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Salesforce Managed Services
Salesforce Managed Services

Salesforce Managed Services versus In-house Team: Find the Right Choice

Salesforce is a fast-evolving platform that comes with frequent updates, releases, and new features. To get the most out of your Salesforce org, you need to ensure that your CRM never stays behind in the competitive curve. Businesses require constant enhancements, optimizations, performance checks, modifications, and integrations to keep aligned with platform features and capabilities.

New features, regular upgrades, and even the first shift to Salesforce CRM can be perplexing and difficult for staff. Therefore, companies usually hire an in-house team of Salesforce admins to manage just that. But, today we are seeing a new surge of companies resorting to Salesforce Managed Services instead of going with the traditional way of hiring a full-time team.

In this article, we discuss what Salesforce Managed Services is and its advantages over hiring an in-house team of Salesforce admins.

What is Salesforce Managed Services?

Salesforce managed services are a scalable, cost-effective, and flexible approach to monitoring the development and status of Salesforce products in your company. These services can assist you in detecting and resolving any issues you may be experiencing by providing a team of professionals to keep your Salesforce apps up and running. 

This, as a result, allows you to focus on growing your business rather than worrying about background duties such as frequent upgrades, security checks, and other Salesforce administration tasks.

 Some of the many tasks performed by Salesforce Managed Services are: 

  • Implementing best practices in your Salesforce org
  • Creating a detailed Salesforce roadmap aligning with your business strategy
  • Ensuring the performance of your Salesforce instance
  • Increasing your Return on Investment
  • Keeping up with all the new releases and incorporating them into your CRM
  • Building customized apps, reports, etc. that are exclusive to your business needs
  • To keep all processes in sync, keep an eye on any technical debt and merge new functionality.

Advantages of Salesforce Managed Services over In-house Team

Today, companies are moving from a full-time in-house team of Salesforce admin to Salesforce Managed Services. Not only is this a cheaper and more reliable choice, but also has many other advantages that can increase your ROI of the Salesforce Platform. 

  • More scalable than its counterpart

The requirements, objectives, expectations, and goals of your business will change as it grows. You may rest confident that your company’s requirements and needs will be given top priority when opting for Salesforce-managed services. This choice makes scaling up and down your services simple. When compared to traditional project staffing, they can change resources up or down with little lead time.

In times of company booms or crises, these experts will be just a phone call or a click away. When compared with an in-house team, they will, without a doubt be more experienced and skilled and will be able to fix any problem more swiftly and efficiently.

  • You spend less money with Salesforce Managed Services

Saving money on operating expenses is the beggest advantage Salesforce Managed Services have over an in-house team. Managed service contracts are designed to help organizations get the most bang for their buck. They are cost-effective and competitive for your company. 

You won’t need to pay for a full-time in-house team since you won’t have one. Rather, you will be charged per service or hourly, allowing you to budget for it and estimate the expenditures. When you add up all of your bills and compare them to the monthly charge, you’ll see that it’s a lot less.

  • You Get updated with all the new features and add-ons

Salesforce is without a doubt one of the top customer relationship management (CRM) software solutions available today.  However, constant upgrades and additions, as well as numerous extra add-ons, can make it impossible for your in-house team to stay updated all the time.

Salesforce-managed services assist businesses in staying on track and ensuring that critical changes are made. They offer expertise in different Salesforce Clouds and often have years of experience on hand with the platform. Significant changes are updated rapidly, and every task is completed automatically. This allows you to stay ahead of the competition, which is what any business needs.

  • Efficient Solution

Another advantage of Salesforce Managed Services over the in-house team is that it eliminates the time and energy needed to hire full-time staff. There is no time wasted in bringing the crew on board or settling them in. They start working as soon as they sign up, and all you have to do now is choose your provider.

  • You get Industry Expertise

Salesforce managed services provide scalable, on-demand professional expertise to help you manage, optimize, maintain, and evolve your Salesforce instance and related technologies. These experts are in a unique position to assist you in maximizing the value of the Salesforce platform for your target market and internal stakeholders. You hire specialists with years of expertise and talents with Salesforce Managed Services. They know how to deal with commercial highs and lows professionally. 

That might not be the case with an in-house team, as you most probably will only obtain access to a certain skill set or a tiny cross-section of Salesforce experience with them. 

To Sum Up

Companies, small or big, who use Salesforce and want to get the most out of its capabilities can benefit from the added direction and support. With Salesforce Managed Services, you get professionals who have extensive expertise and experience across the entire Salesforce product range. And the best part-  they can always be scaled to meet your needs efficiently and at a price that is affordable,  Interested in learning more? You can click here to contact us.

Make 2021 a Happy Business Year
Happy New Year, Salesforce

Make 2021 a Happy Business Year

“In a few days, you’ll get a 365 blank page book. Fill those pages with your Successful Enterprise Achievements.”

Nothing’s more exciting than

Learning and enhancing innovations.

To make an Enterprise smoother and more stable,

Venture our new AI Innovations.

Leave the traits of 2020 behind!

Start a fresher and a fruitful Enterprise,

And direct towards a Happy 2021 Business Sells.

How 2021 Would be Like?

In 2020, every company’s sole aim was to sustain its business and shifted its technology to Cloud Services. Everyone relied on Digital Marketing and tried to deliver their services across multiple online platforms. 

So in 2021, enterprises will focus mainly on how well they can sustain their technology. 

But how can you do that?

It would be best if you have experts who can innovate and has a deeper understanding of Cloud Platform.

It will help only if you have experts who can seamlessly Integrate and Implement your Cloud Platforms. 

Keep Your Enterprise Running

You can miss no chances, but you’ll have to make the best out of your business to provide customer satisfaction. 

CEPTES provides you Remarkable Innovations on the Salesforce Customer 360-degree bringing a smile to their faces.

New Year. New Technology. New Customers

2021 is going to be very successful for Business Enterprises.


People will be more dependent on Online Marketing, and this will be the new Lifestyle of 2021. 

Every company- be it a small, mid-scale, large, or Fortune 100 companies, would only depend on Cloud Services.

And CEPTES provides you all those required Salesforce Services to keep your customers happy!

There will be 2X number of customers than in 2020. People are not going to take up any chances to risk their life from COVID-19.

So, it’s time you STEP UP your business and make sure to leave your customers an amazing experience for them, prompting them to make a return.



Final Thoughts

It’s not about how BIG your Enterprise is, It’s about how you keep your customers happy, converting them into loyal customers. 


Bring Technology closer to your Enterprise this 2021 and make your business easily without all the hassles. 

To Know More, Connect with us.

Are you ready to face the 2021 Business Year?

Have a Happy New Year 🙂

Christmas, Salesforce


“You Cannot Run A Successful Retail Business from Memory.”

Christmas is nearing, and everyone’s cheering. 

Consumers are expecting the best! 

Don’t let your business go down. 

GRAB your mask and sanitizer and keep your business running. 

STEP 1: Make Sure That Your Customers Make A Return

Consumers are not risking this year, and demand is scaling up to more than usual, for customers are anticipating the rush overstocks and delivery. 

Yet, that’s an excellent opportunity to raise your sales. Its lockdown and consumers will quickly make their return during cyber week. 

Keep your employees and customers safe and happy during that period.


  • Ensure that your department is equipped with all kinds of essentials like cleaning supplies, napkins, and sanitizer, as all the customers expect departments to provide that.
  • Stress upon measures such as appointment bookings to keep the customers safe from COVID.
  • Give everyone everything you can so that your consumers can have a safe experience.

STEP 2: Try Your Best To Keep Your Consumers Happy

Although last-mile delivery can be the most expensive and time-consuming enterprise chain, the pressure has boosted up this year.

It’s Christmas, but during this pandemic, gathering together and celebrating is merely impossible. 

Customers will urge to send a gift to their friends, relatives, and family they haven’t met for days and months. 

So, that’s an excellent chance to boost your business revenues and fulfill your customers’ desires.



STEP 3: Flexibility Around Shipping

The 2020 Christmas is packed with massive opportunities for great order fulfillment that will allow your customers to keep trust over your enterprise. 

Don’t keep your customers waiting. Notify them about every destination their goods have reached. This feature will surely bring smiles to their face and build trust in your enterprise. 

Many enterprises neglect this feature and customers, and they receive their goods when they are not prepared.



Knowing that this Christmas will be different from the usual for enterprise, retailers, and consumers because of the current pandemic. However, the word DIFFERENT doesn’t mean WORST! But instead, many enterprises boosted up their business sales this YEAR! Make best out of the worst. To find out more strategies and help connect with us.

Salesforce Slack

Salesforce Acquire Slack with a Whopping $27.7 Billion Deal

In a recent announcement, Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM provider has entered into a definitive agreement with Slack Technologies, Inc., the most innovative communications platform. This is the biggest Salesforce acquisition to date with an enterprise value of approximately $27.7 billion. Slack shareholders will receive $26.79 in cash & 0.0776 shares of Salesforce common stock for each Slack share. 

The recent development will combine Slack with Salesforce Customer 360 which is believed to be transformative for Salesforce customers with a new communication & collaboration system for the new all-digital work from anywhere in the world. 

The news was coming that Salesforce was in talks with Slack for quite some time now, & the confirmation came just a day before the Dreamforce to you 2020 keynote. Talking about the new partnership, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff said: “This is a match made in heaven.” Together Salesforce & Slack will help enterprises shape the future of enterprise software & help them transform the way they work in the new normal. On the other hand, Stewart Butterfield, the CEO & Co-Founder of Slack said that with their partnership with Salesforce, they are looking to help enterprises reduce complexity, increase power & flexibility, and drive better agility as technology is playing a key role today. 

The Dynamic Duo of Salesforce & Slack 

Slack is a very popular communication platform that brings people, data, and tools together in order to help teams collaborate better. Organizations can extend their communication capabilities with Slack Connect, where they can collaborate with internal employees and all external partners, vendors, and also customers. Now Slack will be integrated into every Salesforce Cloud. As a new interface for Salesforce Customer 360, Slack will help Salesforce customers transform the way they communicate, collaborate & offer customer service with faster communication, quicker decision & deliver connected customer service. 

As a part of the world’s #1 CRM, Slack can now expand its global footprint & will play a key role in digital transformation. Together, Salesforce & Slack will offer a dynamic open ecosystem of apps & workflows for business. 

Salesforce Acquire Acumen Solutions

In other news, Salesforce has also acquired Acumen Solutions, a leader in offering professional services with extensive Salesforce knowledge and years of industry expertise across the public sector, manufacturing, financial services, and more.

Acumen Solutions will be a part of Salesforce’s professional service offerings along with other Salesforce consulting partners, which will help enterprises accelerate their growth in the Salesforce Customer 360 platform. Acumen Solutions’ deep expertise in various industries will help Salesforce’s professional service offerings deliver better success to its industry customers. Previously Salesforce has acquired Vlocity, and with the recent Acumen Solutions deal, Salesforce will be able to meet specific industry goals and serve customers better. 

*Source – Salesforce.com


How Salesforce adoption is helping Business in Turbulent times

Do you want to know how Salesforce adoption can help your business in the turbulent times? 

Due to the unplanned incident, the business definition has changed drastically with the latest tools & technology. We all are moving towards a new world today with lots of changes happening around us. Due to economic down or unplanned shutdowns, businesses have suffered huge losses, and people have lost their jobs too, which no one was prepared for.

Despite these challenging situations, some businesses continued the operation and brought changes in their work culture. These companies were technologically driven and believed the solutions provided by their business partners to run business in turbulent times.

Here, we will talk about one of the business partners of fortune 500 companies, which is Salesforce. Today more than lakhs of small to big companies are growing with the help of Salesforce CRM.

Here are some of the reasons how Salesforce can help you to run business in turbulent times.


Over the past few months, the traditional office working culture has changed to virtual office culture.

Meetings are conducted online, and homes are our new offices, and technology has become our need for everyone.

Hence, digitalization is a need of an hour. Salesforce is an online CRM, which helps to connect all departments at one platform.

Also, all the business processes can be performed at a few clicks only and on a real-time basis.

Salesforce helps companies go paper-free and complete all operations online without many hurdles and challenges because all departments are integrated at one platform.

Increase in Productivity:

The main challenge and area of concern for all organizations today is employee productivity while working from home.

Salesforce doesn’t focus on capturing employee’s activity but believes in driving results by making tasks more manageable for them to complete on time.

Due to internal department Integration, data, and all tools available in one place. It’s easy for employees to complete all the given tasks in a given period.

Salesforce provides all tools to increase the productivity and outcome of employees to achieve the organizational goals.

Automation Features:

The Right process and things will work because people fail, whereas systems do not.

To get more and more work efficiency, avoid human errors, and set up a process of following up tasks on time, automation is a need of an hour.

Salesforce provides many automation features related to different departments like sales, marketing, operational, execution, etc.

This automation process helps businesses focus more on employee productivity and saves their time on unproductive tasks.

The system works automatically on recurring tasks, reports, daily routines, follow-ups, and work tracking.

So all these built-in features of automation in Salesforce can improvise the systems.

Business Insights:

Knowing business insights from time to time helps management take on-time decisions in this challenging market today.

Salesforce reporting tools can help you with lots of business insights and customized reports for each organization’s department.

Management can generate reports from the system for sales, marketing, execution, operations, and other departments at one click.

You can also create a dashboard for various tasks and reports, which can help you to be always on top of your business work and schedule.

Smooth Business Functioning:

Salesforce CRM integration with all the departments helps you function smoothly across all departments.

The different features, tools, and integration with other tools can help you get on-time work done and deliver it without delay and errors.

It also keeps the team engaged in some or other activity as data flows on a real-time basis.

Besides these, Salesforce CRM can help you manage data, and customer relationships well, resulting in reference sales and new business opportunities.

Let us Conclude:

Having the right system to support the business and people is a need of an hour to address any unplanned situations. 

A right CRM tool like Salesforce can help you drive your business smoothly in these times and its feature support, integration, and ease of use.

If you are planning to bring that transformation to the business in these turbulent times, then it is the right time to decide and build a strong business base with Salesforce.

CEPTES, as a Certified Salesforce Silver consulting partner with over a decade of technical expertise, provides the service starting from the initial build to test and deploy with an accelerated development cycle. 

If you have any queries or need help, then please consult now.

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CRM, Einstein Analytics, Sales Cloud

Enhancing your Salesforce CRM performance with Einstein AI

We all agree Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a disruptive technology in today’s data-driven business world. There are vast amounts of data generating from multiple sources, and it is nearly impossible to collect, store, use, maintain, and access all the data.

Data is the new oil and it is extremely essential for businesses to unlock data secrets in order to achieve better business results. Salesforce as the #1 CRM provider in the world has been transforming businesses of various sizes & types by optimizing critical business processes. And data is playing a significant role in this. Data that is not being used properly is of no use. Even storing & maintaining the data comes with a huge cost. 

Here analytics plays a key role in helping enterprises leverage the power of their CRM data in order to give customer insights so that every customer interaction can be personalized with higher engagement. Salesforce is no different. With the help of next-gen analytics, enterprises can extend the power of the platform and accelerate their journey to success. 

  • An efficient method of data management
  • Optimized way of sales strategy
  • A more accurate way of sales forecasting
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduces the cost
  • From purchase history, it can determine the buying trends
  • Better sentiment and intent analysis recommends products and up-selling
  • Increases productivity

Einstein Analytics which is the only business analytics solution native to Salesforce, allows users to accelerate sales, enhance customer service, optimize business processes, and maximize ROI from their marketing campaigns. 

Now the main topic arises, How Einstein AI enhances CRM performance?

  • Einstein AI mainly works on Sales, Marketing, and Services.
  • The AI spends time with customers, knows the customer needs, and then predicts the best next step. It understands the points where business lags, and it indicates to expand your business better.
  • Einstein AI keeps a check on the social media platform and decides what people like the most. By this, it predicts the best customers at every campaign, reaches them at the right time to deliver the right services and products.
  • Knowing the customer’s needs can cross-sell and upsell the product at the right time, and it can predict the product break before using that product.
  • Einstein AI has shown significant change and development patterns in the business, shifting the domain from business-oriented to customer-oriented.
  • Einstein AI takes care of the past reviews for guiding light to the future strategies. If that service or product is highly appreciated, it works to make it better, and if the service or product is criticized, it works to reflect better results.

You will be astonished to know that,

  • Einstein AI can work very smoothly without hiring a data scientist.
  • It can automatically simplify and predict the routine tasks. 
  • It can manage the customer responses and creates more enthusiasm within the customers to buy the products.

To summarize,

  • Einstein AI works very smoothly; it manages every customer’s responses and deals with every customer properly to enhance the business and increases productivity.
  • It checks every customer’s interest from their social media and deals with that type of product.
  • The Einstein AI checks the past responses and makes the service or product the better way for the future, and it also checks the customers’ criticism, and it reflects to give the best results. 
  • Einstein AI works without any data scientist, and it manages customer responses to create satisfaction within the customers.

CEPTES, as a Certified Salesforce Silver consulting partner with over a decade of technical expertise, provides the service starting from the initial build to test and deploy with an accelerated development cycle. 

To give your employees and partners a consistent view of data and access to new insights using Einstein Analytics, get in touch with our team.


5 Reliable Ways To Retain Customers Using Salesforce

“Gaining a new customer is TEN times costlier than retaining an existing customer.“

Hope do you agree that, even though you are in a Blue ocean with zero competition in your business today, it is not very far to enter into the Red ocean with advanced features, better service at a competitive price from the competitor.

Customers don’t think too much to switch over to competitors for any better option.

To give an example, “Reliance Jio” is the ultimate example of entering the business where already established players were doing great, smashed all of them, and created the entry barriers.

So, to succeed in any business, the role of the customer is very crucial.

Have you remembered your journey with all the pain points you faced while acquiring your first customer?

Today also, the scenario is no more different. Even though you have established in your business, gaining a new potential customer is always a nightmare.

Few crucial facts are:

  • As per HBR, companies can increase profits by 25-95% by increasing their customer retention rates by 5%.
  • As per NG Data, customer retention is faster and, on average, costs up to seven times less than customer acquisition.
  • According to a Huify article, the likelihood of converting an existing customer into a repeat customer is 60-70%, as opposed to 5-20% for a new lead.
  • According to Client Heartbeat, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase.

So, to succeed in any business, the role of the existing customer is very crucial.

If you broadly think, then the expected challenge you might face are:

  1. Your existing customers can switch at any time to the competitor.
  2. Customers might stop the renewal of the service.
  3. You will miss the opportunity to sell high ticket offers to the new customer.
  4. Want to avoid the complete cycle of Lead generation, nurturing & acquiring.
  5. Many more.

If you feel any of the above challenges will be a colossal disaster for your business, then don’t worry; Salesforce CRM has proven technology for better & effective service over customer retention.

Below are five reliable tactics using which you can retain your customer and gain your business.

#1 Using Sales Cloud“, you can close more deals faster, increase productivity, and keep the sales team filled with enough leads.

Sales cloud*source: salesforce.com

  • You can process the deals faster by tracking customer information and interactions in a single place.
  • You can increase the conversion rates by finding, nurturing, and converting more sales-ready leads.
  • You can speed up productivity with AI, automatic data capture, and process automation in one console.
  • You can make insightful decisions faster and from anywhere, with the latest information.
  • It can mark the top leads and suggest the steps using AI, that separate “deals won” from “deals lost”.

#2 Using Salesforce Service Cloud“, You can support customers from anywhere, keeping an ongoing conversation.

Service cloud*source: salesforce.com

  • You can close the customer cases faster from a single console.
  • Through self-service communities, you can provide faster service by helping customers find the answers they need on their own.
  • Based on customer behavior, we can personalize customer care and predict their needs.
  • You can provide conversational service over SMS, MMS, and group services with live messaging.
  • You can increase agent productivity while delivering connected, intelligent, and personalized service from the phone to the field.

#3 Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud“, you can build and manage the customer journey by delivering the right message at the right time on the correct channels.

Marketing cloud

*source: salesforce.com

  • You can engage customers by using CRM and other data to automate and personalize your email marketing.
  • You can create one-one customer journeys in email, mobile that connect across marketing, sales, service, and more.

#4 Make customers happy with Small Business Solutions.”

  • You can retain 45% more customers by keeping them happy and serving on any channel.
  • You can gain 37% more revenue by selling faster anywhere.
  • You can integrate the app 52% more quickly by connecting everything you do in one platform.
  • You can find 44% more leads with the right customers with personal interaction.

 #5 Identify and Re-engage your inactive customers through Salesforce Integration.

  • You can identify potential customers who are inactive for quite some time due to various reasons.
  • Apart from the marketing software, you can also benefit from an email marketing tool, such as MailChimp, and integrate with Salesforce.
  • Using MailChimp, you can identify the inactive subscribers, re-engage them by communicating emails such as offers, discounts, or competitions.

Let’s Conclude

Customer retention is the most critical & cost-effective way to grow a business. Whereas customers don’t overthink switching over to competitors for any better option, we have to try our best to retain them, and Salesforce CRM is the ultimate solution.

If you are looking for Certified Salesforce consulting services, please contact us today!

CRM, Salesforce

How customizing your Salesforce CRM can help you enhance productivity

As a powerful CRM tool, Salesforce can be configured and customized according to the business needs. We can customize each & every type of record, standard tabs,  including the addition of the custom fields and setting of the page layouts.

We can also customize search, tagging, and user interface options for our org. In addition to that, every Contact Manager, Group, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance Edition user can customize various personal display options.

What is Customization in Salesforce CRM?

Salesforce CRM customization is the custom development and coding to add robust features to the CRM platform. We can integrate these customized features with our business as per our need to have a scalable impact.

Customization of Salesforce CRM is not only easy to use but also will help to grow the business exponentially.

Salesforce Customization Examples:

There are numerous examples of customization, and few of them are;

Apex triggers, Apex Classes, Different third-party integrations, visual force emails, alter the page layout using CSS and building visual force pages.

Few Best Practices of Salesforce CRM Customization

For the success of Salesforce Customization, below are few best practices that need to follow. 

  • Plan well ahead before the customization. 
  • Organize and prioritize the customization process.
  • Use a sandbox environment to create the customizations without affecting other users. 
  • Always take help from the Salesforce Experts.
  • Use other required tools that will help in the customization. 
  • Test very well before the final deployment of the customization.
  • For better communication, use simple, concise, and structured naming conventions. 
  • To avoid change or duplicate, add details about the feature, which will help other developers to understand the customizations.
  • Provide help texts for the ease of the usage of the customization to the end-user.

Few must have Salesforce CRM Customizations are

Custom Portal 

Salesforce custom portal will help a great end-user experience. As an example, the custom client portal will help to enhance the client’s and our convenience. 

Likewise, Salesforce partners, or Salesforce employees portal can use to streamline the communications among the partners or teams to boost and grow the business.

Customized Dashboards

A custom dashboard in Salesforce CRM will help us to view a 360-degree view of our business processes and opportunities. 

Now, let’s consider the applicability of customized dashboards in the  Real estate industry. We have extensive data from clients, and we want to keep track of our sales funnel. Having a personalized dashboard, we can create custom modules to have a record of our leads, buyers, sellers, property listings, brokers, agents, etc.

Customized Views

Customized Views is the next Salesforce customization that can improve business performance. With this, our customers can have flawless experience and extend the functionality of our Salesforce. 

Now, we won’t face the issue of default restrictions, as customized views will give more functionalities such as list views, custom forms, options to upload the attachments, etc.

When will we choose our Salesforce CRM Customization?

We can choose Salesforce CRM customization in any of the below situations:

  • Integration of third-party (like ERP, an e-commerce system, etc.) need for better performance of the business process to execute.
  • When we need more detailed reports and dashboards that are interactive and well-built to get the required information.
  • When it is difficult for the end-users to adapt to the configured platform.
  • When we have some budget and dedicated timeline set for customization.
  • When we have large amounts of complex business data which is difficult to cover with the default functionality of Salesforce.

Now we know the customization of Salesforce CRM, we can implement whenever we feel the need to help our platform & grow the business. 

With customized CRM, we can streamline processes, increase revenue, enhance productivity, get more ROI, and much more.

If you are looking for Certified Salesforce consulting services, then contact us today!


Top Salesforce QA Trends and Best Practices

As a player in the field of business, I hope you will be well aware that finding a post-production bug is like tossing the customer faith & trust with ten times costlier than finding the same in the early stage of the cycle. Moreover, the fix needs to go through the complete release cycle of Development, Testing, Build & Release, and then into the production or as a bug fix release, which is time-consuming as well. 

So, how to avoid such challenges? 

To avoid such challenges, we can follow any of the approaches,

Avail a half-cooked solution and face the same issue again and again, which will block progress again & again.


You can engage the full team of certified professionals starting from Business Analysts, Solution Architects, Designers, Developers, Testers, QA experts. This will not only provide a safe & secure solution but also on-time completion with the required additional resources on an ad hoc basis.

The current trends in the field of Salesforce QA testing are:

  • Rapid Digital Transformation: Since there is an increase in digitization of the business, there will be an increase in demand for QA testing using Salesforce
  • Continuous Integration: The Salesforce QA testers should adapt themselves to start testing the application as early as possible. It is better to test the application in collaboration with the development team.
  • Shift to cloud-based and IoT based applications: QA testers should be aware of cloud-based, and IoT applications
  • Increase in Test automation: There will be an increase in test automation. So, QA testers should be aware of the latest tools used in the testing sector
  • Performance Engineering: QA testers should understand performance engineering, which includes a better understanding of code, database schema, and queuing theory.
  • AI + Testing: The advent of AI has given rise to AI-driven testing and quality assurance.

The next question comes here, to have a robust solution, what all the different types of testing we cover in our QA coverage?


Functionality Testing Testing of all supported Functionality.
Security Testing All Security related test cases to uncover the vulnerabilities of the system to determine the data & resources are protected.
Performance Testing Performance testing is to determine the speed, responsiveness, and stability of the application under a workload.
Frontend & Backend Testing Frontend and Backend testing is to test the presentation layer of a three-tier architecture in a web application.
Lightning Testing Service Salesforce Lightning Testing Service (LTS) is to mitigate the risk of complexity.
Classic Testing Salesforce Classic testing to validate the configuration and customization performed in SDFC.
UAT Support for User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
Regression Testing Regression Testing to verify the existing functionality after any code change.
Workflow Testing Workflow Testing to check each software workflow accurately reflects the given business process.
Configuration Testing Configuration Testing to check with the different combinations of software and hardware to find out the optimal configurations that the system can work without any issues.
Acceptance Testing Acceptance Testing is to determine whether or not the software system has met the required specifications.
Production & Release Testing Production and Release Testing during product deployment.
Integration Testing Integration Testing to test individual units are combined and tested as a group.
Usability Testing Usability Testing to observe users as they attempt to complete the tasks with different types of designs, from user interfaces to physical products. This includes Lightning testing, LWC testing, VF Page testing etc.
Unit Testing Unit Testing by the Development team.
Customization Testing Customization Testing is a process of testing and analysis in-house using the latest technologies to verify the solutions for the custom products.
Sandbox Testing Sandbox Testing is an isolated environment to test without affecting the platform.
Automation Testing Automation Testing, to automate all possible regression test cases and run in each & every release cycle through automation. This will be efficient & reduce the manual effort.
Salesforce1 Testing Mobile Salesforce Testing to verify the application is working as expected in the mobile platform.
Compatibility Testing Cross-Browser Compatibility Testing, to verify the application is working as expected across different browsers.
API Testing API Testing, through Postman & Workbench.
Integration Testing Data Integration Testing, to verify the module or component which works fine individually, does not have any issues when integrated.
Low Code Testing Salesforce Low Code Testing, to verify the Flows, Quick Action, Strategy Builder, etc.


As we already know manual testing is time-consuming & repetition of the same is not error-free. Also, manual testing of Salesforce CRM is not possible, for efficient & error-free results, automation is the best solution, which will reduce cost due to on-time investment, and help to increase the ROI also.

So, if we will conclude the overall benefits of the best practices, then we get the whole product efficiency, optimization of the processes, better customer experience with growth in the earnings, and many more. If you need Certified Salesforce QA service can contact us.

Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials: How is it helping SMEs transform their Needs?

While most of the time large companies steal the limelight, it is small businesses that hold the economy tight. Their contribution to the nation’s GDP, exports, employment, and skill development, among others, cannot be undermined. 

However, faced with the current climate, small businesses are scrambling for new ways to not only stay productive but also to keep marketing and sales efforts going. In a world bound by social distancing and stay at home protocols, going digital is a great opportunity to grow your business, generate revenue, and build lasting relationships with customers.

Salesforce Essentials – Helping Small Businesses Experience Digital Transformation

Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, Sales, and Service Cloud has an end-to-end solution tailored for small businesses called Salesforce Essentials. Designed keeping in mind the specific needs of the small businesses, Salesforce Essentials helps you overcome the most common challenges listed below. Additionally, it gives your organization a more robust and scalable solution to manage your sales, marketing, and customer service departments.

  • Not a single source of leads: As many organizations are generating leads through multiple sources like the website, social media, email marketing, cold calling, paid ads, etc., your sales and marketing reps need to constantly switch to different systems to follow-up on leads.
  • Which are qualified leads and which are not: This indicates that you’re investing an excessive amount of time on identifying great as well as poor leads.
  • No visibility on lead behavior: You cannot carry out targeted audience content but you also need to depend on the client to call you by themselves.
  • Losing leads: In many cases, with a poor system or without system users may miss out or lose leads frequently.
  • Lead distribution: As soon as the leads have been hooked and tracked, you require a system to give a direction to that lead to the relevant salesperson.
  • Conversion rates are poor: This is one of the most common issues, because of the lack of nurturing activity, which is why promising leads don’t convert into qualified leads.

Why is Salesforce Essentials ideal for SMEs? 

Salesforce Essentials makes it feasible for SMEs to take full advantage of the powerful Salesforce CRM with consolidated features over the cloud. The CRM for small & medium businesses just requires an internet connection to use, configure, maintain and is very cost-effective. The best part of Salesforce Essentials is that it has reconceptualized its CRM for small businesses in the form of an intuitive and easy to work with interface. As a result, you can have a much faster-personalized view of all prospects, leads, customers, and sales related information.

If you need to track quotes and orders, advance reporting, and if you’re willing to customize and automate processes, set up specific role wise permission, Sandbox integration, marketing campaign integration, workflow approval, the greater need for analytics, etc., then Salesforce is flexible enough to allow customizations and adapt based on your long-term business objectives.

Some More Essential Features

The solution offers a lot of features to automate various critical business processes, so you can invest your valuable time in improving your top-line by tracking emails, phone calls, and meetings to instantly maintain client’s information, document, personalized follow-up, historical communication details without investing your much time in tedious data entry jobs. 

As soon as you sign a deal, Salesforce Essentials consists of tons of features for customer support, and performance tools to assist you, so you can instantly engage each of your incoming leads and make the lead to cash process quicker. Repeated tasks or jobs can be automated and route the jobs to the concerned department and employee. Additionally, you have the ability to update data anytime & anywhere with Salesforce Mobile Application.

The reporting functionality will help you customize reports as per your business needs. Moreover, if you are growing your team size then simply you can add more users at your fingertips. Sales managers have real-time visibility over the internal teams and keep an eye on sales-related activity and pipeline clients by which they can have clear forecasting over the sales with more confidence.

Put simply, while moving ahead with Salesforce CRM, you experience fewer headaches, can seamlessly organize, track, and grow your business without the risk of losing any data. With the Salesforce CRM, SMEs do not need to bother with outgrowing CRM, organizations can promptly upgrade their business with Salesforce when they’re ready.

So, why wait? Let’s adopt Salesforce Essentials with CEPTES and start closing more deals!! To know more, please get in touch.