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Salesforce Winter 21 Release: Our Top Picks

There is something magical about the winter. Amidst the challenges around, winter came with new hope & people around the world will lift their spirits a bit to see the beauty of the winter again. In between all the uncertainties around, one thing is certain & it is Salesforce releases. Salesforce Winter 21′ is here to deliver innovations across the Salesforce Customer 360 platform to help companies connect with their customers, from anywhere. 

So, let’s have a quick tour of the top Winter 21′ innovations & newest offerings. Some of the features are already live & a few require action by your Salesforce admin in order to make it useful for the users. 


Salesforce has introduced Work.com in June 2020 to help companies & communities reopen their business while putting their employee health & safety first with features including Wellness Check, Emergency Response Management, Shift Management, etc. They have been adding new features since then & making the product powerful enough to help Salesforce customers fight the pandemic. In the recent Winter 21′ release, Salesforce has added a few new features to Work.com such as Queue Management, Broadcast Messaging & Digital Trust Cards.

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In order to help the sales teams enhance their productivity, Salesforce has introduced a few new productivity tools in their Winter 21′ release. Some of these include sales cadence improvements for high-velocity sales, global models for Einstein Lead Scoring, opportunity deal change highlights, and multi-cloud support for billing. 

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To improve customer support and boost service agent productivity with more visibility & faster set-up, Salesforce has added innovations in field service, knowledgebase, case management, einstein analytics, and much more. Service Cloud Voice can be used with a more streamlined setup and with support for Sales Cloud, Voice API Toolkit, and more. Omni-channel supervisors can view calls in order to enhance training & on-boarding. Field Service Time Sheets will help you track your field service agent’s working hours within the field service automation. 

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Industry Solutions 

Salesforce has added a lot of innovations to its industry solutions which will bring Salesforce customers closer to their customers. Health Cloud now offers streamlined document management for patient intake along with optimized inventory management & sales forecasting. A new community portal template, compliant data sharing & enhanced record rollups are being included in Financial Service Cloud. While Manufacturing Cloud will now offer its customers more control over rebates and account forecasts, Consumer Goods Cloud will now help you plan store visits and keep store shelves stocked. 

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To help Marketing Cloud customers unify their marketing data & power intelligent customer interactions, Salesforce has added new functionalities such as transactional sending & behavioral triggers in Journey Builder, Ecommerce Optimizer App in Datorama, Einstein in Interaction Studio, etc. This will help marketers measure the impact of each customer interaction so that they can optimize their approach in real-time & deliver better results.


In one of the major announcements, Salesforce has renamed their Community Cloud as Experience Cloud. This will help their customers take advantage of more targeted audience criteria which allow them to vary record detail pages based on record fields. The new Build Your Own (LWC) template has got a lot of changes such as support for an upgraded version of Lightning Locker, custom URL paths, and SEO. Data will be more secured than ever with the addition of several guest user security settings. 

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Platform – Services & Applications

Salesforce platform service users can now increase their productivity & visibility with new platform services such as Security Center, Privacy Center, Multi-Factor Authentication Assistant. While Platform application users can now personalize survey experience & sync appointments on any calendar. New additions in the platform applications are Salesforce Merge Field Branching, Salesforce Survey Templates, Calendar Integration. 


With the introduction of Fast Start Templates, Einstein Discovery will go more quickly & seamlessly. Data from the Salesforce system can be exported now to Snowflake data lake without using a 3rd-party ETL tool. Automation has gone to the next-level in Einstein Discovery predictive models with a scheduled model refresh. 

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Creating, sending & managing email templates & email content in Salesforce’s B2B marketing automation tool Pardot has become more user-friendly with an enriched experience. Pardot users can now connect to Salesforce CMS to host & reuse images for email marketing and get metrics in the email records that are frequently being used. Prospects can be resynced faster after import errors are fixed and Einstein Attribution success milestones can be customized. 

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Salesforce is known for constant innovation in its solutions and Winter 21′ has shown us the same. A lot of new innovations & features have been added to make the platform powerful and help customers accelerate their journey to success in the world’s #1 CRM platform. Please read the complete Winter 21′ release notes & features, enhancements across the platform

CEPTES is a Salesforce Silver Consulting & ISV partner helping companies across industries & verticals since 2010. With our 80%+ certified Salesforce resources, we can help you thrive in the world’s #1 CRM platform and improve productivity. Please get in touch with us to discuss your project.


Top Five Takeaways from Salesforce LIVE India

“Trailhead saw 70% uptick in youth sign-ups during lockdown”

Arundhati Bhattacharya, CEO, AND Chairperson, Salesforce India

Last week was the first-ever Salesforce Live event hosted in India, which is a testament to our growing community in the country. The all-day event was kicked off by Salesforce VP of Customer and Market Insights, Karen Mangia who spoke about the importance of developing best practices for working from home and how to achieve maximum productivity.  

Trailblazers from almost every state spoke about their journeys and how they were utilizing the Salesforce platform for delivering maximum growth. One of the biggest announcements which came from the event was that Salesforce committing an amount of  $240,000 in grants to six NGOs across India impacting over 15,000 people. 

 “Digital transformation is not just a nice-to-have anymore – it’s imperative.”

Arundhati Bhattacharya, CEO, AND Chairperson, Salesforce India

  • Digital transformation is more important than ever before with companies reconsidering how their brands interact with customers. The Salesforce platform is helping companies identify areas where digital transformation can accelerate growth and helping them rapidly adapt to the turbulent market. 
  • Salesforce Customer 360 creates a customer-centric business approach. Customer 360 merges communication channels across all internal departments ensuring seamless customer interactions. This enables teams to collaboratively address service issues, predict customer pain points, and create more personalized customer journeys.
  • Employee empowerment is key for success, an integral part of service delivery. Giving employees the right technological tools is important, but at the same time so is helping them maintain a healthy work-life balance. Mental health has become a critical issue and is directly responsible for performance. There was also a 95% increase in the adoption of new technologies within organizations that implemented incentive structures rather than traditional processes.
  • Work.com has emerged as a powerful platform for a safe way for organizations to reopen during the pandemic. The platform allows businesses of any tier to adopt risk management, enable employees to work from anywhere in the world, and focus on building internal collaboration and trust. The environment of safety and security extends to customer and partner organizations while allowing your organization to function as the command center.
  • Salesforce is committed to helping communities affected by the pandemic. As mentioned above, Salesforce has pledged $240,000 to NGOs across the nation who are working towards education, sanitation, and nutrition. As always Salesforce believes that organizations have a social responsibility that aligns with their growth goals and has formed numerous partnerships with major organizations to bring aid to communities deeply affected by COVID-19.

Join us for the biggest Salesforce event of the year: Salesforce LIVE India

We are just two days away from one of the biggest technology events of the year, Salesforce Live: India. The Live events are always a learning experience like no other, with some of the most knowledgeable minds in the Salesforce community speaking about their journeys and ideas for the future. This year the event is being hosted by Salesforce India which is a testament to the growth of the Salesforce community in India.

On 10th September 2020, starting from 10:15 AM IST and extending till 3:00 PM, come join us and learn from visionary Trailblazers with multiple sessions discussing case studies and stories about operations, strategy, and the changing business landscape during the global pandemic. 

The keynote this year is “Our Path Forward, Together” which will be co-hosted by Salesforce India and Tata Capital will focus on exploring how businesses operating across the globe have adapted to forge a path for the future using work.com and Salesforce 360°. There will also be an interactive expo where attendees can meet the Salesforce experts followed by a live performance by Benny Dayal and his band Funktuation. 

If you haven’t registered for this event yet, you can do so here.


7 Things You Need to Know About Selling in AppExchange

If you are a part of the massive Salesforce ecosystem, it is highly unlikely that you haven’t heard about AppExchange. AppExchange is the biggest marketplace built to sell apps that can extend the functionalities of Salesforce. 

When Salesforce users need certain functionalities that are not available in default Salesforce, and if the user isn’t interested in coding from scratch, then they will look for additional apps in the marketplace for solution. Currently, 5000+ apps are listed on the AppExchange spanning across various niche, category, industry, Salesforce products, etc. These apps are developed to help save cost, time, or automate multiple processes for users across verticals. 

But do you know how to sell efficiently using the AppExchange platform? Here are the 7 things you need to know in order to leverage the platform to unlock success. 

What can I do here?

Glad you asked! 

In AppExchange, you can create apps, Lightning Components, Lightning Data, Bolt Solutions, and Flow Solutions. 

Start building apps quickly by using Components made by Salesforce or create your custom components. 

Start your first step based on your everyday experience and create your apps. You should be able to explain to others what the product is, what it does, and its need.

You can start with Trailhead offered by Salesforce, which can level up your skills and build you for the future.

Stay in touch with AppExchange with weekly and monthly emails.

Demand paves for opportunity

Over 83% of Salesforce customers have at least one app from the AppExchange. Salesforce customers first reach out to AppExchange to find the perfect app they need. They need it because they don’t want to deal with the code and its associated bugs. So, there is always an opportunity for developers like you to develop apps that can help enterprises.

Streamlining Sales and marketing

Have a market strategy for your app and start the campaign before launch

In-house marketing facility includes— AppExchange Marketing Program, Sponsorship Sales, Partner Power Hour, Sell Like Salesforce Checklist, Top Demo Resources, and Additional Sales Resources. Remember to build an optimized and perfect AppExchange listing to attract and engage your customers.

Track your product

As with any application, there will be some unforeseen bugs, future updates, and don’t forget to maintain your app’s documentation. Also, remember to test your app for the Salesforce release. Stay updated to the help offered by Salesforce to better track your product like the new Einstein analytics apps. Einstein Analytics apps provide up-to-date data and help you to work with any device.

Security first

Plan for the steps for the security of your app beforehand. The process takes around eight weeks after your app and supporting documentation are complete, you’ve met all Salesforce’s requirements, and are within the agreed guidelines. Prepare yourself or your development team for the Salesforce review process to avoid the delayed launch of your product.

Work from anywhere

Amongst the pandemic, there is no better way to stay connected and work for the common purpose. Stay at your home and develop and sell apps in AppExchange. 

Recently the CEO of Salesforce assured and encouraged the customers to stay patient and calm yet keep growing.

Work.com is a Salesforce platform that facilitates Salesforce customers and partners to work safely amidst the pandemic. You can also start creating applications on this platform, just like AppExchange.

Outsource your App

Product Development Outsourcers (PDOs) offer expertise in building ISV apps, as well as other valuable services like training, marketing, and selling your app. PDOs can design and build your entire app, or take on specific features, like integrations. It’s better to contact a PDO to build the apps based on your idea because they can save your money.

CEPTES is a Salesforce Consulting, ISV & PDO partner that has been delivering top-notch Salesforce solutions across the globe for over a decade now. We have successfully built multiple AppExchange applications for various industries. With over 80% of Salesforce certified consultants, we are widely accepted as a leader in building AppExchange enterprise solutions.

If you are looking to take your idea to AppExchange with a next-gen enterprise application, please get in touch.

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AppExchange App Development Best Practices

AppExchange is one of the online application marketplaces for third-party applications that run on the Force.com platform. Launched in 2005, the Salesforce AppExchange has over 5000 solutions to extend Salesforce functionality to any department, and 6.5 million installs already. 

You might already know about AppExchange, or you got to know about it now? But do you know that AppExchange isn’t just a marketplace that helps ISVs to sell their apps and enterprises to use these apps to extend salesforce functionality?

It is a platform that develops you for the future. And any individual who understands the market knows that the market always evolves itself. To stay updated, Salesforce partners, as well as the customers, should stay updated.

To stay updated, enterprises need updated apps to support their business. Enter the Salesforce partners! Who can create seamless apps that are easier to integrate with salesforce and help the salesforce users, aka small enterprises.

Follow these best practices to prepare for your future:

For Partners:

Marketing and analytics

The application listing of your app is crucial. In other words, enhance your value proposition skills, which will set aside your product from the competition. Avail the benefits offered through the Channel order app and license management app.

Make sure your app uses custom objects and have a look at ISVForce Guide for App Analytics before tracking your app. Figure out what you want to know before delivering your query, like getting the details about your subscribers. 

It can help you to identify attrition risks, drive feature development decisions, and even improve user experience. 

Security first

In this era, there is nothing more important for the digital world than safety. XSS attacks, SSRFs, Remote code execution, are carried out every minute by hackers all around the globe. Complete the MVP of your app and send it for a security review. Make sure that either you or your development team communicate with your Salesforce security team to launch your product early.

Know your customers

You can get to know your customers through AppExchange reviews, and make sure that they are happy about your product and are willing to talk about it. You have to focus on a particular niche and focus on customers that can use your app.

Consider these points to define your target customers:

  1. Industry
  2. employee count of your customer
  3. Location of your customer
  4. platform support of your product
  5. legacy integrations
  6. common customer pain points
  7. department specialties

Understand the partner ecosystem

You should understand that it’s not just about design, development, and technology. To understand the full power of the AppExchange platform in go to market, following the partner ecosystem, and working with other partners providing solutions, you will get the boost to work, which you won’t get if you are working just as an individual.

Pricing strategy

You should plan when and what features should your free version of your app end and your premium version begins. 

Make sure to price your app’s features with consideration of the market needs and the competition for the product.

Know your competitors

There is no such market without competition. So, your app-building, marketing, and pricing strategy depend on the direct or indirect competition for your product.

Stay up-to-date to the AppExchange

AppExchange is continuously launching new products, resources for partners to keep creating apps and help the enterprises to grow. There are several webinars, newsletters, and blogs to stay up-to-date to the latest resources and features updated by Salesforce AppExchange. 

Have you ever thought, you can learn how to get started with app building in AppExchange through trailhead? 

Amidst the pandemic, Salesforce AppExchange released work.com to help partners and customers to work from home safely.

For Customers,

  • Start with small business solutions and then grow
  • Pay special attention to “Reviews” of the application
  • Test the app, beforehand, in your sandbox or developer org
  • Explore the Einstein analytics product collection
  • Stay connected with the Trailblazer community
  • Stay informed about the latest solutions and news
  • Never stop growing; we are with you, can contact us.
  • Have an idea for an app. Contact us

Let’s Conclude:

We here at CEPTES, being a Salesforce PDO (Product Development Outsourcer) partner, can help you build your next dream AppExchange solution in the most cost-efficient & quickest way. Our certified product development experts are experts in the Salesforce platform & have built some of the top AppExchange solutions. To take your idea to AppExchange – Please get in touch.

Salesforce Release

Salesforce Summer 20 – Here are the Top New Features

Salesforce Summer 20 features are now live and available for the general customers. The new release includes over 300 innovations across the Customer 360 platform to help enterprises cope up with the current market shift. Here are some of the top highlights from the latest release:


Salesforce announced its new product Work.com in the month of May to help companies and communities safely reopen their business while putting employee health and safety first. In the latest Summer 20 release, two of the top features of Work.com Workplace Command Center and Emergency Program Management have become live. 

Workplace Command Center will help organizations assess return-to-work readiness from a single hub to reopen their workplace safely. Employee wellness, training completion, shift scheduling, and facilities preparedness can also be managed and monitored. 

Emergency Program Management is a part of the earlier announced Emergency Response Management suite of products. This product helps organizations support residents, communities, and agencies during crises by providing access to emergency information and replacing manual processes with streamlined application processes.

Click here to know more about Work.com. 

Service Cloud Voice

In order to enhance service agent productivity, customer satisfaction, and supervisor insights, Salesforce introduced voice into Service Cloud. Telephony channels can be integrated natively in the Service Cloud Console along with digital channels. Service agents use a single oni-channel module to accept customer interaction and with real-time call transcripts, they can connect workflows and next-best actions to the voice conversations. 

Sales Cloud: Einstein Call Coaching

With the new Einstein Call Coaching, sales reps can optimize customer interactions leveraging conversational intelligence. Managers can also get visibility into reps customer calls with the post-call insights. With Intelligent trend recognition, sales reps can create and improve strategies based on conversational trends. 


Salesforce also introduced Einstein Search and Customer Surveys to the platform. Users can design and embed surveys across customer journeys and integrate feedback to Salesforce objects to get better insight at each stage of the customer lifecycle. The power of Einstein Search will personalize search results based on a user and their work such as geography and industry. 

Healthcare & Life Science

To help healthcare service providers quickly access the disease spread and empower sales reps with clear inventory insights & the right equipment to meet current medical demands, Salesforce has rolled out a bunch of features. Sales Visit and Inventory Management empower sales reps with new visit & inventory planning tools to ensure they have the right products and resources at every visit. 


To engage shoppers and business buyers with comprehensive Commerce solutions, Salesforce’s new Commerce innovations allows users to deploy B2B Commerce with Lightning Experience in order to make it easy and fast for front end managers to run their sites quickly and stay connected to Salesforce data & processes. Apart from this, Salesforce has also introduced a set of other features & enhancements for B2C commerce customers including order management support for EMEA & ANZ, and other Order management enhancements.

Salesforce Private Connect 

With collaboration with AWS, Salesforce has introduced a secure, private communication between Salesforce and AWS. This means users can send private traffic between Salesforce and AWS regions without exposing that traffic to the public internet. 

To know more about the Summer 20′ release features, please click here.

*source: salesforce.com


What is Salesforce’s Work.com & how is it helping companies safely reopen post COVID – 19?

The COVID – 19 pandemic has not only hit human lives but also businesses and communities. It’s a real challenge for organizations to come out of this challenge in order to imagine their business. Salesforce has come up with a new product Work.com which can help companies and communities safely reopen their business while putting employee health and safety first.

Work.com is an aggregate of specialist advice, partners solutions, and products to help organizations around the globe reopen, recover, reskill their workforce, and respond efficiently to the crisis. This product is ideal for business leaders who are looking for a holistic view of their business data that are useful, in addition, tools to help them plan resource & shift management, to reopen their offices safely. The entire suite is built on the Salesforce platform powered by Customer 360. 

Here are some of the top features of Work.com;

Work.com Command Center

The Command Center is a single-pane-of-glass where business leaders can manage all the complexities related to business resuming including evaluating the return-to-work readiness across locations, employee welfare, visitor tracking, making data-driven business decisions, and efficient communication. Command Center integrates data from internal applications & employee wellness surveys and surface public data through the Tableau COVID-19 data hub. Leveraging Mulesoft, data from other sources can also be integrated for custom data visualizations. 

Employee Wellness Check 

This is a part of the Work.com Command Center & helps securely monitor employee health and safety

Shift Management 

This will help to balance workplace coverage and employee availability while creating new capacity models that enable a safe return to work. This will control office density as organizations can avoid large groups in the office. 

myTrailhead for Learning and Wellness 

This is new content for myTrailhead to help employees skill-up on new ways of working with training, learning, and wellness programs. Employers can ensure returning employees comply with new safety policies and have the information they need to succeed.

Emergency Response Management 

This is a comprehensive suite of products built in partnership with Accenture that allows health organizations and government agencies to manage all types of emergencies, deliver emergency care, and allocate resources quickly.

Contact Tracing 

This feature allows leaders to manually track health & relationships contacts in a safe & private approach by collecting individual data in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Volunteer and Grants Management 

This helps organizations fulfill their relief goals by providing flexible, scalable tools to streamline volunteer coordination and grantmaking processes.

Command Center & Shift Management are expected to be generally available in June 2020 & Employee Wellness will be a part of Work.com Command Center. Emergency Response Management including Contact Tracing will be available in the second half of May 2020. This will be a part of Health Cloud, Service Cloud, Lightning Scheduler, and Salesforce Maps. Emergency Program Management will be an add-on feature to Health & Service Cloud (Enterprise License). myTrailhead for Learning and Wellness will be live in June 2020. 

To get more info please visit: https://www.salesforce.com/work/


*source – Salesforce