor management on to one unified platform.

Agents, brokers, and developers can conveniently track and take care of all clients, their agreements, and concentrate on closing more deals using Salesforce sales automation solution. 

Let’s see how Salesforce can help minimize the pain points that realtors deal with:

Lack of Analytics to Know Potential Customers Better:

Agreed, that the pen and paper mode of analytics and recording is comfortable. But, how suitable is it for your real estate business in the long-term?

Salesforce offers in-built analytics to bring the right data from across millions of data checkpoints to help create a customer persona. Once you know your customers’ needs, you can offer them properties as per their liking and improve your revenue potential.

Fierce Competition and Low Demand:

Low demand in the real estate industry implies that multiple competitors are following one customer and offering competitive prices. The chances of lead conversion are extremely remote.

Salesforce offers a cloud-based storage system, which means your team will be able to carry out operations despite being away from their workstations. Salesforce will encourage prompt response and quick actions, which would eventually lead to enhanced customer experience.

Absence of Streamlined Communication:

The advent of multiple communication channels has, in turn, increased the complexity. Emails, phone calls, WhatsApp, and multiple chats and calling modules are all used to communicate internally as well as with leads and customers.

Salesforce can unify this communication to a single point, which means your team and you are on the same page regarding the follow up of any particular client or lead. Better team collaboration means increased productivity and efficiency.

In a nutshell, Salesforce is a single solution to the above-mentioned pain points and more.

CEPTES is Your Partner in Endeavours:

At CEPTES, we devise custom and ready-to-deploy Salesforce solutions for your real estate business. Our rich experience in delivering excellent Salesforce solutions to real estate businesses helps us dive deep into the problem and offer a precise solution. 

Salesforce isn’t business for us; it is the way of life. Our team constantly works towards evolving Salesforce solutions to be able to offer seamless integration with any real estate business process. We do not believe in the traditional client-vendor relationship; we believe in partnership and mutual growth.