The Importance of Salesforce Social Customer Services

August 30, 2017by Admin

Salesforce is a platform that will help in achieving specialized social customer services. Salesforce Social Customer Service allows all its agents to deliver personalized service on any of the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and the various others. It is one such platform that also lets reps to create leads or even cases out of social media posts and send personalized responses over the same social media channels. Organizations are indeed moving to adopt social customer services features to in fact better their service support towards the targeted customers.

Today let us discuss three main features. They are the following:

Authentic and Better Support to Customer

It can easily integrate which in turn helps agents and even the sales representatives to engage with targeted customers by simply responding to cases and even leads created from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and various other social networks.

An Engagement and Better Management of Social Accounts

For certain particular social media platforms like, Twitter and Facebook accounts agents can always use case and lead generated from such platforms and also feeds to see the content that they are responding to like:

  • Tweet and Retweet
  • Mark to like and follow tweets
  • Send instant replies to tweets and posts
  • Like posts and as well share it instantly
  • Provide for necessary comments and as well directly do messaging

An Easy Customization

This service can very easily be configured in your org by simply installing relevant packages, which helps to sync your social accounts and as well assign social handles. It also helps to better track the entire social activity and also provide better support to customers. This can as well be integrated with Radian6, one of the part of Marketing Cloud’s Social Studio, that provides social media monitoring.

An Improved Tracking Management

Since it is integrated with the Salesforce’s Social Studio, this allows reps to have a better and accurately track customer inquiries relevant to their genre of business. After comprehending customer problem, reps can directly connect to the dedicated support team who indeed respond to them with better solution.