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5 Ways Service Cloud is Driving Innovation in Service Industry

Salesforce Service Cloud is raining the corporate world today because of its amazing power to help businesses better manage their customers (CRM), cut costs, augment operational efficiency, reach out to the new markets, make customers/clients happy, and discover new revenue sources. 

Cloud is driving innovation in the service industry by introducing agility and delivering outstanding value to modern businesses. 

In enterprises across the globe, the adoption of the cloud has now moved way beyond just attaining agility in technology or powering innovation at business.


How Service Cloud is Transforming Businesses?

Cloud is today, driving complete transformation across enterprises. A vast majority of modern enterprises, of small-size to mid-size and large-scale, have now become cloud-powered innovators. 

These innovator businesses are taking advantage of the Salesforce Service Cloud for venturing into new markets and industries, and for forging unique business models, and transforming & augmenting customer experience.

Innovators across industries leverage the cloud for creating new products & services and incorporate innovative channels/payment options in business models. 

Such is the power of the Salesforce Service Cloud that it helps innovators make the most of available skills across their ecosystems for crafting new capabilities to operate better. 

This, in turn, helps them shift business/industry economics to their own advantage. Salesforce Service Cloud is best suited for driving innovation across industries that one of the key risks facing cloud-enabled trailblazers is a “swift follower” business competitor applying cloud’s power for leapfrogging and advancing over them.



Salesforce Service Cloud Empowers the Service Industry to:

  • Better manage their sales activities and contacts
  • Boost their win rates significantly
  • Increase revenue by 30% and more
  • Multiply sales productivity by more than 35%
  • Improve and expand the features of services while enhancing ease-of-use
  • Craft sophisticated and smooth customer journey to fit their (customers’) unique contexts and preferences
  • Swiftly prototype, create and deploy services
  • Reach out to newer marketplaces and customers
  • Foray into new industry and segment


Some five-six years ago, most enterprises started adopting cloud with the sole purpose of cutting costs and streamlining their IT infrastructure. Now, there is a huge possibility of any organization being trumped by your competition if you still haven’t harnessed the immense power and capability of the cloud for achieving innovation in your business.  


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Can the Service Industry use Cloud for Driving Innovation? If Yes, How?

If the cloud is still beyond your reach and you are wondering how it can help drive innovation in your business, let me explain and help you understand it. When everything is on the cloud, you save the time, effort, and space required to maintain heavy documents. 

At the same time, you save the hassle of transferring data among different departments. With the Salesforce collaboration cloud, collaboration, teamwork, and customer relationship management (CRM) become so easy and that helps businesses provide better quality services to their customers. And, needless to say, happy customers mean more loyal customers and more business.

Deploying the Salesforce Service Cloud strategy can be pivotal for running and completely transforming the operations in your organization on the cloud, bringing costs down, improving agility, and for providing end-to-end solutions that are in compliance with the set standards.

When you move your enterprise on the cloud, there appears a totally new set of challenges and these include:

  • Security
  • Downtime
  • Compliance
  • Budget constraints


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Summing Up 

With CEPTES, you can make your digital journey smooth while ensuring uninterrupted innovation and rapid product rollouts.

CEPTES is here to make you tackle all the above-mentioned challenges and deploy cloud securely, cost-effectively, and efficiently, so you are able to respond to the market quickly and in real-time and enhance innovation across the organization. We combine our expertise in the cloud with cutting-edge industry tools, best practices, and processes to deliver the best cloud solutions that are packaged as a fully-fledged managed service deployed and hosted on secure and reliable cloud architecture.

We are here to help you integrate, completely managed cloud services approach for infrastructure, security, and application. A preconfigured landscape of core applications with tailored workflow and integration capabilities, IT & business operations, and cloud hosting support. To know more, get in touch with us or schedule a demo here. 


How to Integrate WhatsApp with Salesforce

We all know WhatsApp is a popular messaging application used by more than 1.5 billion people in over 180 countries. Interacting with the customers on a broader user base like WhatsApp will skyrocket the business growth.

Want to integrate WhatsApp into your Salesforce?

Welcome aboard!

Here is a glimpse of a bird’s eye view of the options available.

Behold the gems to success:

Direct Approach

Your customers can communicate using the WhatsApp messaging app, and you can reply using just a Search console.

To set up WhatsApp integration, you need to have lightning experience with the digital engagement add-on SKU, or you need to have the following editions: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions with Service cloud or Sales cloud.

You need to have permissions to configure messaging, authorize WhatsApp by customizing Application and managing authentication providers, and to view channels by viewing setup and configuration.

You can interact with your customers through customer-initiated conversations that require your response within 24 hours or through business-initiated, pre-approved, template messages that can be sent at any time.

Before sending an outbound notification through WhatsApp, you need to have an end user’s consent obtained through another communication channel such as email or text message or as a part of your company’s regular business processes.

You have the freedom to send text messages, images, messaging templates, and PDFs using WhatsApp. You can use up to 250 phone numbers for WhatsApp on your Facebook business manager account, with WhatsApp approval. Messages can be of a maximum of 1600 characters, image formats can be of PNG, JPEG, or JPG format, and file upload size can be of a maximum of 5 MB. 

You cannot send other components like stickers, audio files, locations, or contacts using WhatsApp. You can only view the message sent by the customer rather than the replies to specific messages.

Integrate using API

Depending on your business, you can integrate WhatsApp using REST/SOAP APIs. Although there are a lot of API libraries available, this approach is time-consuming and very rigid.

You should follow this approach only if your organization demands so, or there are security concerns to stick with it. This approach can be cost-effective if you develop the bridge prudently.

Install from AppExchange

Integrating WhatsApp using AppExchange is the easiest way. By installing and then configuring the App within a few hours, you will be able to integrate WhatsApp into Salesforce.

You need to ensure that the App is worth using, and the App development cycle is fast and consistent. Consult with the experts to find the perfect App that suits your needs.

Briefly, you can either

  1. Integrate using Salesforce in-built feature, or
  2. Integrate with the help of API libraries, or
  3. Use apps in Salesforce AppExchange.

If the business has special needs to connect with the customer deeply, then we can create our App to integrate with WhatsApp. Either you can create the App on your own or can consult with the expert PDO. 

CEPTES, as a Certified Salesforce Silver consulting partner with over a decade of technical expertise, provides the service starting from the initial build to test and deploy with an accelerated development cycle.

If you want to build an app or need any service, then consult now.

Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials: How is it helping SMEs transform their Needs?

While most of the time large companies steal the limelight, it is small businesses that hold the economy tight. Their contribution to the nation’s GDP, exports, employment, and skill development, among others, cannot be undermined. 

However, faced with the current climate, small businesses are scrambling for new ways to not only stay productive but also to keep marketing and sales efforts going. In a world bound by social distancing and stay at home protocols, going digital is a great opportunity to grow your business, generate revenue, and build lasting relationships with customers.

Salesforce Essentials – Helping Small Businesses Experience Digital Transformation

Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, Sales, and Service Cloud has an end-to-end solution tailored for small businesses called Salesforce Essentials. Designed keeping in mind the specific needs of the small businesses, Salesforce Essentials helps you overcome the most common challenges listed below. Additionally, it gives your organization a more robust and scalable solution to manage your sales, marketing, and customer service departments.

  • Not a single source of leads: As many organizations are generating leads through multiple sources like the website, social media, email marketing, cold calling, paid ads, etc., your sales and marketing reps need to constantly switch to different systems to follow-up on leads.
  • Which are qualified leads and which are not: This indicates that you’re investing an excessive amount of time on identifying great as well as poor leads.
  • No visibility on lead behavior: You cannot carry out targeted audience content but you also need to depend on the client to call you by themselves.
  • Losing leads: In many cases, with a poor system or without system users may miss out or lose leads frequently.
  • Lead distribution: As soon as the leads have been hooked and tracked, you require a system to give a direction to that lead to the relevant salesperson.
  • Conversion rates are poor: This is one of the most common issues, because of the lack of nurturing activity, which is why promising leads don’t convert into qualified leads.

Why is Salesforce Essentials ideal for SMEs? 

Salesforce Essentials makes it feasible for SMEs to take full advantage of the powerful Salesforce CRM with consolidated features over the cloud. The CRM for small & medium businesses just requires an internet connection to use, configure, maintain and is very cost-effective. The best part of Salesforce Essentials is that it has reconceptualized its CRM for small businesses in the form of an intuitive and easy to work with interface. As a result, you can have a much faster-personalized view of all prospects, leads, customers, and sales related information.

If you need to track quotes and orders, advance reporting, and if you’re willing to customize and automate processes, set up specific role wise permission, Sandbox integration, marketing campaign integration, workflow approval, the greater need for analytics, etc., then Salesforce is flexible enough to allow customizations and adapt based on your long-term business objectives.

Some More Essential Features

The solution offers a lot of features to automate various critical business processes, so you can invest your valuable time in improving your top-line by tracking emails, phone calls, and meetings to instantly maintain client’s information, document, personalized follow-up, historical communication details without investing your much time in tedious data entry jobs. 

As soon as you sign a deal, Salesforce Essentials consists of tons of features for customer support, and performance tools to assist you, so you can instantly engage each of your incoming leads and make the lead to cash process quicker. Repeated tasks or jobs can be automated and route the jobs to the concerned department and employee. Additionally, you have the ability to update data anytime & anywhere with Salesforce Mobile Application.

The reporting functionality will help you customize reports as per your business needs. Moreover, if you are growing your team size then simply you can add more users at your fingertips. Sales managers have real-time visibility over the internal teams and keep an eye on sales-related activity and pipeline clients by which they can have clear forecasting over the sales with more confidence.

Put simply, while moving ahead with Salesforce CRM, you experience fewer headaches, can seamlessly organize, track, and grow your business without the risk of losing any data. With the Salesforce CRM, SMEs do not need to bother with outgrowing CRM, organizations can promptly upgrade their business with Salesforce when they’re ready.

So, why wait? Let’s adopt Salesforce Essentials with CEPTES and start closing more deals!! To know more, please get in touch.


6 Ways Salesforce is Transforming the High-Tech Industry

With shorter product life cycles, companies operating in the High-tech sector are expected to deliver a better degree of customer support to sustain competitive advantage. Mediocre processes and poorly integrated systems spell doom for companies, especially in today’s era of rapidly changing customer demands & technologies. The most common challenges that the high-tech companies of today facing are:

  • Creating appropriate roadmaps for application architecture
  • To decipher and deconstruct relevant data from the vast information available
  • To accurately conceptualize solutions, identifying process entities and the relationships between those entities
  • Recommending best practices to customers
  • Devising and implementing recovery plans
  • Meeting B2B demands

To counter these issues, industry-leading high-tech companies are implementing Salesforce to transform their business and streamline sales processes. As a leading Salesforce partner with over 10 years of experience, CEPTES can help you leverage the solutions offered by the World’s #1 CRM provider.

Salesforce Capabilities

Some salient features of Salesforce that help you get the competitive edge in the market are:

  • Ease of use
  • Lightning-fast implementation
  • Point-to-point customization
  • Easy data management and organization
  • Provision to develop and customize your own apps
  • Automation of tasks
  • AppExchange app development

How Salesforce is transforming the high-tech industry

Companies in the high-tech sector that have implemented Salesforce have seen excellent improvements in terms of their sales. There are numerous ways in which Salesforce benefits the High-tech industry, some of them discussed below:

Exceptional Customer support powered by Service Cloud:

Implementing Salesforce Service Cloud will improve customer engagement, with seamless access to web services, chat, and email from any device and a 360-degree customer view. Critical cases can be escalated to development teams for further examination. In this way, real-time feedback on common issues helps your teams to solve them faster.

Next-gen Analytics:

Using Salesforce Analytics, your business users can explore data to discover new insights. Apart from the functionality to create amazing, mobile-friendly dashboards, Einstein Analytics also allows developers to create their own analytics apps that are highly customizable. Such cloud-based analytics tools from Salesforce can help your company adapt quickly to new trends.

Personalized Marketing:

You can get on top of your marketing strategy with an integration with the Marketing Cloud. The platform provides a 360-degree view of the customer, helping you compile customer data and design highly personalized marketing campaigns. You can manage and evaluate your campaigns by leveraging the power of Google Analytics and Salesforce’s advanced AI.

Accelerated Digital Transformation:

Digital Transformation is all about adapting your current process/ business models to prepare for the future, through technology-enabled change. Salesforce’s offerings enable you to automate processes and business models. With the help of Salesforce, you can automate forecasting, lead assignment, contract generation, quoting, and invoicing. Companies can use AppExchange to capitalize on new opportunities, build and deploy applications with point-and-click ease, and meet demands for CPQ. Further, by leveraging a powerful combination of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Pardot, and the Project Management tool, you can accelerate your digital transformation journey.


Salesforce’s Community Cloud offers community portal options for customers and partners. Customer communities help you set up custom web portals for better integration. You can customize your website’s environment as per your needs with this flexible tool. Partner communities make sure that you leverage your partners’ influence to grow your business effectively. Using partner communities, you can share certain parts of your platform with your partners so that they can collaborate on deals and access sales tools. So, processes like deal registration, onboarding, MDF, targeted recommendations, file sharing, etc. become really easy.

Culture of Innovation:

Salesforce Chatter allows users to post interesting blogs, videos, and websites to keep others up to date on the latest trends. Chatter also helps your employees to get answers to their questions, as well as feedback on your work. Chatter fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation within your organization so that the best ideas get cultivated.

With all these tools in its arsenal, Salesforce provides you with enough power to streamline your sales pipeline and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. CEPTES has been the trusted Salesforce consulting partner for numerous organizations in the High-Tech sector. With a decade of Salesforce platform expertise, our certified consultants can guide you at every step of the way to assist you in streamlining your critical business processes. To know more, please get in touch.

Real estate

How the real-estate industry can leverage Salesforce to streamline their sales funnel

The real estate sector, being traditionally unorganized, has always been slow to adopt new trends. However, lately, there has been a significant change in the real estate model. The recent surge in the availability and capacity of custom digital technology has affected the realtors too. There remain numerous challenges that realtors have to contend with:

  • Fierce competition
  • Low demand in the market
  • Customer expectations
  • Lack of proper communication channels
  • Lack of proper analytics

Given the unique demands of the real estate sector, there’s a growing need for tools that are highly adaptable, efficient, flexible, and effective. Salesforce steps in to solve these problems while making sure that you’re there for your clients whenever they need you. The platform is highly customizable and flexible, and it provides easy to use functionality that can be adapted to any system and business process.

What Salesforce Brings in?

Intelligent Lead Management

  • Using Sales Cloud, you can obtain leads from multiple sources and route them to different sales agents based on their location, segment, and availability, etc. The application automatically sends emails to the captured leads based on their interest levels. 

Personalized Campaign Management

  • Marketing Cloud helps you generate more leads by automating your marketing process. Using the platform’s robust features, you can have a single point of control. 
  • Salesforce’s Analytics tools help you predict trends, forecast sales pipeline, and nurture all your leads with highly personalized messaging to make them sales-ready. 

Process Automation

  • The platform helps you automate multiple business processes with seamless integration including billing process, from document generation to sending. You can generate sales agreements in one click, share documents with the customers for e-signature.

Dashboards & Reporting

  • Salesforce’s clutter-free, single dashboard projects a complete view of every business aspect such as customers, properties, partners, campaigns, sales reports, and financial reports, etc. You can generate customized reports based on various factors like property types, demographics, and monthly sales to optimize sales processes and generate more leads. The platform provides a complete view of partners and external agents. 


  • The platform’s interface helps you access all the information on the go, in real-time. Sales agents can obtain information related to customers, property, pricing details, and reports, etc. on any device, anytime. You can view customer details and entire communication history in real-time.

Customizations & Integrations

  • Salesforce real-estate solutions accommodate all your business needs and help streamline your complex processes. Salesforce’s automation system brings all your third-party systems, be it ERP, Accounting, HR, or other applications, to a single platform.

Once you implement Salesforce, you will begin to see some immediate improvements in your sales process. Some of the most compelling benefits of Salesforce are:

Customer Satisfaction: Salesforce’s Service Cloud will help you receive and respond to your clients’ messages from any internet-enabled device, helping your customers get instantaneous feedback. Faster response times will significantly increase customer satisfaction and help strengthen your relationship with them.

Efficiency: The tool will be able to automatically fill out forms, retrieve important data, keep track of important events, and file important documents. This will give you breathing room to focus on bigger and critical issues and tasks.

Easy Data Access: Salesforce will give you a single, unified system to maintain all data related to your multiple accounts, which can be accessed anytime from anywhere. The centralized database will also maintain track of your data so that the right agent gets the right information they’re looking for.

Easier Correspondence: By retaining contact information and current correspondence, the CRM can help maintain relationships even if they’re not active currently. You’ll be able to maintain regular contact with all your clients by sending simple, non-intrusive emails so that they know that you’ll be available to offer your services and assistance should they need it.

Immediate Evaluation: Salesforce constantly analyses, measures, and evaluates the effectiveness of your work in real-time to identify practices that don’t work. You’ll be able to abandon the line of action that isn’t paying off so that you can instead focus on the methods that will.

CEPTES’s offers a comprehensive real-estate automation suite built on the top of the world’s #1 CRM platform Salesforce which will help real estate agents, next-gen realtors, and brokerage firms grow business portfolios and streamline their complicated sales processes. To know more, please get in touch.

Salesforce Service Cloud, SMEs

6 Ways Salesforce Service Cloud Helps You Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises are steadily coming to terms with the advent of a “digital revolution” when it comes to dealing with unprecedented situations and disruptions. The only issue for SMEs might not be to retain its customers but also deliver better customer service through an intelligent and efficient customer service process. 

Delivering enterprise-grade customer service during unexpected conditions is also a challenge that SMEs are more than passionate about overcoming, whilst exploring the possibilities of a high productivity process that strengthens business-to-customer relationships. Today, with a plethora of tools at their disposal, SMEs can step up to whatever new challenges are put in front of them. Here is how Salesforce Service Cloud is helping service agents of an SME deliver top-notch customer service;

Delivering intelligent & productive on-site service

Salesforce’s Field Service Lightning allows you to create and manage orders for field service operations. You can instantly view knowledge articles and track SLA compliance. Field service uses intelligent scheduling to route jobs to appropriate resources, based on skills, time, and location.

An integration with Einstein Analytics helps you identify problems immediately and suggest solutions while giving real-time visibility of KPIs and operational performance. 

Know everything about any case

Gone are the days when your customer service agents had to go through a horde of documents to find relevant information on a customer case. The Service Cloud has case management tools that allow your agents to access all the information about any case, in just a few clicks. 

You can even distribute leads or cases, and arrange them based on priority. This is just one of the tools that make customer service automation a coveted necessity. 

Get connected

Social media has become a platform overflowing with customer service complaints. Thankfully, with Salesforce Service Cloud, you can stay connected to your customers and solve their cases with a few simple clicks. 

The Omnichannel Routing feature makes sure that service agents are connected to their customers through all social media platforms, emails, phone numbers, and so on. This way the entire process of managing queries is highly productive.

Reduced time and effort

The gist of using CRM tools and employing customer service automation methods is to make the best of shifting market conditions. The market calls for quicker and more efficient ways of customer service – a feat that is quite achievable with CRM tools, such as the Service Cloud Einstein. 

AI and chatbots have become an inherent part of customer service. CRM tools make use of the same, to help customer service agents answer FAQs. If required, the tools can automatically assign the query to the respective agent. Process automation features like this help solve customer queries faster, without expending any of the service team’s energy. 

Quicker access to relevant information

There are many times when your diligent customer service agents need to check some data or take the time to research before they can successfully solve a particular query.

The time and effort taken to do this can be cut short by large amounts through a seamless customer service solution. These tools provide a massive knowledge base to rely on so that your agents don’t have to waste any time looking for information. Tools like this boost service agent productivity by exponential amounts. 

Insights through analytics

CRM tools offer valuable and reliable data on leads, sales, feedback generated, ongoing cases, and so on. Insights through sales and service analytics assist your agents as well as your service managers, to provide better customer service. 

CEPTES is a leading Salesforce service provider that has led many SMEs to the doorway of success, through Salesforce’s sales and service automation tools, as well as the cutting-edge/robust Service Cloud offerings. To start delivering exceptional customer service leveraging the power of Salesforce Service Cloud, get in touch with our certified Service Cloud experts.

Service Cloud

How the new Service Cloud Voice & Amazon Connect Integration will help Enterprises Improve Customer Service

Last week, Salesforce announced the much anticipated general availability of Service Cloud Voice which they first declared at Dreamforce’19. Service Cloud Voice brings together phone, digital channels, and CRM data into the Service Cloud unified console in real-time. This also provides transcription capabilities to mitigate the time & effort required for data entry and leveraged the power of AI for agent recommendation. 

Service Cloud Voice

The Service Cloud Voice functionality allows service agents to attend customer phone calls assigned to them directly in the work environment rather than switching different systems. The console works as a centralized hub where service agents can manage customer data & interaction history. They can also help customers with their queries directly from the console through all contact channels. Service Cloud Voice also allows supervisors to watch and listen to the conversations live between service agents and customers in order to make enhancements whenever required. 

AWS Connect Integration

Salesforce has extended its partnership with AWS to offer Service Cloud customers pre-integrated Service Cloud Voice in Amazon Connect to deliver a comprehensive contract center solution that brings voice conversations, digital channels, and CRM data in real-time. Amazon Connect is a cloud-based and AI-enabled contact center. With the cloud-based telephony solution, Service Cloud Voice will offer a more consistent phone support system for service providers. 

With the pre-integrated cloud telephony, automated speech recognition, and sentiment analysis from Amazon Connect inside the Salesforce platform, Service Cloud Voice also enables seamless omnichannel routing set-up for the phone along with other communication channels to help service agents deliver real-time enterprise-grade customer support.  

AWS Connect offers customers a personalized experience and is designed to manage massive workloads. This is also powered by AI which can help service agents leverage AI to automate customer interactions and enhance customer support delivery.

How Service Cloud customers will be benefited?

With the above developments, Service Cloud customers can leverage the power of both Salesforce & AWS and integrate the service agents, supervisors, and customers together in real-time. Below are some of the top benefits:

  • Enhanced service agent productivity
  • Real-time supervisor visibility
  • A highly streamlined omnichannel operations
  • AI-driven recommendations

In the current situation when workplaces have become virtual and offering excellent customer service is crucial, enterprises are looking out for the best ways to manage the increased service requests in order to help their customers drive the uncertainty of COVID-19. Call centers are now going through rapid changes and they are still trying to figure out the efficient remote work models & digital tools which can help them boost productivity. With this timely launch, Salesforce will certainly take the capabilities of Service Cloud for customer service to the next level.

Digital Transformation, Financial Industry

Digitizing the Financial Industry: A Requisite for a Customer-centric Approach

The BFSI industry has been facing a lot of challenges in recent years. Customer expectations, rising competitions, investor expectations, and regulatory requirements are the most common obstacles, exacerbated by the rapid technological, customer, and market shifts. This has forced the financial institutions to rethink their business models and transform their time-consuming and complex operations to much more simplified processes in order to meet market standards. Technology is playing a key role in this change. Digital Transformation, rather than being just another buzz, has become an integral part of the business strategies of organizations.

From the introduction of ATMs to advanced AI, the financial industry has seen some revolutionary transformations driven by cutting-edge technologies. All major financial institutions have come to appreciate the need for a customer-centric approach to maintaining a healthy position in this competitive and rapidly molding market. Therefore, they are employing huge amounts of resources to stay ahead of the curve.

Why is digital transformation crucial for the financial industry?

With concepts like organizational agility, increased collaboration, and risk assessment being the leading trends of digital transformation in recent years, FinTech and financial service providers are relying on powerful tools such as Salesforce to adapt, improvise, and overcome various hurdles facing the industry. Salesforce, with its vast array of tools including Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, and Analytics helps companies shorten sales cycles, capture new contracts, boost employee productivity, meet compliance, and most of all, provide a seamless experience to clients.

Ways to digitize the financial industry using CRM software and cloud offerings :

Stronger relationships with customers

With a 360 customer view, Salesforce’s Service cloud helps you provide the highest levels of customer service, Omni-channel integration allows customer service agents to connect with their customers holistically, via all available channels. Salesforce helps you provide personalized advice and valuable alerts to your clients, helping you build loyal relationships.

Cross-departmental collaboration

With all the information present on a centralized platform or database, it is easy for all employees and managers to communicate data effectively and stay updated. Managers can keep a check on employee productivity using the right tools, and lead the enterprise through a top-down approach. Having a central location for data helps cut down manual administrative tasks and fosters efficiency.

Mortgage lending

The process of mortgage lending can be strenuous on a client, which is why Salesforce offers hand-holding from the first step to the last. The Einstein analytics tool provides relevant information that helps agents make better recommendations, catering uniquely to each client. Each interaction with brokers, lenders, and banking agents can be tracked on a centralized system through the Salesforce Finance Services, making customer-service a seamless experience. 

Smart scaling

The use of AI and smart cloud platforms allows retail banks to adapt to shifting marketing conditions and consumer demands, thus scaling their processes accordingly. AI allows you to have a 360-degree view of each customer, so you can send the right trigger messages, emails, or personalized communication to customers and engage effectively. The best part about Salesforce CRM software and AI tools is that they modify data based on real-time changes of customer behavior, which essentially translates to the fact that you’re always a step ahead. 


With access to secure client and household profiles, Salesforce ensures that the company can manage compliance effectively. Information is shared instantly and transparently, so it is easy to see all client interactions, as well as the information that was shared. 


The fact of the matter is that the financial industry needs revolutionary and innovative solutions that complement their traditional methods and operations. More and more banks and financial enterprises are grasping the value of a customer-centric approach that offers convenient banking. A digital transformation in the financial industry will not only drive innovative solutions and boost productivity but also offer a robust system for customized, hassle-free banking. 

CEPTES has a decade of consulting experience and exceptional service under its belt. In partnership with Salesforce, CEPTES has effectively transformed many financial service providers into becoming data leaders of changing market conditions. Our Salesforce-powered solutions will assist you in your digital transformation journey. To know more, please get in touch.


Everything you need to know about ‘Booom’ – CEPTES’s new solution for Salesforce Essential customers

CEPTES has recently introduced a lightning-fast productivity utility called ‘Booom’ for Salesforce Essential customers. The solution will help small businesses with a Salesforce Essential license start with Sales Cloud or Service Cloud within less than 30 mins.

Salesforce Essentials is helping small business owners leverage the power of Salesforce in order to transform their sales and customer service processes to drive excellence. Salesforce Essentials is certainly enabling SMEs to compete in the market and grow with the world’s #1 CRM platform as it seamlessly takes care of critical business processes while small business owners can focus on other important core business aspects. 

It has been a challenge for small businesses to immediately start with Salesforce as there are trials related to quick implementation, configurations, customization, migration, and much more. Though Salesforce ensures seamless onboarding, however, you need the platform expertise to get the best out of the investment. ‘Booom’ will help small businesses with a Salesforce Essential license start with Salesforce within 30 mins. 

How does this work? 

If you have a Salesforce Essentials edition (Start with Salesforce Essentials now), get in touch with our support team. Fill in the required fields in a simple excel sheet shared by us. Upload the file & click submit. Then Booom. You are ready to start your Salesforce journey. 

Why Booom?

Do you want to transform your small business & grow with Salesforce? Do you have a Salesforce Essential edition? Do you want to sell faster & deliver superior customer support? If your answer is ‘Yes’, then you can opt for Booom. Here are some of the top reasons why:

  • The quickest way to start with Sales Cloud or Service Cloud with an Essential Edition. (Turn around time <30 mins)
  • Reduced implementation time – 60% to 90%
  • Reduced implementation costs
  • Faster ‘Go to market’
  • Quicker ROI
  • Deliver superior customer support & sell faster from day one

Get started with Booom now. 


Salesforce Took its Partnership with Microsoft to the Next Level

In a recent announcement, Salesforce has taken its partnership with Microsoft a step forward. As per the development, Salesforce is moving its Marketing Cloud to Microsoft Azure. Salesforce is also building new integrations between its Sales Cloud & Service Cloud with Microsoft Teams in order to make things easy for customers using both.

Salesforce first collaborated with Microsoft in 2014 & both the tech giants expanded their collaboration in 2015. Salesforce developed integrations with Microsoft products including Skype for Business, OneNote & Windows 10. 

Salesforce already has a stable partnership with Amazon Web Services & Google Cloud. This means Salesforce is now using all the major Cloud platforms to host some of its products. This partnership is a big boost to Microsoft as they are trying to give a tough competition to AWS who is currently the market leader. Microsoft already has a CRM tool Dynamics 365 which is a Salesforce’s Sales Cloud competitor, but the deal points that Microsoft is clearly putting all it’s money on Azure as this is going to be a huge growth driver for them in the future. 

The new integrations between Sales Cloud & Service Cloud with Microsoft Teams will enable mutual customers to search, view & share Salesforce records directly within Teams. 

Interesting to know that a few days back Salesforce announced a partnership with Microsoft’s biggest competitor AWS around the Cloud Information Model. While Slack, which is the biggest competitor of Microsoft Team recently announced a strategic deal with Salesforce to integrate its services. This proves that in today’s customer-centric business world, it is important for every service provider to collaborate with others in order to offer a seamless customer experience. 

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