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Salesforce Essentials: How is it helping SMEs transform their Needs?

While most of the time large companies steal the limelight, it is small businesses that hold the economy tight. Their contribution to the nation’s GDP, exports, employment, and skill development, among others, cannot be undermined. 

However, faced with the current climate, small businesses are scrambling for new ways to not only stay productive but also to keep marketing and sales efforts going. In a world bound by social distancing and stay at home protocols, going digital is a great opportunity to grow your business, generate revenue, and build lasting relationships with customers.

Salesforce Essentials – Helping Small Businesses Experience Digital Transformation

Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, Sales, and Service Cloud has an end-to-end solution tailored for small businesses called Salesforce Essentials. Designed keeping in mind the specific needs of the small businesses, Salesforce Essentials helps you overcome the most common challenges listed below. Additionally, it gives your organization a more robust and scalable solution to manage your sales, marketing, and customer service departments.

  • Not a single source of leads: As many organizations are generating leads through multiple sources like the website, social media, email marketing, cold calling, paid ads, etc., your sales and marketing reps need to constantly switch to different systems to follow-up on leads.
  • Which are qualified leads and which are not: This indicates that you’re investing an excessive amount of time on identifying great as well as poor leads.
  • No visibility on lead behavior: You cannot carry out targeted audience content but you also need to depend on the client to call you by themselves.
  • Losing leads: In many cases, with a poor system or without system users may miss out or lose leads frequently.
  • Lead distribution: As soon as the leads have been hooked and tracked, you require a system to give a direction to that lead to the relevant salesperson.
  • Conversion rates are poor: This is one of the most common issues, because of the lack of nurturing activity, which is why promising leads don’t convert into qualified leads.

Why is Salesforce Essentials ideal for SMEs? 

Salesforce Essentials makes it feasible for SMEs to take full advantage of the powerful Salesforce CRM with consolidated features over the cloud. The CRM for small & medium businesses just requires an internet connection to use, configure, maintain and is very cost-effective. The best part of Salesforce Essentials is that it has reconceptualized its CRM for small businesses in the form of an intuitive and easy to work with interface. As a result, you can have a much faster-personalized view of all prospects, leads, customers, and sales related information.

If you need to track quotes and orders, advance reporting, and if you’re willing to customize and automate processes, set up specific role wise permission, Sandbox integration, marketing campaign integration, workflow approval, the greater need for analytics, etc., then Salesforce is flexible enough to allow customizations and adapt based on your long-term business objectives.

Some More Essential Features

The solution offers a lot of features to automate various critical business processes, so you can invest your valuable time in improving your top-line by tracking emails, phone calls, and meetings to instantly maintain client’s information, document, personalized follow-up, historical communication details without investing your much time in tedious data entry jobs. 

As soon as you sign a deal, Salesforce Essentials consists of tons of features for customer support, and performance tools to assist you, so you can instantly engage each of your incoming leads and make the lead to cash process quicker. Repeated tasks or jobs can be automated and route the jobs to the concerned department and employee. Additionally, you have the ability to update data anytime & anywhere with Salesforce Mobile Application.

The reporting functionality will help you customize reports as per your business needs. Moreover, if you are growing your team size then simply you can add more users at your fingertips. Sales managers have real-time visibility over the internal teams and keep an eye on sales-related activity and pipeline clients by which they can have clear forecasting over the sales with more confidence.

Put simply, while moving ahead with Salesforce CRM, you experience fewer headaches, can seamlessly organize, track, and grow your business without the risk of losing any data. With the Salesforce CRM, SMEs do not need to bother with outgrowing CRM, organizations can promptly upgrade their business with Salesforce when they’re ready.

So, why wait? Let’s adopt Salesforce Essentials with CEPTES and start closing more deals!! To know more, please get in touch.

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Remote Selling: Ensuring Productivity of a Remote Sales Team during the Pandemic

The current global scenario caused offices to be shut down, forcing most people to work from home, and this, de facto, includes sales teams. Sales have always been the kind of field that relies a lot on in-person pitches and meetings. So it’s understandable if your primary concern is how to make sure your sales team sell from home efficiently, without feeling demotivated or disengaged & without hampering the overall sales productivity. 

It is undeniable that the pandemic has dampened the shine of the sales team and their forte. However, there is a tremendous wealth of opportunities, ready to be made use of, if businesses are nudged towards a digital transformation.  

Let’s take a look at the major pain-points of a sales team working from home, and then integrate solutions for the same:-

Change how you work

It’s a tricky task to sell efficiently from home. Your sales team is bound to miss departmental camaraderie and one-on-one meetings with clients, where they could pursue them to no ends. Trying to replenish a similar culture while working remotely, might not prove successful. Instead, the time is nigh for a digital transformation. Now is the time to tap into the field of virtual selling, by building a high productivity workspace, even from home. 

Increasing productivity

The current situation might have put a dent in spirits, thus creating a decline in productivity. Tackle situations like these by integrating Salesforce Sales Cloud, world’s #1 sales automation tool. Having highly powerful CRM tools to rely on would make a world’s difference. Imagine a dashboard that allows you to see every important detail in one glance or a tool that shows you the entirety of a client’s specifications, and a virtual assistant that reminds you of hot leads. 

With Sales Cloud, you get all of this and more, thus creating an immediate boost in sales and productivity. Selling from home just got a whole lot more comfortable and efficient.  

Less time on spreadsheets, more time to sell

Sales reps are often found spending a large chunk of time filling out spreadsheets, looking for data from various sources, researching potential leads, preparing quotes, and so on. Why spend so much time doing tasks that can be automated? With Sales Cloud, you get to sell from home intelligently, without bothering about manual labour. Salesforce paves the way for sales automation like never before. They also allow your sales representatives to seamlessly collaborate with other sales representatives, as well as members from different teams.

Communicating with the team

Guaranteed, it was convenient when people could update each other through offline meetings. Intelligent cloud infrastructures allow you to maintain even better standards of seamless communication, even though your entire team is working remotely. Now you can access, edit, securely share and track data in real-time.

Process automation features enable email integration, distribution of leads, and quicker flow of crucial information. No more relying on sticky notes, doodled messages, WhatsApp updates or grapevine communication. Integrating CRM tools leads to better communication channels, which in turn creates a boost in sales and productivity

There’s no limit to what small businesses can achieve through an affordable Salesforce platform tailored for them. CEPTES is a leading Salesforce Platform Service provider that hand-holds small businesses through digital transformations through seamless CRM integration so that their sales can continue to skyrocket, even when working from home.

Get in touch with us to know more.

Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials Introduced new Social Media Integrations to help SMBs reach customers

Salesforce has announced its new enhancements in its small business solution Salesforce Essentials which will help SMBs to communicate and engage directly with their customers. The new features include integrations with social media channels like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and YouTube as well as new chat and phone services. Salesforce introduced Salesforce Essentials in 2017 for small business, using which SMBs can accelerate their growth in the world’s #1 CRM platform with customized sales and service apps. 

Today’s business world is highly connected and social media channels are playing a pivotal role in it. Customers are into Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube like never before and prefer interacting with the service providers using various social platforms. What they expect are instant communication and personalized service. This is an opportunity for small businesses to reach & engage thousands of their potential customers and offer them personalized service. However, it is a challenge for SMBs to offer the best experience and personalized service across multiple social media platforms with their limited available resources. But, with these new additions in their Essentials platform, Salesforce enables SMBs the ability to engage with their customers across various social platforms.

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Using the recent features, Salesforce Essentials customers can offer enterprise-level sales and service experience to their customers. The new features include;

A seamless conversation across social channels – Facebook Messenger, Instagram, YouTube

Small businesses can now have real-time conversations with their customers over Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and YouTube. When a customer connects with a query with the service provider through Facebook Messenger, the message will automatically go to a service agent who can have a real-time conversation with the customer right within the Salesforce platform. Facebook Messenger and chat are generally available now. Every Salesforce Essentials organization includes 1 license. Additional licenses can be purchased at $15 per user, per month. In Instagram & YouTube, when a customer makes a comment, a sales rep or service agent will automatically get a notification. They can immediately act and respond from their Salesforce system. Instagram and YouTube are generally available now. Both are included in Salesforce Essentials at $25 per user, per month.

Real-time Chat 

Small businesses can now add a Salesforce chat widget to their website. Service agents can manage multiple customer chat conversations simultaneously right from their Salesforce system. Service agents can have a complete view of the customer including previous interactions, purchase history, sales opportunities, and other relevant information. This will help them offer personalized service so that they can close deals faster. 

Lightning Dialer

Now small business service agents can make and receive customer calls using Lightning Dialer for Essentials, which is an innovative call center solution built right within the Salesforce platform. When an agent makes or receives a customer call, a pop-up will immediately appear with all the customer information. This will help them offer personalized service quickly. Calls will be automatically logged-into the contact and account activity history of Salesforce which will eliminate manual data entry and save time without any customer information being missed. Lightning Dialer for Essentials is generally available today in the U.S. and Canada at $2 per 100 minutes.

Salesforce is offering its small business customers simple walkthroughs within the Salesforce Essentials product so that they can seamlessly set-up these features. The walkthroughs include guided overviews on key channels like Facebook Messenger, Real-time Chat and Lightning Dialer. Essentials coaches in the U.S. & Canada are also helping their customers with 90 days of support post-purchase with a 1:1 live chat for set-up. 

CEPTES has been a pioneer in offering Salesforce solutions across the world. With a team of Salesforce certified consultants, we offer end-to-end Salesforce Cloud implementation, integration, migration, consulting, and support services. Currently, we are working with many SMBs and helping them accelerate their growth in the Salesforce platform. Get in touch with us to know more about Salesforce Essentials and how it can help your small business thrive. 

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Summer’19 Release Notes: Our Top 6 Picks

Salesforce Summer’19 preview is here and we can’t be more excited about it. As expected, Summer’19 has some interesting details which will definitely help Salesforce customers increase their productivity and deliver more personalized customer journeys with the latest Customer Success Platform innovations.

Here are our top 6 picks of Summer’19 release:

Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials, which is their small business plan for its CRM (Sales Cloud) and customer support (Service Cloud) solutions, has got a lot of add-ons in Summer’19 release. Now small business can have more options to add functionality to Essentials through new add-ons like Dialer, Chat, and Messaging. They can now unify their team’s phones with Dialer and offer their customers instant conversation with Chat and Messaging. Salesforce also now offers more storage space for files and data to their Essentials customers in order to create more records and share more files.

Read More: https://sforce.co/2XF8ZsM

Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce customers using Einstein can now set up and test bots faster and with fewer queries. They can improve forecasting with support for Sales Cloud quarterly forecasts and data segments. Einstein analytics now can be used across more core Salesforce applications in order to increase productivity. Enterprises can use Data Checker to set up their predictions for success. Salesforce introduced plenty of new add-ons and enhancements in their Sales, Service, Analytics, Customization, and Development offerings.

Read More: https://sforce.co/2Dwsa03

Sales Cloud

Summer’19 release announced new features in Sales Cloud including, High-Velocity Sales Enhancements, Einstein Activity Metrics, Customizable Product Schedules, and New Einstein Features for CPQ and Pardot. Sales reps can now link sales cadences to address complex sales processes. Activity Metrics will help Einstein Activity Capture users a comprehensive view of their activity data. Complex sales processes related to incoming revenue and outgoing orders is now simplified with Customizable product schedules. Sale Cloud customers can now help their sales teams with more intelligent pricing with CPQ Einstein Pricing Guidance.

Read More: https://sforce.co/2Dt6PVy

Service Cloud

Service Cloud now has Smarter Bot Routing and Dialog Review, Improved Field Service Dispatching, and Easy Setup for Skills-Based Routing. Einstein Bot dialogs can be reviewed with ease in a visual map and new smart routing features can be used to escalate bot conversations to the right service agents. Field Service Lightning dispatcher console will help work faster with a pop-out map, long-term Gantt view, and new drag-and-drop scheduling options. Salesforce also added few productivity-boosting features for service agents including the ability to reach out to the customers with critical service updates, create more intelligent macros with conditional expressions, and merge duplicate cases.

Read More: https://sforce.co/2GtCmY6


To boost its Analytics, Salesforce has added a number of features including Row-Level Formulas (Beta), Report Notifications, Templates with Predictive Analytics, Einstein Predictions Service. Salesforce customers can now analyze data with reports and dashboards. Row-level formulas (currently in beta) will bring the evaluative power of formulas to every record in a report. This will help in seamless search of specific data in a record and make it stand out with conditional formatting. Einstein Discovery predictions can be embedded anywhere to increase app IQ.

Read More: https://sforce.co/2PrCJqf


Summer’19 is a big boon for developers. Developers can now work more efficiently on communities using a host of new API enhancements. Salesforce Mobile Publisher now has enhanced features and Community Cloud users can also take advantage of new list view improvements such as pinned list views, custom mass actions, and custom list views on tasks. Community users can now use mass actions in communities, saving them time and minimizing the challenges associated with opening records one by one. Developers now have the option of customizing community user settings with the new Customizable User Settings component. And users can now filter contextual Einstein Analytics Dashboards on record pages.

Read More: https://sforce.co/2XIXUqH

Apart from these, Summer’19 also introduced myTrailhead, using which companies can offer their employees the same skill-based, gamified learning experience as Salesforce Trailhead with content that you create for your company.

Read the complete Summer’19 Release Note here.


*Source: www.salesforce.com

Salesforce Essentials

How Small Businesses are moving faster with Salesforce Essentials

During 2017 Dreamforce keynote, we heard the next generation of Salesforce’s Customer Success Platform will empower enterprises to make every customer interaction smarter and more personalized. A year after today, we are witnessing something similar happening as businesses have transformed the way they used to interact with their customers a year ago. All thanks to Salesforce CRM. Especially when we talk about small & medium scale businesses, Salesforce CRM has proved to be a savior.

In this blog post, we are going to have a look at one of the largest ESMB countries in the world – ‘India’. ESMB sector has employed over 50 million people in India and contributes approximately 30% to the GDP. Rightly called as the ‘engine of growth’, Indian ESMB sector is witnessing a significant wave of digital transformation with the increasing penetration of internet and smartphones. Though most of the small & medium business owners understand that technology can make their lives better, they face certain challenges which are not allowing them to implement technology in every business operations.

Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce introduced Salesforce Essentials which will enable every small business to embrace the power of Salesforce with apps for crucial business areas like sales and service that are user-friendly, easy to set up and maintain. In every four months, Salesforce keeps on adding new functionality to its platform, so small businesses don’t have to spend a huge additional time or cost in order to be aligned with the latest technologies. While Salesforce takes care of the business in the most efficient way, small businesses can focus on what matters the most- customers.

Small businesses can quicken their sales cycles and build a community of happier customers with the world’s #1 CRM in just $25 a month. *

With Salesforce Essentials can;

  • Start instantly with an easy set-up
  • Sell in a smart & quick way with built-in intelligence
  • Offer enterprise-level service to their customers
  • Grow with world’s most trusted platform

How Salesforce Essential is helping small businesses grow

See all customers details in one place

Automatically pull data from various channels like emails, calendar, spreadsheets and more to offer a single, 360-degree view of every customer and their info along with your entire business.

Easy to use

Salesforce Essential offers an easy option to interact with your customers by answering their queries in just minutes. There are in-app tutorials and guided setup so that you will never lose your way.

Faster sell

A comprehensive and highly customizable view helps you easily identify key contacts, easy lead follow-ups, and much more in Lightning view.


You can now track emails, calls, and meetings automatically with the help of Einstein Activity Capture. Small business owners can collect and sync key info right from their inbox. This will help you spend less time in spreadsheets and focus more on customers.


The speed, scalability, intelligence and customization of Salesforce platform is not limited to desktops. You can access and update your business data anytime with your Salesforce mobile app. You can now close deals faster on the go.

Seamless customer support for your business

Essentials allow you to collect and organize all your support channels and customer information and place it on a single page. This will help you to interact with your customers on all the channels.


You can enable autopilot mode in order to automate various repetitive tasks, route each question to the right agent, and earmark task based on agent expertise or availability.

As a Salesforce registered consulting partner, CEPTES helps small and medium scale companies leverage the Salesforce platform to offer smarter and more personalized customer service. Contact us today to learn more.


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Why “Salesforce Essentials” is the best solution for small businesses

Salesforce Essentials 

Salesforce has offered various products and solutions geared towards SMB set up in the past. All these solutions were typically best-suited for medium-sized and large enterprises. In 2017, Salesforce has introduced Salesforce Essentials. Salesforce Essentials also called as Lightning Essentials is a business solution supports up to 10 users and is best suited for small businesses and start-ups.

Let’s have a look at how Salesforce Essentials plan differs from other Salesforce packages.

Implementation is quicker & easier

As per Salesforce’s 2017 SMB trends report, only 26% of the small businesses have one or more in-house IT support member. One of the prime reason for small businesses avoiding SaaS solutions is lack of implementation support. For a small business owner, it not realistic or feasible to spend weeks on negotiating with service providers, watching demos and going through booklets to set up a CRM system.

Keeping this in mind, Salesforce has simplified the implementation process in Salesforce Essentials by providing user access to Trailhead, a “free gamified online learning platform” which guides users for a quick and smooth set-up process. Since there is less number of features in this streamlined version of Salesforce CRM, there is less effort to put to run it and you can also do it in-house without any IT expert help.

Affordable Pricing

As this solution is for small businesses, Salesforce has priced it quite reasonably in order to entice small business owners. The reason behind this is, small business owners will sign up for Essentials and gradually upgrade to the higher versions of the solution. It is not difficult to upgrade in the later stage as Essentials is just a lower tier option of Salesforce’s Lightning line.

Just for $25 per user/per month, a small business user can get access to Sales Cloud Essentials and Service Cloud Essentials for up to 10 users (even though it says 5 users on the website). The next plan is $75 per user/per month if you are business is growing rapidly and you are expecting more than 10 users in the near future.

Features focused on small businesses 

Salesforce Essentials doesn’t offer all the functionalities of Lightning, but it offers several features as compared to the price. Below are few of the best features Salesforce Essentials offer to small business users.

Sales Cloud Essentials

Targeted for a small sales team, Sales Cloud Essentials offers a lot of useful features at a low price.

  • Account and contact management
  • Opportunity management
  • Customizable sales process
  • Task management, activity feed
  • Einstein activity capture
  • Configurable reports and dashboards
  • Collaboration tools
  • Case management
  • Lightning app builder and Appexchange

There are few obvious limitations, like limited analytics/forecasting, lack of workflows, lack of roles and permissions, and lack of built-in billing and price quoting features.

Service Cloud Essentials

Customer service is perhaps the most critical aspect for a small business. Salesforce’s Service Cloud Essentials is a great asset for basic service management. In order to get rich features like order management, and advanced reporting – you need to upgrade. But the current set of features are impressive.

  • Salesforce mobile app
  • Collaboration tools
  • Case auto-assignment
  • Email optimization (web and email case capture and auto-response)
  • Case escalation rules and queues
  • Lead-contact account management
  • Task management and activity tracking\
  • Lightning app builder
  • Custom profiles and page layouts

Bottom Line

Salesforce has given an opportunity to small businesses to use world’s #1 CRM at an affordable price. If you keep an eye on costs as your business grow, and stay within your data limits, Salesforce Essentials can be a really useful and productive solution for your business.